32 kilometers of thoughts every day

  Perot stood on the endless farm, looking at everything that was unfamiliar around him. While feeling fear and anxiety, deep thoughts surged in his heart. Perot didn’t know that this was Cockermouth, the capital of Cumbria. At this time, Perot had only one thought in his mind, and that was to go home.
   Perot is a 4-year-old border collie who has been living in the Welsh countryside with his owner James. But in March James suddenly decided to send Perot away, because a friend far away in Cockermouth needed a dog to help herding the sheep. In this way, Perot was taken to Cockermouth. Faced with the sudden change of an unfamiliar environment, Perot was full of confusion, coupled with missing home, Perot resolutely ran on the way home.
   On April 8, Perot successfully ran out of the farm. Due to the long time away from home, the smells and signs left behind have disappeared completely, and it can’t find its way home! Perot tried hard to recall the path he had taken when he was sent, and with the only trace of memory left, he took firm steps.
   Once this step was taken, there was no stopping. From early morning to midnight, from the shining sun to the bright moon, Perot has been walking. Only when he is hungry does Perot stop temporarily, rummaging for a few bites of food in the trash can, or drinking a few sips of water in the ditch. Then, continue to run in the identified direction.
   After a long time, Perot realized that he had gone the wrong way! It remembers that when it was sent, it would pass through a university. But now it has gone so far, but it has not seen the shadow of the university at all. At that moment, tired and sleepy, it almost fell. However, just for a moment, Perot regained his energy and walked back without hesitation.
   After running for another day and night, Perot walked to the University of Leeds. Yes, it’s here, and it’s this university that I passed through when I came here! Now that we have identified the direction, we just need to move on.
   When Perot was most exhausted, lying on the ground almost unable to move, a small truck stopped, and the uncle driver got out of the car and said to Perot: “I don’t know where you are going, but I have been with you for a long time. Yes, I hope I can give you a ride.” Perot wagged his tail and jumped into the carriage. It understood what the driver said, and also understood the kindness and kindness of the driver.
   Twelve days later, when James opened the door, he saw Perot squatting at the door! Yes, Perot is back! After 12 days of trekking 380 kilometers, Perot finally returned home!
   Although Perot was too thin at this time, and his hair was dirty and messy, when James held it excitedly, Perot’s eyes flashed with bright light.