Accurate numbers make people more willing to pay

  If a friend says he is in a hurry, he needs to borrow 1,000 yuan from you. Will you lend him? What if this friend borrowed from you instead of 1,000 yuan but 1193 yuan?
  Psychologists have found that although 1193 yuan is more than 1,000 yuan, it can make people more willing to pay. Accurate figures make people more willing to pay the bill.
  Cornell University researcher Manoy Thomas and his team studied this problem. After analyzing the transaction data of 27,000 second-hand houses, they found that if the seller’s initial price is more accurate, for example, 3.22 million yuan, instead of 3 million yuan, the final transaction price is higher.
  Why does this happen?
  First, accurate numbers make you feel more believable. The number 1193 doesn’t look like it came out of the head, so it makes people feel more grounded. You must have a specific need to borrow money, not flicker. If you want to sell a house, the asking price is 2 million yuan, which will make people think that the price came from nothing. If your house is priced at 2.135 million yuan, it sounds more reliable.

  In fact, accurate things are more reliable, which can be used not only for pricing but also for lying.
  If one day you go home late, your wife asks where you went, and you say in general, I work overtime in the company. This sounds perfunctory and not very credible. If you say precisely, the boss will hand me an annual report when I get off work shortly after 5 o’clock. It was handed over to him at 8 o’clock, but in less than 5 minutes, he called and asked me to modify this and that, and I changed it back and forth 3 times. It was hard to pass. He left his face flat when I left the company. Such lies sound credible, and at least people feel more sincere.
  That is to say, not only the precise number makes people more trustworthy, but the precise plot also makes people more trustworthy. Why is the precise thing more reliable? That’s because concrete things are more likely to emerge in the brain and become pictures. If you can make the other person imagine a picture and make him feel immersive, he will believe more in what you say.
  In 1992, the American Center for Public Interest Science discovered that popcorn sold in movie theaters contains too much saturated fat and can damage health. At the beginning, the message they published was: “Too much saturated fat in popcorn will damage health and lead to cardiovascular disease.” But the public was indifferent when they heard the news, because this statement was too general. So the Center for Public Interest Science published a new message: “A medium portion of popcorn has more saturated fat than a bacon and egg breakfast, a Big Mac lunch with fries, and a steak dinner. “High!” In their advertisement, all these unhealthy foods are also combined. This image impressed the American people. They united to protest the movie theater and asked them to improve the formula of popcorn.
  The second reason why accurate numbers are better is that they make people feel smaller. The research team at Cornell University found that people think the precise price is cheaper, for example, the price of 523 yuan is cheaper than 500 yuan. You may find it unbelievable, obviously 523 yuan is more than 500 yuan!
  If I ask you, how much is a pound of Chinese cabbage, you will say two or three yuan a pound. But if I ask you how much is your TV, you might say more than 5,000 yuan. Although the price of this TV is 5390 yuan, you will not remember the fractions in the back, only the numbers in the front. Therefore, we can remember more accurate for small numbers, but can only remember a general value for large numbers, you can only be accurate to thousands of digits for TV, and only tens of thousands of digits for houses.
  In this way, in our memory, prices that are accurate to single digits are relatively small. This gives us the feeling that small numbers are accurate, so when a number is more accurate, it makes us feel cheaper.
  So, when you ask your boss for a salary increase, when you are investing with investors, when you are budgeting, this knowledge can help you get money more smoothly, and possibly more money.