Butterflies in the subway

After Taipei got the subway, I stopped driving. Since then, I have avoided traffic jams, parking, car maintenance, and repairs, saving time, effort and money.

As long as you avoid the rush hour, taking the subway is really enjoyable, clean and fresh, with good air and frequent shifts. After my hair turned gray, people often gave me a seat.

I gradually can’t get away from the subway when I go out, and my pace of life adjusts to its route. Try to go to restaurants and theaters near the subway station. Even to see the teeth, I only need to transfer a short distance to the bus.

It’s really interesting to think about it. My work and life are just around a few stations through the subway, which is convenient enough.

In the early days of taking the subway, passengers mostly read newspapers and books quietly, sometimes chatting with people next to them.

Later, when the newspapers did not sell well, the media printed the subway newspaper for free, which was maintained by advertisements. At that time, almost everyone had a subway newspaper.

But nowadays, even the free newspapers are rarely read. Passengers mostly bury their heads in their mobile phones, just chatting, watching dramas, and playing games. They don’t even bother to raise their heads. All people, things, and things in the real environment seem to follow them. Irrelevant.

What the world will look like in the future, I can hardly imagine!

That day, a butterfly emerged from nowhere and flew around in the carriage, looking for an exit in a panic.

The strange thing is that no one is interested in it except me. Everyone glanced at it indifferently and continued to lower their heads.

But the butterfly was originally flying in the sky, how could it break into the ground? It looks like it is a male jade-banded swallowtail butterfly. For it, who is used to green forests, valleys, courtyards, and grasslands, this strange environment must be terrifying!

Near my home, butterflies can be seen every day in spring and summer. Apart from flying around in the back mountains and forests, they sometimes stay out of the glass windows of my home for a short time. So beautiful and elegant, but always in a hurry, without reluctance, it seems that stopping is a waste of life. I also wanted to capture their beauty with a camera, but found it was too difficult.

Once I was a judge of a photography competition and was curious about how those beautiful butterflies were photographed. Someone at the scene replied that those who are good at this way use honey, and they get stuck when they stop on the flowers.

My eyes followed the butterfly momentarily, and even followed it over and walked over to see if it could leave or when it would take a break.

Obviously it is looking for the direction of the wind. The subway stopped for a few stops. As soon as the door opened and someone got on and off the train, it was very anxious, and seemed to sense the direction of the airflow.

I walked back and forth several times, and finally saw it hung on the air outlet, it must have been exhausted and breathing.

At this time, I finally had the opportunity to point the camera at it. It is so small that it needs to be very close to take a clear shot. Even so, it can only take up a small part of the screen. The effect is as if it is staring at the crowd.

How did it fly into the carriage? Where did you get on the bus? Did you follow the smell of perfume all the way, or did you see clothes and bags with flowers?

Because of greed, it accidentally fell into a trap and accidentally broke into a world that did not belong to it.

Taipei’s subway is built half underground and half in the air. I hope it can reach the stations next to blackboard trees and luan trees, and find a way out with the real fragrance of flowers.

The bowed race in the carriage is not like this butterfly?

It’s just that they, who are caught in the online world, do not even feel the need to get out.