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From the 19th century to the 20th century, it was a period when various schools such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism, etc. were surging, and it was also a period of decline in Classicism. When everyone is busy deviating from tradition and deviating, there is a group of people who are calmly watching the avant-garde art. They have a solid academic foundation, with classicist painters such as Velázquez and Hals as examples, they adhere to rigorous realistic expressions, but they also pursue the rationality of natural light in painting. They have modernized the classicism on the basis of tradition, and their paintings are therefore in the middle between tradition and modernity. Some scholars believe that they should be classified as academics, but more people feel that they have a closer relationship with Impressionism, and the three most representative of them-Swedish painter Anders Zorn, American painter John Singer Sargent and Spanish painter Hawking Soroa are also called “the three masters of modern impressionism in the world”, and their innovations have also brought changes to the academic teaching concept. Among the three, Anders Zorn had the greatest influence on Chinese art at the end of the 20th century.

Anders Zorn was born in Mora, Sweden in 1860. He grew up in the farm of his grandparents as a child, and entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Sweden at the age of 15. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he traveled to Britain, Spain, Italy and other places to paint.

For Zorn, the clarity and freshness of light and color is his understanding of “modernity”. Bright sunshine, rippling water, light mist, and lush avenues set off the warm skin and energetic body and face in his paintings, coupled with handsome brushstrokes and expressive portrayals, the young and young Zorn entered the art world with his extraordinary watercolors.

Although he became famous by watercolor painting, Zorn soon changed to oil painting. The chic and bold use of pens and naturalistic light let people who are accustomed to the delicate style of classicism shine, and Zorn is well-known in Europe. At the age of 29, he was awarded the title of “Honor Knight” at the Paris World Expo. As a portrait painter, his ability to capture the personality of objects is amazing. So many social celebrities, including philosophers, artists, and even the heads of states he traveled to, asked him to paint portraits.

When we evaluate a painting, we often use “draw loose” to praise the author’s unrestrained painting, which makes people look relaxed and comfortable. Corresponding to this is “tightly painted”, just like some paintings are very delicate, but they are too careful and lack momentum and spirit. A major feature of Zorn’s paintings is relaxation, which gives a hearty feeling, which is very rare in realistic paintings.

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In terms of performance, Zorn is very partial to natural landscapes and characters, and likes to paint real outdoor scenery and people he is familiar with. After returning to Sweden at the age of 36, he painted all the girls in his village and ordinary villagers (he never painted professional models). These characters are very vivid in his paintings.

There are many people born as geniuses, but it is rare to be a darling of fate like Zorn. His artistic path is almost smooth. Whether it is watercolor, oil painting, sculpture, copperplate, he can show excellent talent. His body painting is regarded as a symbol of Nordic women and a national painting of Sweden. Rodin commented: “In any era, Zorn deserves to be a true master of painting.” After becoming famous as a teenager, he met Emerald, the daughter of a wealthy Jewish businessman who loved art. Many portraits of his wife. Not only did he succeed in his career and his love was complete, but in the time he lived, his country had not experienced any major disasters and wars, so he naturally had no human suffering to show. Therefore, it is a matter of course that beauty and free and easy become the main theme of his work.

For Chinese painters, Zorn’s greatest influence lies in his copperplate prints. Zorn’s copper engraving lines are bold and powerful. Although there are not too many details to describe, the shape and structure are very accurate. The light and shadow effect produced by the strong black-and-white contrast not only accentuates the atmosphere but also strengthens the power of form. The beauty of the lines themselves is the unique charm of Zorn’s copper engravings. The stiff lines are arranged, curved, and overlapped with the ups and downs of the objects, sometimes like wind and rain, waves rolling, and sometimes the sky is broad and the clouds are light and wind is light. The sense of rhythm formed by the interweaving of long and short lines can be described simply as “noisy big strings like rain, small strings like whispers”. Copper prints have been popular in Europe for a long time, and many famous artists have also appeared. Zorn, who lived in the 20th century, Dürer in the 16th century, and Rembrandt in the 17th century, are called “three line masters.”

In the mid-1980s, it was the period when Chinese comic strips were prosperous. Although pen paintings could not be exhibited in art museums like oil paintings and Chinese paintings at that time, they were very convenient and fast for painting comic strips. Zorn’s copperplate prints gave Chinese painters a new The inspiration also promoted the development of Chinese pen paintings similar to copper engravings, especially the development of pen illustrations and comic strips.

I believe everyone has watched the video of “Manual Geng”, right? “Handmade Geng” has won the attention of many netizens with its strange inventions, and even went abroad.

However, in Japan, a younger brother of “post-95” who studied design also liked to invent and design new gadgets. Every gadget he designed has a common original intention behind it, which is to change everyone’s lifestyle.

But when this little brother designed something, netizens did not buy it, and they all complained that his design was “useless”.

However, you don’t have to worry about the younger brother, because he graduated from Tama University of Japan’s Tama Art University. He has done a lot of decent design and won the award.

These fun, “useless” designs were originally designed and played by Yoshida in private, but unexpectedly became popular because of the heated discussions among netizens. Yoshida won a wave of fans and became a “net red” designer.

Now let’s take a look at the magical design of this “post-95” brother Yoshida!

I believe everyone has such an experience, saying that it is necessary to go to bed early, but accidentally played on the mobile phone until late at night. And this prison mobile phone case designed by Yoshida can help you put the phone into the “jail” and stop you from playing it. However, I think that this key should be made bigger. If you lose it a little bit, your mobile phone has to be in jail all the time.

Everyone knows that sleeping when it’s out of time can have a negative effect. But if it was a person reading a book and falling asleep, then everyone’s attitude immediately changed. This pair of book blindfolds designed by Yoshida not only allows you to sleep peacefully, but also avoids blame. If necessary, you can also change the cover of the book cover to “Chinese”, “English”, “Mathematics” and so on.

Superman ticket. “Shoot” at the time of ticket checking, “Superman” appeared, it can be said that it was a very childlike design.

At first glance, this Van Gogh puzzle is nothing special, and it doesn’t look so van Gogh, but once you tear Van Gogh’s ears away, you will discover the secret! You can get melon seeds by pulling apart Van Gogh’s ears. Uh… can you think of his work “Sunflower” when you get melon seeds?

Calendar drawer. It can be used both as a tissue and as a calendar. An item has two functions. But having said that, you can only use a tissue box with one piece of paper a day. I don’t know if it is practical or not. If it can reduce the paper consumption, it is an improvement! After reading so many designs, are you convinced by the “brain hole” of this handsome “post-95” guy?