Don’t let the “losing fish” shed tears

Speak the rules, the rules pervade every detail of life. An orderly society and people’s lives are all operating under the rules. Whether the rules are fair or not determines whether people’s fate and value can be realized under the rules.

What are unfair rules? Here is an example. An emperor of ancient Rome was named Kang Demao. He liked to fight with people in the arena and killed tens of thousands of people with his own hands. The rules of the fighting game are set by him: he himself always holds a sharp blade when he goes on the field, and the opponent can only hold a wooden guy. With the help of this rule, he uses the knife to cut it like a melon and vegetable. Every time, he entered the flock like a tiger, killing his opponent and crawling around, crying and crying until he was killed. There is no lack of real warriors among the slaves who have been slaughtered. They have strength and martial arts, and they can face the bleak life. But when facing Kang Demao, there is no real guy in his hands. What can I do?

Unfair rules only benefit the maker or a privileged party. Under Kang Demao’s rules, even the elephant is not his opponent. It is said that he also likes to fight with elephants. The elephant was led to the arena, where he sat, staring at the elephant with big eyes like bells. When the elephant saw him, he began to cry, looked around, begging everyone for mercy. There are rules for perseverance, and Kang Demao’s interest lies in slaying elephants bravely according to the rules. And he also formulated such a rule: every time he plays, he can receive a huge “appearance fee” from the treasury.

I once watched a comic by Jimmy, the title is “Fair Game”, a fish caught up, shed huge tears, the tears were shockingly big, the following sentence: Is it because of pain? Or resent that this is an unfair game? If a fisherman also has a hook in his mouth to play games, the losing fish will not shed tears.

The first time I read this comic, I feel very heartbroken. The ordinary things in life implied unfair rules, and they were suddenly revealed to make people face to face. Suddenly, there was a tremor and guilt in my heart.

On the other hand, what is a fair rule, a fair rule, is to let the losing fish not shed tears. To put it more intuitively, under the fair rules, whether it is Jobs or Aunt Susan, they all ventured out into the world with their bare hands back then. They had no background and no backing. Apart from their ability and instinct, they had nothing to do. The fairness of the rules.

I guess under this rule, even if they lose, they won’t cry.