Li Mu does not know how to work around. On this day, Li Mu called his buddy Dashuang and said he was scolded by his newlywed when he came together in the morning.

Da Shuang asked why, Li Mu said that his wife said he was too close to her when she went to bed last night, and she didn’t sleep well overnight.

Da Shuang laughed: “How big is it? You should stay away from her when you sleep tonight.”

At night, Li Mu followed the “education” and stayed close to the edge of the bed while sleeping, away from his wife.

Unexpectedly, the next morning, Li Mu was scolded by his wife again, saying that Li Mu was not his enemy, could he be “ten thousand miles” away from her?

After his wife went to work, Li Mu couldn’t wait to call Da Shuang and spit him bitterly.

Da Shuang listened, thought for a while, and said: “Then you can’t be too extreme, so that when you sleep at night, you should keep a reasonable distance from her, not too close nor too far.”

When I slept that night, Li Mu and his wife kept a close distance, thinking to myself: Is this all right now?

Unexpectedly, the next day, Li Mu was still scolded by his wife, saying that he was “if left.”

Li Mu opened his mouth and hurriedly called Da Shuang, complaining: “What bad idea did you come up with? I was scolded by my wife again.”

Da Shuang teased: “I understand, you should sleep on her, she is hinting at you gently, you, too incomprehensible!”

Early the next morning, Da Shuang saw that Li Mu had not called, expecting the “coupon” to work.

Who knows Li Mu called immediately and sighed, “Oh, don’t mention it! I’m lying in the hospital!”

Da Shuang was taken aback and asked, “You… what’s wrong with you?”

Li Mu smiled bitterly: “Don’t you tell me to sleep on her? Yesterday I specially moved out a bunk bed from the warehouse. As a result, my wife dragged me from the top bed early in the morning…”