Hidden wealth

I have read a book called “Hidden Wealth”, which tells the story of an American:

Two brothers who immigrated to the United States from Germany came to New York to earn a living in 1845. The brothers felt that life was very difficult, so they discussed how to survive. As a foreign immigrant, my brother had some skills. When he was in Germany, he did a good job of making kimchi. The younger brother is too young and knows nothing. My brother said that it is too difficult for us outsiders to survive in a city like New York. I’m going to California, I can grow vegetables and continue to make my kimchi. My brother thought, anyway, I don’t have any craftsmanship. I simply stomped my feet and stayed in New York, working during the day and studying at night. He studied geology and metallurgy.

My brother came to a rural area in California, where there was cheap land, so he bought cabbage and used it to pickle when mature. My brother is very hardworking and grows vegetables and pickles every day to support a family. Four years later, my brother graduated from college and came to California to visit his brother. The elder brother asked his younger brother, “What do you have in your hands now?” The younger brother said, “I have nothing but a diploma.” The older brother said, “You should still work hard with me. I will bring Take a look at my vegetable plot.”

The younger brother squatted down to look at the vegetables in the vegetable field, and then took a look at the soil under the vegetables for a long time. He went into the house and took a basin, filled with water, and put the soil in a handful. Rinse inside.

He found some golden shavings under the basin. Then, he looked up in surprise, looked at his brother, sighed, and said, “Brother, do you know? You are growing cabbage in a gold mine!”

In fact, there are too many times when we peacefully enjoy the order that life brings us.

We have never jumped out of our existing experience system and asked again: Can I still live in another way? Is it possible for the skills I currently possess to make them more useful?

Today we often mention a very fashionable term called core competitiveness. In fact, each of us should ask ourselves: What is my core competitiveness?

The so-called core competitiveness is inimitable and unique. In today’s era, nothing is best, only what is unique.

If a gourd grows small, it can be used as a scoop, it is useful. A tree grows so small that it can be used as a table or chair, and it is useful. When a gourd grows to its largest size, there is no need to break it open. It can be used as a swimming ring to float in the sea. It is still useful. When a tree grows to its largest, it can shelter people from wind and rain. It is also useful. A person, never envy others. You question your heart and ask: What is my core competitiveness? What point of me is irreplaceable?