If you can’t change your life, just change yourself

Awei was born in Dashan. Because of his poor family, he dropped out after finishing elementary school. Zi Cheng’s father began to grow crops in the mountains like a father’s career, and his destiny seemed to be fixed forever. By chance, because his sister was sick, he went to a big city with him, and was full of curiosity and longing for the outside world. He finally left Dashan at the age of 17 and went to the city he aspired to. He was taken in by a car repair shop, but he was not paid for the first six months. Awei stayed, soaked in motor oil during the day, and read books with the boss’ children at night. His technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, and he knows more and more words. After a few years of perseverance, he became an indispensable left and right arm of the boss. Later, Awei became the first person in the ravine to buy a car. With the help of the boss, he mortgaged the loan and bought a house. He had a stable home in the city.

The most unchangeable thing in a person’s life is his background. Born poor, the starting point will be lower than others, and will temporarily lag behind others in the pursuit of a better life. However, life is a long-distance race, not to see who runs fast, but to see who runs long and long. Don’t complain about the status quo that cannot be changed, try to change yourself, there will always be a way to go to the distance, and there will always be a change that will make the road of life more splendid.

In the first few years of working in society, I worked in a network technology company. The boss is a woman who always smiles when she sees people. After hearing her experience of starting a business, it is even more admirable. The college students at that time were very popular. After graduation, she was assigned to a public institution to do secretarial work. In addition to reporting various reports and documents every day, she was observing and giving tea to the leaders. She was fed up with this kind of life, and after careful consideration, she made a bold decision: to resign to the sea. Even when her relatives and friends opposed it, she still acted resolutely. When the dream begins, many people object and many people don’t understand, but there will always be people who are like-minded and partner with you.

Because of her dreams and goals, she and her team expanded their 13 stores on Tech Street in three years when electronic products were in the ascendant, and they became the characters of Tech Street. Later, when she saw a lot of people rushing in and squeezed in, she quickly retreated, shrunk the store, and started a regionalized professional market for electronic products, which also occupied half of the country. She often said: “If you don’t like your current life, then change it.” Because she didn’t like mediocrity and the monotonous rules day after day, she made bold changes one after another in her life. Her life has become colorful due to changes, and she has become the envy of others and the way she likes.

Plainness is a state of life, and excellence is a height of life. Rather than feel helpless about a busy life, it is better to plant a changed seed in your heart, nourish it, water it, and wait until the time is ripe for the seed to break out of the shell.

Change is not reckless thinking, but deliberate action. If you are dissatisfied with your current life, do not rush to change others and rules. What you really need to change is to make yourself better. Although the process of change is difficult, it will eventually turn into a butterfly and transform perfectly.

Many people complain about unsatisfactory life and unsatisfactory work, but few people really take effective actions for this. As everyone knows, in the complaint, time slips away quietly, the dream gradually disappears, and many people have become their most disliked appearance. Facing the future, we should not pass by and pass, but should have clear goals. Those who can pass by can only see the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the sunset; while the people with clear goals can see the sunrise and the rainbow in the sunset. In the face of life, there should be not only the pretentiousness in front of you, but also poetry and distant fields. If you have a dream, go chasing; if you are dissatisfied with the status quo, then change.