Reborn Horse

The wild bees fluttered in the ears, and at the same time the vibrations in the trouser pockets. The vibration was like a rough hand, scratching at Long Qigui’s thigh. No need to look, Long Qigui knew that it was Tiansen, the owner of the farm, who was calling. In the past few days, every time Tiansen called, he had to complain endlessly. At one point, the dark horse Yaoge was restless. He always wanted to run out of the pig stables, and several iron fences were broken. At one point, he complained that Long Qigui threw the dark horse Yaoge to him, but he didn’t hit him again. He’s sloppy and crooked, and he can’t stand it for a long time.

Tiansen said, “Brother Qigui, horses are worthless now. If you raise a day, you will lose a day! It’s a pig…”

Of course Long Qigui knew that the pigs at the moment were golden pigs, silver pigs and treasure pigs, with hair and feces, and the price per catty was over 20 yuan. When the net meat sold in the supermarket was the highest, it was more than 40 yuan per catty. The status of pigs has become king and hegemony in the world. Horses are not the same as pigs. Everyone knows that horses are not the kind of goods that eat and sleep, sleep and eat, and only grow fat but not spirit. Horses are loaded and run. Even when sleeping, the horse holds its head high and rarely gets down. Horse temperament is innate. If the horse is kept still, it will be very unhappy, blow its nose, flick its tail, and stomp uneasily. If it is like a pig, it eats and sleeps, and takes pride in growing meat, it will either get seriously ill or die. If no one pays attention to it all day and gives it tasks, it will lose its temper and do rude things. Tiansen told him that just now, brother Yao smashed the fence of the pig stable and even kicked a few pigs that did not make mistakes…

Tian Sen must have had enough. But no matter what Tiansen is, he can’t do anything.

One year, Tiansen pulled pigs out of the mountains. It was dark, and the mountains and ridges were all covered with water and hair. When the cold wind blew, the road slipped like tung oil. Tiansen slid into the deep valley with the car and the pig. In the snow and ice, pigs groaned everywhere. As for Tiansen, when Long Qigui arrived, he was still clutching the steering wheel, trying to drive the car onto the circuit. Long Qigui carried him on his back, the pain started, and he shrank on the frozen ground and called his father and mother. His waist couldn’t move. After finally getting to the hospital, a chest X-ray was taken, and three ribs were broken. The doctor put him in a plaster cast and put a splint on him, saying that it would take a hundred days for his muscles and bones to move. While the doctor was away, Long Qigui secretly put a mass of herbal paste on his ribs. More than ten days later, Tian Sen went home with his luggage. This is their friendship.

Long Qigui doesn’t care about the dark horse young brother, he can’t. The dark horse Yaoge is his heart and his brother. He named it Yaoge, which shows the friendship between them. Brother Yao is a nickname for young men in Wumeng Mountain. It was a last resort to hand over the dark horse Yaoge to Tiansen, and at the same time I trusted him. Although Tiansen also helped and solved Long Qigui’s urgent needs, Long Qigui was not happy. Raising horses as pigs can only be done by idiots like Tian Sen. Long Qigui originally lived in Ye Cao, a registered poor household without safe housing. His parents died early, leaving him a single seedling. On the day of his parents’ sacrifice, he would kneel at the grave and swear that he would marry a wife and have a son next year. After the good policy above, he chose a day, lit three incense sticks, carried a wooden bench in the bamboo-backed basket, and lived in a happy home. Living in such a nice building without paying a penny was something he never dreamed of. He fell asleep and woke up several times with a smile. This happy home is the largest resettlement area near the county seat, with tens of thousands of people settled there. With a large number of buildings and population, it is already a big city. The village director revealed at the relocation mobilization meeting that this resettlement area is a superior work by experts from the Shanghai Design Institute. There are no livestock stables, no chickens and ducks, no pigs and dogs, let alone high cattle and horses. Therefore, I ask everyone, if there are pigs and dogs, chickens and ducks, and cattle and horses, they should be fostered as soon as possible, and it is best to sell them, or kill them for cured meat. Long Qigui definitely refused to do it, and once planned a room for Yaoge in his house. But he took the younger brother and sneaked into the house less than a bag of cigarettes, and the security guard came after him. The reason is that brother Yao was found pulling a pile of feces in the elevator. In this way, Yaoge has no place to stand. Half a year ago, Long Qigui became a father. Long Qigui has no skills and has to take care of his wife and children. How can he still have time to take care of his younger brother? So I spent some money and asked Tiansen near Happy Home to help. Tiansen went to Yecaoping to sell pigs and sheep. He ate the roast potatoes in Longqigui fire pond and buckwheat wine in Longqigui jars. He was also a life saver. Helping him raise a horse is a matter of course.

However, at the moment, Tiansen can’t even raise a horse well. I don’t know if it’s because of a problem with his ability, or because his money is attractive.

Last year, when I heard that the government was going to allocate housing to the poor households in Yecaopao, Qiaomei quickly returned from Dongguan, got along with Long Qigui, immediately set up the household registration, and successfully obtained the relocation house built by the government. Participated in an unusually grand resettlement meeting, got the key to the resettlement house, and opened the door, Qiaomei said that such a large and high-quality house is close to ten million in Dongguan. Long Qigui couldn’t close his mouth for a while, and his happiness instantly knocked him down.

Back then, two junior high schools were at the same table. Before the graduation certificate was obtained, Qiaomei was like a flower magpie, and she flew away with a flap of her wings. Long Qigui rode a horse and chased several mountain ridges, but did not chase her back. Long Qigui couldn’t imagine what happened to Qiaomei over the years, but he knew that she had a story. When Qiaomei came back, she often turned away from him on the phone. Those phone calls were very long, and every time they finished speaking, most of Qiaomei changed their faces and changed their mouths and became flustered. Long Qigui overheard it once. It probably means that there are several leaders of Electronic Development Co., Ltd., who have been shuanggui by the Disciplinary Committee one after another. Qiaomei actually cares about this, and for such a long period of time, she has been discussing matters related to this with the other end of the phone, Long Qigui finds it inconceivable. Those stories cannot be thought deeply or asked, this Long Qigui understands. If Qiaomei doesn’t appear again, a man like Ye Cao Long Qigui is very likely to be single for a lifetime.

People in their thirties, in just a few days, Qiaomei actually died. When she was about to give birth, Qiaomei Yi was scratching and pulling on the delivery bed, and the sheets were all torn apart. The doctor has used all methods, and his face is full of sweat, and the baby just refuses to come out. Had to be cut. The son pulled out of Qiaomei’s flesh, snorted a few times, licked a few mouthfuls of rice soup, and fell asleep. Qiaomei kept bleeding, which frightened Long Qigui. During the Chinese New Year as a child, Long Qigui sat on the threshold and ate the fried crispy pork made by his mother. A hungry wolf came to grab it. The hoe in Dad’s hand slapped slowly for a second, and half of Long Qigui’s face was probably gone. The wolf dragged its broken hind leg and screamed to flee. Mom said in despair that she had seen with her own eyes a red-eyed, green-browed evil spirit swearing on the back of the hungry wolf. Obscene. He didn’t cry then. Seeing Qiaomei suffer like this now, he couldn’t stand it, and the image of the evil ghost wretched again appeared. A big man, in the aisle of the obstetrics and gynecology department, cried like a wild boar. It is estimated that Long Qigui cried bitterly, with the sharpness of a hoe, and fled in a hurry. The doctors did their best to rescue, and Qiaomei opened her eyes at dawn the next day. Long Qigui thinks that God has eyes, no matter how hard and tired he is, he must support this family. That being said, for a man like Long Qigui, it’s really not enough. After taking Qiaomei and son back to their happy home, he was extremely tired. Taking care of mothers and babies is more laborious than plowing, planting, chopping firewood, grazing horses, and harvesting wild lawns. For now, the sky has been gloomy for two days, and the pain of the wound began to flare up half a year after the baby was born. Long Qigui applied medicine to Qiaomei’s wound, boiled a poached egg in sugar water, and fed her in small mouthfuls. He helped her to the balcony, moved a stool to sit down, and pushed her son’s stroller in front of her and let her watch the building. The flow of people coming and going down, looking at the wild grass home in the depths of the white clouds in the distance. Qiaomei has seen the world, has some money, gave birth to a son, is lazy and has a temper, it should be. After so long, Qiaomei still doesn’t produce milk. According to the method given by the villagers, Long Qigui gave her crucian carp prolactin soup, Tongcao pig trotters prolactin soup, sweet vinegar pig trotter ginger soup, papaya fish tail soup. These exquisite foods brought from restaurants cost dozens of dollars a bowl. At the same time, he also used his own strength, kneading, squeezing, and pulling hard with the breast pump. The breast pump was impersonal and made the girl scream. Long Qigui simply crouched beside Qiaomei, closed his eyes, and tried to suck more than his hungry son. Busy and tiring, Long Qigui’s whole body was like a piece of wood, stiff and unresponsive. As for the head, dangling, I always feel that it is not my own. Beating the back, the bones are still sore. rub Rubbing his nose, his eyes are sore. He stretched out his five fingers, scratching and pulling viciously in his hair like a bamboo stick. Look at the hands, actually half of the hair.

These things are mixed together, as if cooking pig food in a broken pot on the wild lawn before.

Long Qigui turned off his phone and sat down against the corner. Younger brother stubbornly crashed into his dream. Brother Yao nodded step by step, his mane covered.

On the feet, tap. tap. tap.

Brother Yao followed Long Qigui’s ass, came out of the wild lawn, went down the mountain, crossed the ditch, the small road turned into a big road, and walked towards the town. There was no reason at the door of Duozui Snack Bar. Brother Yao fell down with a plop, and there was no breath in his nostrils. Long Qigui was stunned by this unprecedented accident. More terrible things happened. Long Qigui saw with his eyes that Brother Yao’s body was dismembered by Luo Er, the owner of the talkative snack shop. Brother Yao separated his flesh and limbs, and almost kicked Luo Er down. The younger brother’s skin was cut into long leather ropes, which were used as ropes for pulling the plow in the ploughing field. The head was cut off, thrown into the soup pot, and the water swelled, and Yaoge’s teeth were still cut. It’s chewing grass.

“I have fried pork liver, roasted whole lamb, stewed Tianma chicken soup, marinated beef dry, made spicy beer duck… But I have never tried horse meat…” Speaking of horse meat , Luo Er rubbed his palms and looked eagerly at the boiling water that was churning in the cauldron.

“Useless guy, this is its best home.”

“So fierce? Are you reincarnated by an evil ghost?”

Long Qigui rushed over desperately, grabbed Luo Er, lifted him up, and tried to smash him to pieces. But after he caught Luo Er, he couldn’t throw it away, sticking to his hands. Toss to the left, still there. Toss to the right, still there. Long Qigui’s hands and feet were as soft as boiled noodles. A staggering, Long Qigui fell to the ground. Luo Er broke free from his hand and ran to Brother Yao again. The machete in Luo’s second hand flashed a silvery white light and slashed towards Brother Yao’s leg bone. “Clang”, Yaoge’s leg bones were intact, but the machete was broken into two pieces, as if there were sparks emerging. Long Qigui clenched his teeth, raised his fist and swung it, trying to stop Luo Er from making another move.

Long Qigui’s hands and feet were as soft as cotton wool. He woke up screaming, soaking wet. He had nightmares.

“Long Qigui, you scared the baby!” Qiaomei clutched her abdomen with both hands, her face pale.

Long Qigui was terrified and at a loss.

The sound of Yaoge chewing the grass, the vibration of Yaoge’s hooves on the ground, the salty smell emanating from Yaoge’s fur, and the coolness of Yaoge’s ears as he flew, made him tremble all over.

Qiaomei came back after going out for a few years, and she was no longer the ignorant yellow-haired girl she used to be. The hot pot in Dongguan stirs her up like an entrepreneur. She rented a store downstairs in the resettlement area and opened a store called Wei Tao Ming Creative Park. Look, it’s amazing! She brought a programmer who is said to be very powerful from Dongguan, specializing in the development of electronic software. Anything in Shenzhen and Dongguan can be found in her store. The people who live in the happy homeland don’t know much about this and don’t care. Isn’t it just a locator, camera, voice recorder, etc., where can’t you buy it? But occasionally someone will rush from the city to the county, and then from the county to this community that has not yet perfected functions, and sit and discuss with Qiaomei and programmers. There are even some unidentified people who keep coming to buy this and that.

Long Qigui: “Why did they buy this?”

“Gather evidence.”

“Collecting evidence? Collecting for what?”

“For example, a long time ago, I asked you to sell horses. If you don’t sell them, horses have no shadow.” Qiaomei said, “With my high technology, wouldn’t it be easy?”

Long Qigui was taken aback. Recently, people have been reported on the Internet, there are pictures and videos, and the truth is all there. As long as they are online, they are all dead. Long Qigui was in a cold sweat.

People who came to Qiaomei to buy things praised her quick thinking, broad vision and advanced consciousness. Qiaomei is also full of confidence. She said that one day in the future, things that fly in the sky, things that run on the ground, things that can be seen and invisible, living and non-living things, will all be reduced to one piece of software, and they will obey her instructions. A mouse, a fingerprint, a voice, or a face card can control a world. Qiaomei gave herself an English name: Hyacinth. Long Qigui secretly googled it and knew what it meant. Long Qigui doesn’t like those things that are piety and nihilistic. The more beautiful the virtual things were, the more he couldn’t believe it.

Long Qigui felt uneasy because he couldn’t smell Brother Yao’s breath, and couldn’t hear the sound of his nose and hoofs.

At the beginning, when Tiansen called, Long Qigui dodged. Right now, the phone vibrates several times, and it is estimated that things are not as simple as imagined. If brother Yao really has three longs and two shorts, then it will be a big problem. The phone vibrated again, and Long Qigui hid in the bathroom. As soon as he was connected, Tiansen told him furiously that Brother Yao had not eaten or drank for several days. Tian Sen was not originally such a person, and in front of him Long Qigui, he should not be such a person. But the human heart is separated from the belly, and only genius knows what he wants to do.

Long Qigui was shaken.

Turning back, Qiaomei hugged the child and went to bed. When the two people, one big and one small, quietly fell asleep, Long Qigui tiptoed and went out to leave. Just opened the door, not wanting a shadow to stand in front of him, as if waiting for him for a long time.

“You…” Long Qigui was surprised.

The man bent down and saluted him: “Mr. Long, I’m a programmer in the creative park of the only other life, you can call me Fany.” He is obviously Chinese, but like Qiaomei, it is hard to remember such a weird person. foreign name, fool people!

Long Qigui looked back and whispered, “Your boss, you’re still sleeping!”

Programmer Fany said, “I’m not looking for her, I’m looking for you.”

“Find me?”

“Everyone said that you are the kindest. I would like to ask you for help. I have researched in Java, Python, H5/WEB front-end, Linux, C language, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, data analysis, etc. Is it in China? , these are at the forefront.”

Long Qigui was stunned when he heard it. He didn’t understand, he didn’t know what the programmer Fany said was the stars in the night sky, the parts in the machine, the microorganisms in the dung, or the virus in the human body. In the past few days, a piece of news has been circulating on mobile phones that said that a few days ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) suddenly announced that the new mutant strain Omicron (B.1.1.529) was listed as a “variant of concern” (VOC) . This is the highest-risk variant of the new coronavirus. The appearance of Omicron has made many people talk about poison and discoloration. It is said that the replication ability and infectivity of the virus are very strong, and the virulence of the virus has unimaginable horror. How scary is it? Long Qigui’s understanding is of course terrible, and any means of protection and treatment are powerless.


Programmer Fany continued: “Ms. Hyacinth invited me here. The monthly basic salary plus various bonuses is less than 8,000. My company in Dongguan receives an annual salary. The maternity care in the hospital is also better than mine. much higher…”

“You should go back and get your annual salary. The eaves here are low and the water is shallow.” People who talk rhetorically, except for their words, are probably suspicious.

“I just…just want to increase my salary.” Programmer Fany murmured.

“I’m only responsible for the younger brother…”

“Brother Yao?” Programmer Fany looked puzzled. This is exactly what Long Qigui wants to achieve. His face was stiff, but he wanted to laugh. He quickly went downstairs, bypassed the solemn creative park with a big brand and luxurious decoration, and walked out of a happy home.

Later, Long Qigui and Qiaomei talked about it once. Qiaomei’s eyes froze: “Say this? I won’t take him in, he’s afraid he’ll go to jail!”

Long Qigui was taken aback.

Long Qigui doesn’t know how much Qiaomei has. But he knows a thing or two about how many times Qiaomei has gone to banks and borrowed money in various ways. Most of the guarantees used their marriage certificates, ID cards and housing certificates. Long Qigui doesn’t follow the right way, the right way is too conspicuous. He walked away, swerving, and soon got into the sea of ​​vegetation. Those ungreen fields are full of wormwood and thorns that are waist-deep. As long as Long Qigui lowered his head slightly, it was impossible to see him in the distance. He stepped on the bricks on the feet, crossed the ravine, bypassed the swamp, and came to the pig farm on the outskirts of the city.

He didn’t call Tiansen.

The pig farm is large, but the stench is even greater, covering the pig farm and even wider areas. There was no one in the pig stable. Long Qigui pinched his nose, held his breath, bypassed the surveillance, climbed over the fence, and got into the pig stable. In the stable, every pig is like a black wave. Countless pigs merged into a black ocean. Those waves, seeing someone coming, surged even more intensely. The pigs, with round eyes and tensed limbs, raised their long beaks to feed him across the fence. The sound of pigs smacking their lips, the sound of their limbs hitting the ground, and the sound of squeezing each other, one after another, formed a dull chorus. The stench coming out of the pig’s wide open mouth almost suffocated him. Long Qigui walked forward, his eyes looking up. But after walking around, at the end, he still didn’t see Yaoge.

The scene in the dream was clear again, like an awl pierced into Long Qigui’s brain. He walked back, he had to find Tiansen, he didn’t know where a guy who was ignorant of profit would take his brother. He had heard before that this guy took the youngest brother to the racetrack to participate in the competition, to the circus to play a supporting role, and even to carry pig manure for him, pull the stone mill, and plough the wasteland. Long Qigui was suddenly irritable. When he took a few steps back, in the pig herd, a black thing suddenly grew taller.

“Such a big pig?” Long Qigui thought that he had encountered a pig essence, or a lewd.

He wants to run.

The black thing propped up his head, stretched out towards him, blew his nose at him, and slapped his face with dirt.


Brother Yao shook for a while, as if he didn’t even have the strength to stand still. Long Qigui nodded at it and encouraged it with an upward gesture. Brother Yao worked hard and finally stood up. The younger brother staggered and followed him out of the pig stable. Walking to the water pipe, Long Qigui picked up the water gun and rushed towards Brother Yao. The younger brother was startled and tried to run away. When it felt that Long Qigui was washing the dirt off its body, it calmed down and adjusted its body to cooperate with him. Long Qigui dipped a brush in detergent, brushed its fur, and brushed its head, face and limbs. The dirty things flowed away, and Yaoge closed his eyes in comfort. Long Qigui wiped off the water stains from his body, his hands were as light as when he bathed his son before. Brother Yao’s broad forehead was exposed. The long face was exposed. Ears stick out. The hooves and tail are exposed. The burgundy fur appeared. Yaoge doesn’t look like a pig anymore. Although it is black, its image as a horse is still presented.

At the gate post, Long Qigui handed cigarettes to the security guards and set them on fire. After discussing for a long time, the security guard agreed to let him in.

“I’ll leave with a little food,” Long Qigui said.

Long Qigui gave Yaoge some straw mixed with bean paste, basked him in golden sunlight, repaired his broken horseshoe, and trimmed and combed his hairy horsehair. The younger brother is always rubbing Long Qigui with his face. With a rub, Long Qigui’s tears welled up a little.

Long Qigui called Qiaomei: “The sun is very good, and it smells like buckwheat cakes.”

After a while, Qiaomei came. Holding her son, she stood in front of Long Qigui with a look of surprise.

“What’s the matter with you?” Qiaomei asked, “Why did the horse appear again?”

She always wanted Long Qigui to sell the horse, but if she couldn’t, she gave it away. But Long Qigui refused. When Qiaomei gave birth to a child, she forgot about it. I have never seen this horse, I thought Long Qigui had compromised, but I never thought it would be like this.

“Take a photo to commemorate.” Long Qigui asked Qiaomei to ride on Brother Yao’s back. Qiaomei shook her head and said firmly: “No! Look at its rough appearance! And the smell on it…”

Back then, when Qiaomei went out to work, she rode on the generous back of the younger brother and walked dozens of miles of mountain roads. Qiaomei came back to join Long Qigui again, and Yaoge also carried her. At that time its bare back was decorated with painted saddles. They even had a heart-pounding restlessness on the back of the younger brother more than once. At that time, Long Qigui gasped and said that when he has a son in the future, he must gallop on the battlefield, and he must be accompanied by a horse.

Qiaomei did not deny it.

“We are from the city. So is our son.” Now, Qiaomei said.

“The horse has body temperature, and the son needs it.” Long Qigui said.

“Who needs it now? A drag!” Qiaomei was unhappy.

The child cried, quack, like a kitten. Qiaomei glanced at the younger brother, turned back to coax her son, and said, “I persuaded you to buy a car and drive it, but you always don’t listen!”


“Call me Hyacinth! Ms. Hyacinth!” Qiaomei turned around, walked into her store, and only ordered Creative Park.

The day before Qiaomei gave birth, she threw the phone card she brought from Dongguan into the sewer. After that, without the unhappy calls, she seemed a lot more relaxed.

With Long Qigui in front and Yaoge in the back, hurry up and walk towards the wild lawn. Long Qigui hurry up, and the younger brother hurry up. Long Qigui walks slowly, Yaoge walks slowly. As they passed the town, Long Qigui tried to avoid the talkative snack bar in the middle of the street. The previous dream made Long Qigui’s heart linger. But he couldn’t get around. From here to the wild lawn, he had to walk through the middle of the street. Substituting streets for roads is a characteristic of remote towns.

In the distance, Luo Er sat under the porch and sharpened his knife: “Ho…ho…”

Luo Er likes knives. Whether it is cutting cabbage, radish, tofu, pepper, or the skin, meat, hair, and bones of animals, the movements are familiar. He is not only a cook, but also a diner, who gets distracted every day without something special on the table. Right now, this mouth-watering snack bar is only the battlefield of his art, and the experimental ground for his cooking. It is said that for each part of the animal, he has a different way of anatomy and cooking. Pig, he must have eaten. Cow, he has eaten countless. Sheep, not to mention. It is said that elk, blue sheep, pheasants, mice, spiders, ants, spanking bugs, or crocodiles, seals, otters, platypus, loaches, etc., he has all started.

Seeing Long Qigui coming with his younger brother, Luo Er raised his head:

“If you leave the wild lawn, you will change, and you are not even qualified to raise horses.”

Long Qigui ignored him, walked into the store by himself, and unscrewed the straw stopper of the wine urn. In the turbulent wine urn, the green of his face floated. He took two picks of wine and poured it into the jug at his waist. The remainder of the raisin, raised his head, and poured it into his mouth. He let the juice drown his tongue, tasted the sweetness of the wine with the tip of the tongue, the bitterness of the wine with the base of the tongue, and felt the acidity of the wine with the sides of the tongue. The wine was slowly swallowed by him. He took out the money from the inner layer of his pocket, counted a few, threw himself on the counter, and turned to leave.

“Don’t sit down and drink?”


Long Qigui’s eyes twitched. When he gets angry, there is a possibility that he will hit someone.

“How about stir-fried beef with garlic sprouts?”

“Uncle just drinks with you!”

“Tian Sen came to me just now.”

“Tiansen?” Long Qigui stopped, “Why is he looking for you?”

“He wants to expand the industry and expand pig farming into a modern enterprise integrating breeding, slaughtering, and meat processing…”

“Are you going to help him kill pigs?”

“Not only that. Chickens, ducks, cows, horses…”

Long Qigui’s anger came out: “Go away!”

Luo Er stood up, lifted the sharpening knife, threw it on the ground again, rolled up his sleeves, and clenched his greasy fists, as if he was about to let go. Suddenly the phone rang and someone wanted to video with him. Luo Er opened it, and suddenly smiled.

“Sun Sun, if you dance this street dance, Ye Lawn won’t get the second one.”

The grandson asked him for money over there: “I have to pay the coaching fee for next month.”

It seems that the daughter-in-law is helping: “This big Shanghai, if a baby wants to be a device, it will not be enough to lose a single point.”

The season of the wild lawn comes later, and the leaf buds on the thick hemp branches are still tender and transparent. Looking up from under the tree, this large umbrella composed of covered leaves is golden and dazzling.

Out of the street, the field is empty.

“Brother Yao, can you do it?” Long Qigui patted Brother Yao’s back, indicating that he wanted to ride it. Brother Yao did not object, he shook his long face and tried his best to lower his body. Although it was thinner, it seemed to remember its occupation. As a horse, not being able to gallop with its master is the real sadness.

Stepping on the horse, without a saddle, Long Qigui’s butt was sore. Brother Yao is too thin, if brother Yao walks, Long Qigui’s butt will hurt. In the past, as long as the villagers heard the sound of Yaoge’s hoofs, they would run out with envy in their eyes. There are naughty children, and they will grab the horse’s tail and follow the younger brother’s footsteps. Now all the people in the village have moved away, and there is only a wind left. The wind blew in boredom, and blew again. Bigger, smaller. Long Qigui loosened the reins and dismounted. Long Qigui and Yaoge, sometimes one after the other, sometimes one left and one right, walked around the village. An abandoned dog followed them from a distance, with a thin spine, and it felt like it would float away when the wind blows. There are two brooding chickens, planing and pecking in the ashes. When the villagers moved away, they went to the grass to catch insects. Not taken away, this is their world. Some of the houses had their grass roofs collapsed, exposing one end of the wooden rafters. Some of the walls are cracked, and you can see the gray and black inside at a glance. Under some thresholds, bright yellow grass tips grew, or one or two unknown vines jumped up from somewhere. There were birds flying in the sky, but no one was seen, and even the path was covered by grass. Everyone moved away, maybe they all forgot about Wild Lawn. Only he, Long Qigui, still remembers all this. Oh, no, it should be, brother Yao remembers more. Brother Yao earned the reins twice, and Long Qigui let it go. Brother Yao has something to worry about, so he walked to the basket under the eaves, stretched out his nose and sniffed, and shook his shoulders. It walked to the manger in the house, and arched its wet lips inward. He went to the hitching stake in the yard and rubbed his body on the stake. The blackened house was crumbling, and the old breath filled Long Qigui’s nostrils. These houses will be demolished after the villagers move out. Before long, these rotten things will disappear. Instead, it will be a large meadow, integrated with the entire wild lawn, regardless of the world. Long Qigui sat on the dust-covered threshold, imagining the small and timid appearance of Brother Yao when he first entered the door. I imagined the time when I and Qiaomei were building a fire and roasting potatoes in this house. Qiaomei sat with him on a wooden bench and squeezed. After squeezing a few times, the problem was squeezed out. Long Qigui’s face became hot.

Brother Yao ran to the grass behind the house, barely needing to move, stretched his neck, and could eat for a while. Those fresh grass leaves are far from comparable to those fattening feeds in pig stables.

Cut and slap, Yaoge nibbled sweetly.

The house is a little tidy, barely able to live in. The potatoes in the corner were still there, and the white shoots were taller than the knees. Long Qigui made a fire, and when the fireworks were vigorous, he picked off the sprouts of the potatoes and threw them into the fire. The plowshares that have been idle for more than half a year are rusty and the ploughing ropes are also messy. Fortunately, Long Qigui was familiar with it and sorted it out quickly. Long Qigui stood high in the village, looking around, there was still no one in the vast mountains. Long Qigui called his brother back, gave it a plowshare, and began to dig the most fertile land on the mountain ridge. In the early years, in order to allocate this land, Long Qigui often invited the leaders of the village groups to drink buckwheat wine. Now that the land is deserted and hardened, and the roots and stems of weeds are intertwined, it is really not easy to turn the soil over.

The smell of earth came out from the tip of the plough.

The phone rang, it was Qiaomei calling. Oh no, it’s Ms. Hyacinth. There is still a signal on the top of the mountain.

Long Qigui regretted not turning off the phone before.

Ms. Hyacinth: “Where are you? It’s been so long, are you coming back?”

Long Qigui said: “I’ve tilled the land on the mountain ridge. Then I will plant potatoes, so I won’t worry about eating next year…”

“Sure enough, I went to the wild lawn. Come back quickly. Before entering the door, you must recite the spell yourself. Don’t bring back the evil ghost and the poor ghost Susaniz… Don’t do those stupid jobs! Happy Home Logistics Management is recruiting people. , I signed you up.”

The child is humming. Ms. Hyacinth hung up. Long Qigui wanted to work in Ms. Hyacinth’s DreamWorks, wiping tables and mopping floors. But Qiaomei did not agree. The image of Long Qigui is very out of tune with the Weitaiming Creative Park. Ms. Hyacinth tried many times to change his image, clothing, hairstyle, eyes, and even temperament, but all ended in failure.

Long Qigui didn’t think about how to arrange Yaoge. When he used the reins to tie Yaoge, Yaoge shook his horse’s mane and turned his long face away. Let it go back to be with those pigs, eat and sleep, sleep and eat, and after a long time, it will not be as good as a pig. Then let it go, wherever it wants to go, as long as it wants. Long Qigui thought, if it really doesn’t want to come back, that’s fine. Yaoge has the world of Yaoge, and Yaoge has the life of Yaoge. Long Qigui threw away the reins, and the sound of hoofs quickly disappeared. Long Qigui sat on the threshold and looked at the sky. At dusk, the birds return to their nests. Then the night came down, the stars came down, and the dew came down. Long Qigui’s phone vibrated, and Ms. Hyacinth called again. He stood up to leave, but Brother Yao returned to Long Qigui’s side despite the dew all over his body. In the darkness, Brother Yao’s big eyes stared at Long Qigui motionlessly, his hoofs stomping on the spot uneasily. Long Qigui caressed Brother Yao’s long face and thin neck, and felt his back, which could be counted across his spine.

Going down the mountain seems more difficult. This fur-faced beast is stubborn, taking one step and taking three steps back. It seems to be difficult to get animals to obey if you don’t want to. “I don’t want to eat your meat.” Long Qigui got angry, ignored it, and walked forward by himself. Seeing him leave, Yaoge followed. In this way, when Long Qigui leaves, the younger brother leaves. When Long Qigui stopped, Yaoge stopped. Long Qigui kept walking forward, and Yaoge kept walking forward. Two shadows, darker than the night, slowly wriggled on the mountain road.

Arriving in town, the night seemed to be diluted a bit. It was dark all around, but the road was gray. There seems to be some light in the mouthful snack bar. Long Qigui pushed open the door and walked in. Luo Er was sharpening his knife again. Huh. Huh. Huh. The sound seemed louder at night than during the day. Seeing Long Qigui coming in, Luo Er didn’t look up. Huh. Huh. Huh. Just sharpen the knife.

“Wearing all day without resting?”

“It’s okay, I’m just taking a break.”

Long Qigui dragged a wooden stool and sat down by the door. Brother Yao’s long mouth stretched out from under the eaves and sprayed hot air on his face without a single moment.

“Remember that you raised a little horse…”

“No more.” Luo Er continued to sharpen his knife.

Why is there no more? That little horse is not bad. If it is fertile, it will last at least ten years. One a year, a group of ten years. Previously, Luo Er had been asking Yaoge to breed, but Long Qigui did not agree.

Long Qigui was a little disappointed. It seems that he is the one who bred, but now there is no chance. He turned back and looked at the younger brother under the eaves. Younger brother is a little irritable.

“Useless things should be disposed of.”

Long Qigui was taken aback. He knew what Luo Er said about dealing with it.

Luo Er stopped what he was doing and raised his head: “You are a good beast. But right now, just sell it like this, who wants it?”

Long Qigui is really unhappy when Luo Er treats Brother Yao like this. The younger brother can carry, farm, breed, and be a companion. For Yu Long Qigui, without it, he really doesn’t know how to live. But Luo Er did not think so. Luo Er told Long Qigui that the rural revitalization strategy has already been launched, urbanization is advancing rapidly, and the rural tourism construction project is about to be implemented. To the east of the town, there is the entrance to the highway. Leading to the wild lawn, a secondary route is also being planned. In the future, there will be all kinds of vehicles going to and from these places. Who will carry them on horseback? But Long Qigui didn’t think this would have much to do with him. Of course, he knew that micro-tillers could be used for farming in the land. The micro-tillers did not eat grass or water, and only needed to add some oil or recharge. As soon as the valve opens, the force comes out. But the tiller also has its shortcomings. It has no body temperature, cannot communicate with people, and cannot understand people’s intentions. A few years ago, Tiansen bought a micro tiller and was very happy! But when his subordinate Qu Mu was farming for the first time, the trousers were rolled into the tiller. Qu Mu kept shouting to stop, but the tiller didn’t listen at all, and abruptly twisted one of his legs. Now it has become a registered poverty-stricken household, relying entirely on the government’s subsistence allowance to survive.

Brother Yao is not the same as a car, nor is it the same as a tiller.

“Brother Yao is useful.”

“It’s useful, but that’s the only way,” Luo Er raised his knife. “To tell you the truth, over the years, I have fried pork, stewed mutton, cooked chicken, fried duck, and marinated beef. But I have not… …”

“Have you all been dreaming?” Long Qigui remembered clearly, this was what Luo Er told him in a dream, why did he come again now? He pinched his right hand with his left hand, and his right hand hurts. The right hand pinches the left hand, it still hurts. He patted his face again, his face hurt. He touched his heart again, and his heart began to hurt. The evil ghost is wretched and begins to haunt people.

“I’m dreaming. Over the years, Luo Er has been dreaming. When my son is not grown up, I hope that he will grow up quickly. When my son grows up, he leaves me and works far away, and I hope again. My grandson will grow up quickly. When my grandson grows up, I don’t know what to expect. Maybe by that time, I will already be dead. I dream and dare not wake up. Once I wake up, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live.” Luo Er picked up the knife and sharpened it again, “While I’m still useful, I have to…”

It turned out that Luo Er was dreaming.

Luo Er’s knife was pushed out on the grindstone. Take back, push out. Push out, take back. Luo Er’s voice sharpening his knife hastened: hoho, hoho, hoho…

Long Qigui stood up and left. When he came out, he followed the horse’s mane and said, “Brother Yao, tell me, what should we do?”

Brother Yao does not say. Brother Yao will never say. Brother Yao wagged his tail, his eyes appearing bigger in the night. It stomped, more irritable than before.

Long Qigui jumped on the horse and left. The faster the horse went, the tighter the wind on both sides. Long Qigui knew that brother Yao was flying. He reached out and touched it, hey, he felt it. Brother Yao had grown two wings, and those wings were dancing rapidly, stirring the darkness in the night.

Programmer Fany is sitting in front of a computer stacking code in Ms. Hyacinth’s Solitude Park. His concentration and rush are as if Long Qigui was fighting for spring with cuckoos on the wild lawn. Those characters are clearly the tartary buckwheat seeds that were planted. Fany is not lazy and is very hardworking. He planted rhythmically and arranged notation. But Long Qigui couldn’t find any feeling: What kind of vitality do the characters on the computer’s display screen look even uglier than withered grass? What’s the use?

Programmer Fany: “I will design a bird for you.”

Soon, those codes were piled up and down, and a bird was really piled up.




There are two magpies on the screen.

“Won’t you call?”

Soon, the entire screen was filled with the joy of magpies, chattering happily.

Long Qigui called Fany next to Brother Yao. He asked Fany to design the first brother: “Let it adapt to this era.”

Programmer Fany’s white and slender hands are intertwined, and his face is puzzled: “This…”

Long Qigui continued to play: “Don’t let it eat grass anymore, install a plug on its butt to charge it, preferably a bull brand. Or put a solar energy on its back. When the sun shines, the energy will be there. If you want to run Run as fast as you want, as much as you want. It has a big belly, so it can’t be idle. Put a few books in it, let it know some common sense and truth. Don’t be like me, I didn’t go to school for a few days, poor. ”

“That’s not a real horse, it’s just a virtual…or machine…yes, a robotic horse,” the programmer Fany muttered.

“The key is not to let it poop and urinate all over the floor, and not to make the cleaners in the community angry…” Long Qigui’s purpose is very clear.

“I see. Put a chip in its head, and all the programs will be integrated in it.” Programmer Fany became confident, “But, this can’t be done overnight, it takes time…”

“How I do it, I don’t care. If a horse is useless, it will be worse than a pig.” Long Qigui said, “I only want results, just like you only want money.”

There is still a remote control in hand. No matter how far the younger brother runs, as long as he presses it lightly, this brother with body temperature will fly into the air with all four hooves and come galloping. Long Qigui was proud of his idea:

“Let it be omnipotent. What a horse can do, it can do. What an animal can do, it can do… oh yes, in its head, with Lady Hyacinth, you and everyone else. There is wisdom.” Long Qigui emphasized, “However, the stinky habits of that guy named Luo Er must not be present at all.”

“It’s not like you can do whatever you want. If everything you can think of can be realized, then my current wealth and status…” Programmer Fany pushed his glasses, thoughtfully. His direct leader is Qiaomei. Right now, Long Qigui is giving him instructions, which feels a little strange. What made it even more difficult for him to accept was that this Long Qigui was also a person who served horses.

“Let me do it!” Long Qigui said indisputably, “My opinion is probably the most useful to increase project funding and your treatment.”

The muscles in Programmer Fany’s face jumped. He can develop a program for checking in and clocking in and out of get off work, he can sit in the office and remotely control the electric rice press and access control system at home, and he can even detect all the whereabouts and all call records of a person 24 hours a day and night. But to complete this order from Long Qigui, I’m afraid… but the conditions Long Qigui gave him made his heart pound.

Long Qigui’s thinking is clear, he said it carefully: “What I want is, just press the remote control lightly, um, yes, it’s as convenient as turning on the TV, and Brother Yao will rush to the wild lawn, Or come back to me in a sweat.” He especially asked the programmer Fany to solve the problem of eating and drinking for the younger brother. There is no need to feed it, and no need to clean it up with manure. How important this is to Long Qigui. Previously, he had secretly pulled the younger brother into the elevator, ready to take him home to raise him. Unexpectedly, brother Yao couldn’t control it, and as soon as he stepped into the elevator, he pulled a large pool of feces and urine. This could not be concealed from the security guard, but he was quickly discovered, and he was arrested with a horse, and he trained for a long time like a thief. If it weren’t for the fact that he was a relocated household, a fine of 3500 yuan would not be too much. Thinking about it now, he still has lingering fears.

Long Qigui has never been more excited. Speaking of happiness, he threw away his coat, bare feet, holding a bowl in his left hand and a chopstick in his right, and sang the folk song of Wild Lawn while knocking:

Sister, go into the mountains,

Into the concave, plant buckwheat.

Sister, come back, point to the child,

According to my sister, grind buckwheat.

Grind buckwheat to make Baba,

Make the Baba and eat it.

Weeds are rolling and green fields are endless. There was a horse running through the grass.

Seeing the bitter look on the programmer Fany’s face, Long Qigui warned him: “You tell your Qiaomei boss, oh, no, it’s Ms. Hyacinth. If you don’t do what I say, I’ll bring Mara back, and you live together.”

The son’s eyes are big and the bridge of his nose is very straight, which is the characteristic of Long Qigui. His face was white and rosy, tender, like a ripe cherry, it was estimated that it would burst at the touch. If it is still like this when I grow up, I am afraid that it will be difficult to weather.

Long Qigui hugged his son, walked to the balcony, and pointed out to him the mountains on horseback in the distance: “That’s Dad’s hometown, called Ye Cao Cao. Even if you ride on my brother, you won’t be able to get there in a while… ”

The mountain is so big and so far away, the son is still a baby, and even looking at him is still powerless.

Long Qigui turned his son’s face towards the mountains again. As soon as his eyes were closed and his mouth shriveled, he cried, and two tears rolled out.

Long Qigui put his son in the cradle and tried to make himself like a horse, with his hands and feet on the ground, jumping like a horse, and snorting like a horse.

It looked funny, but the child still cried.

“Scared him, your voice is like a pig.” Qiaomei looked at him coldly and took her son away.

Long Qigui stood up, wiped his face, and walked to the balcony, where the mountains were stacked, from clear to blurred. Wild lawns are remote and desolate. A place where even the wild beasts are about to flee, but he has stayed there for more than thirty years. His parents and above have been there from birth to death. He has never been to a big city, but he has always thought of wild animals. The lawn is the best place in the world. Long Qigui’s nostalgia, to a certain extent, is more than the happy home he lives in now. Long Qigui is young, he has traveled some places and suffered a lot of losses. Although he has never been to heaven, he feels that a happy home is heaven. Here, there is no land to grow, no firewood to roast, no grass to roll, no grazing place, and not even a horse-tethering stake.

“Long Qigui, you need to change your shoes when you enter the door.”

“Long Qigui, remember to brush your teeth before going to bed.”

“Don’t mix the bowls and chopsticks you’ve eaten with your son’s.”

In Ms. Hyacinth’s company, it would be a dissonance for him to walk in, and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t go. He also cherishes his work in the security of the Happy Home Community. Every day when he went to work, he stood upright by the door, staring at the people who came in and out without blinking, like a screw in a machine, indifferent, harsh, no difference. He tried hard to find something strange through the words and deeds of those people.

He didn’t carry firewood, dig a hoe, or walk three miles or five miles, but he was so tired that he beat his chest and scratched his back. He said to Ms. Hyacinth, “If you hoe the land, you can hoe an acre a day. If you mow the grass, you can mow two slings a day. But I’ve been standing here all day and nothing.” Ms. Hyacinth said, “You have money. Ah, you can earn 80 yuan a day. For 80 yuan, you can buy 20 catties of rice, or 30 catties of noodles, or three catties of meat. If it is potatoes and cabbage, it will be a lot. Can’t handle it.”

The time is almost up, Long Qigui has to go to work. Go out, stand in the elevator, go downstairs, and then go to the gate of the community. In the meantime, he was going through the gates of Ms. Hyacinth’s company.

Several times, programmer Fany would stand there waiting for him.

“Sir.” Programmer Fany stroked his chest with his left hand, hid his right hand behind him, and bowed to him. Programmer Fany called him that and respected him so much. He was not used to it, and he respected it too much, which he felt strange.

Now, the programmer Fany is not there. When Long Qigui brought Yaoge back from the pig farm, he handed the reins to the programmer Fany with confidence. Programmer Fany led the horse away under the instructions of Qiaomei. From that time to now, it has been more than a month, and Long Qigui has neither seen the programmer Fany nor Yaoge.

He is restless.

Turn into the store and enter the general manager’s office of Ms. Hyacinth. Long Qigui asked Ms. Hyacinth to call the programmer Fany.

“Phone?” Ms. Hyacinth hesitated for a moment, looking at Long Qigui’s strange eyes, something was not right, she held the phone and entered the room.

After a while, Ms. Hyacinth came out and said to him, “Programmer Fany has gone to install Yaoge’s program. Busy!”

“I know he’s going to install the program, but it’s been more than ten days.” Long Qigui was very unhappy. If buckwheat was planted in my hometown, the ten mu of land would have already been exhausted. In such a long time, if there is no one who understands horses around, brother Yao will definitely have an accident.

“Developing software is a very troublesome thing, sometimes it takes months, years, or even a lifetime.” What Qiaomei said, Long Qigui was not disappointed. is desperate.

“Then, do you want Brother Yao to wait for a lifetime?”

“This…maybe not!”

“Where is Brother Yao?”

“Brother, uh…”

“How is your brother?”

“Brother, uh…”

Brother Yao likes to eat straw with shriveled grains, bean stalks that have not grown bean seeds, and mountain spring water that is clean enough to reflect his eyes. These programmers Fany don’t necessarily know. Or, knowing that, he may not be able to do it.

“Let me tell him.” Long Qigui said.

“Programmer Fany has started work. Don’t disturb him.” Qiaomei said.

“Where is Brother Yao!” Long Qigui’s face turned pale and green, and he sat on the ground. When he got up again, Long Qigui looked a little dazed. Walking out of the store, he barked irritably, landed on his hands and feet, like a horse, and crawled into the distance.

Long Qigui was sent to the hospital, where he was kept in bed by the doctor and received various treatments. Doctors have tried many methods, but none of them work. Just let him go, he’s like a horse, neighing, running, shaking his head and shaking his legs, not hitting this or that. The doctors had to control him further.

With the measures, he has since languished.

long time.

One day, the TV in the activity room was showing the animal world, and a horse was galloping on the grassland. The horse went from far to near, from small to big. Long Qigui’s eyes were suddenly ignited, and his expression seemed to be somewhat normal. He slackened and sat down, staring intently.

He laughed. He hadn’t laughed like that in a long time.

The problem was found, and Ms. Hyacinth believed she could cure him. Ms. Hyacinth came to pick him up at the hospital.

“Don’t go.”

“Have what you want.”

Without further ado, Ms. Hyacinth picked him up from the hospital and returned to his happy home. As soon as he entered the house, Long Qigui was stunned. The dark horse brother stood in the middle of the room, tall and mighty. The younger brother has soft fur, erect ears, hard hooves, and a broad spine. Brother Yao’s eyes are clear and deep.


Brother Yao suddenly snorted. That voice was indeed my brother’s. The programmer Fany standing next to Yaoge smiled and introduced him:

“This is an unparalleled horse. Oh, no. Brother Yao is an unparalleled horse.” Programmer Fany said, “It took me a year to develop it. His skills are beyond anything that has ever existed in ancient times. The Red Rabbit, the Lu, the Wuxian, the Jueying and the Sweaty BMW…”

Programmer Fany had a remote control in his hand, he pressed it twice, Brother Yao opened his mouth mechanically, and actually sang:

I am a wild horse,

Who wants to drive it?

I am a wild horse,

You come to control it!

Long Qigui’s face was full of surprise. He sang this song every day when he was farming on the wild lawn. He fell silent and listened over and over again. Yaoge’s change made him excited, he patted Yaoge’s shoulder, hugged Yaoge’s neck, and raised Yaoge’s hoof to look at it. Programmers Fany and Qiaomei looked at him nervously. He turned around suddenly, ran downstairs, ran into the field, got some grass and came back, he stuffed it into brother Yao’s mouth. However, the problem came out. Brother Yao opened his mouth and sang over and over again, but he was indifferent to the delicious food that once made it salivate. Long Qigui got some more soy sauce, the fragrant taste made Long Qigui salivate, but Brother Yao didn’t even look at it.

In this way, my brother doesn’t need to feed grass or pull feces.

Long Qigui touched Yaoge’s whole body and sniffed the fur all over his body again.

“Are you your brother?” Long Qigui asked in a low voice.

Brother Yao answered immediately and sang a song, the content of which was “Song of Shepherd”.

At dawn the next day, Ms. Hyacinth woke up early to take care of the child and found that Long Qigui was not there. No balcony, no kitchen, no bathroom, no sign of him in the storage room. Ms. Hyacinth found the security duty room where Long Qigui worked, but Long Qigui was still not there. Ms. Hyacinth called up the monitoring of the gatekeeper of Happy Home, and after searching for a long time, she finally saw the lonely back of Long Qigui. Long Qigui was as fine as dust in the direction leading to the wild lawn, getting smaller and smaller, and finally disappearing.

A few days later, Long Qigui came back, and he appeared in the surveillance video. He walked in the direction of Wild Lawn, getting bigger and clearer. He walked into the door of the happy home, into the elevator, into the house. Long Qigui’s shoes were covered in mud, and his whole body smelled of weeds. Ms. Hyacinth knew that Long Qigui went to Wild Grass, Luo Er’s Duozui Snack Bar, and Tiansen’s pig farm. Ms. Hyacinth didn’t know what he was getting this time. She carefully brought him coffee, layered cake, milk. More recently, Ms. Hyacinth has tried to change this stubborn man. She started with diet and daily habits, taking care of her in every possible way, but with little success.

Long Qigui had no appetite at all. He sat down on the wooden bench in the corner and closed his eyes. He didn’t know what to say next. I don’t want to, my son’s babbling voice and a touch of milky smell came to my face. Long Qigui quickly stood up.

Ms. Hyacinth handed over her son in her arms: “You haven’t been around for a few days, your son misses you.”

Long Qigui hugged his son carefully, and then stroked Brother Yao’s rounded back, and stroked its clean mane.

“Brother Yao, someone is going to be your friend again,” Long Qigui said. “Be careful, don’t lose your head, and no one has borrowed your white rice and returned the coarse chaff.”