Remember what you have

In a person’s life, there are many things remembered as yesterday, “I will never forget it for a lifetime.” On the contrary, some things will soon be forgotten, “I can’t remember it anymore.” What to remember and what to forget, of course there are factors such as the strength of memory and the depth of feelings, as well as personality problems and consciousness problems.

I have an old friend who grew up together and has been in love for more than 50 years. We can talk about everything and we are like brothers. The old friend is a man with upright and strong personality, sincere and kind to others, able to write and paint, and versatile. Some people say that he is “flowering outside the wall”, the inside is not red, the inside is not fragrant and the outside is fragrant.

He used to be a street worker, started in the street and retired in the street. Earlier, he served as a “secretary” in the neighborhood office and also did publicity work. Residents came to find the leader. He always greeted him with a smile, warmly received him, got up to give up his seat, poured tea and water, and then truthfully reported to the leader, and sometimes even brought someone to meet the leader directly. Later, he was transferred from the office and went to the Urban Management Division to become an urban management team member. At that time, the urban management was not as strict and formal as it is now. When some urban management team members saw street vegetable sellers or roadside stalls, without a word, they would just go up and take the fruits in their baskets and baskets. The vegetables kicked and rolled all over the floor. At this time, not only did he not help his colleagues to yell together, but on the one hand he persuaded his colleagues to speak up, and at the same time he persuaded the stall owner to pack his things and leave. After only a few months of urban management work, he was transferred to work as an old cadre, and since then he has dealt with retired elderly people. Those old people are so kind, you are very enthusiastic about him, and he thank you a hundredfold. This is one to twenty years until retirement.

The old friend didn’t say anything about his work. When he was doing publicity work, he was often praised by his superiors for his outstanding performance. The district wanted to transfer him to a publicity officer twice, but he was not transferred for some reason. When working as a veteran, he was rated as advanced every year. Later, when he retired, he called to ask him what happened on the street: where does the old man live, what his house number and phone number are, and so on. Many old cadres still remember his name and praise him as a good comrade.

I have summed up eight words to an old friend: “The advantages are very good, and the shortcomings are very lacking.” One of his biggest shortcomings is that he “brings on some old things”. Some things have passed for many years, and he still “never forgets.” “. For example, XX likes to murmur, instigate discord, and tell right and wrong in front of the leader; XX always takes credit and blames, if something good is his own, something that happens is someone else’s, and so on.

Whenever we two chat together, he always likes to mention those old things (I have heard it N times), and it is filled with righteous indignation and not angry. So I changed the subject and chatted with him about something that made people happy. At this time, his complexion suddenly looked better, like a clear sky after the rain, the sun was shining brightly, there was no cloud in the sky, and there was a peaceful atmosphere.

In this life, there are wind and rain, and there must be rainbows; there are fallen leaves, and there must be blooms; there are cold winters, and there must be sun and spring; there must be losses, and there must be gains, and everything complements each other. There are still black and white in one day, and four seasons in a year. There has never been a good one in the world. As the saying goes, life is unsatisfactory nine times out of ten, when the sun is overcast and sunny, and the moon is full. This is normal. When a person always “remembers bitterness”, his mood is bitter; often “thinks about sweetness” and his mood is sweet. A philosopher once said that there is nothing if you remember, there is happiness if you remember happiness, and there is pain if you remember pain. That being the case, as those of us who have left work to enjoy the retirement life, we should remember more happiness and less of the people and things that make us painful and unpleasant. In this way, our body and mind can be more happy and our body healthier.

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