When I was two years old, she married my father and became my stepmother.
   After the stepmother came to the house, my triangular face became rounder every day, and my yellow hair became darker every day. The stepmother not only cooks delicious vegetable rice, but also the needlework. The tattered clothes that my father didn’t wear, and after the dexterous hands of the empress, I had a fitted dress. When the villagers praised me for the beautiful clothes, I felt a sense of happiness.
   When I was a child, I was the figure of a stepmother. Wherever the stepmother went, she carried me wherever she went. To this day, there are still elders in the village who say that I grew up on the back of a stepmother.
   The purpose of the father’s marriage to the stepmother is to have the stepmother give birth to a son, and the more the better, but the stepmother has been married for many years at home, but her belly can’t be bulged. This incident made the stepmother unable to lift her head in front of the villagers, and even more so in front of Dad.
   The stepmother grew older and older, but her hair turned gray.
   In addition to doing farm work, Dad can only drink, and when he is drunk, he can only beat his stepmother. The body of the stepmother is often purple, green, and red. After being beaten, the stepmother would only hold me and cry, and I would only hold the stepmother and cry.
   When the stepmother saw me crying, she put her arms around me and murmured: “Son, don’t cry, everything is God’s will, God’s will… I’m not tired of the sky, I’m not tired of the ground, I’m just tired of myself!”
   Although the stepmother is a queen Mother, but treated me as her own flesh and blood, treated me well, gave me the richest love of a mother, kept feeding a large group of hens and laying eggs for me to read. After I went to middle school, because I had to bring food for a week when I lived on campus, my stepmother took eggs three days to sell in the small town, and then bought food to send to me at the school. Therefore, I became the most visited mother during my stay at school. s student. Once, when my father was drunk, he wanted to fry eggs, but the stepmother didn’t allow him, saying that he wanted to exchange eggs for food for me. Father beat the stepmother, while beating, while cursing “feeding a hen will lay eggs, feeding you will not even lay eggs.” The stepmother did not fight back, nor did he fight back, so Dad hit the stepmother on the face with a bull whip. For a whole winter, the welts on the stepmother’s face did not disappear.
   After graduating from junior high school, I did not enter the school. The stepmother encouraged me to take the exam again for a year, but my father refused to let me take the exam. So Dad beat the stepmother. This time, the stepmother still didn’t fight back, but she still said, “Your son is studying, not my son; it is my tuition fee, not your tuition fee, so why not let my son tuition? “Father knew that he was wrong, and stopped speaking. After school started, I joined the ranks of tuition students.
   Once, the stepmother gave me food. On the way back home, there was a heavy rain and a flash flood broke out. The stepmother waded across a small river without a bridge and was swept away by the flood. Fortunately, the stepmother tightly grasped a piece that was blown by the wind and rain. The fallen branches were picked up, but a crescent-shaped fleshy skin was scraped off the chin by the branches, leaving a permanent scar.
   In the second year, I lived up to the high hopes of my stepmother and finally got admitted to the normal school.
   My stepmother borrowed my tuition from everywhere.
   When the school started, the stepmother sent me to the normal school, ran up and down to complete the registration procedures for me, and rushed home. I looked at the back of my stepmother, tears in my eyes.
   The stepmother did not fail to say anything, and she will not fail. For two years in the normal school, the stepmother fed the hens for me to graduate.
   The thing that impresses me the most is that the stepmother spent a night out. When the stepmother gave me money, she gave me all the money she had, and hurried home. I asked the stepmother if she had any money, and the stepmother said yes. But when I arrived at the station, I didn’t have the money to buy a ticket, so I squatted all night on the steps of the station entrance hungry. The next day, the driver took his stepmother home. Later, when the stepmother accidentally told me about this, tears burst into my eyes and my heart was so painful…
   After graduation, I took my graduation certificate and went home happily to announce the good news. I didn’t see the stepmother and hurriedly asked my father: ”
   Where is my mother?” Dad said, “I have returned to her mother’s house. I can’t be blamed for this. For so many years, she won’t have a baby. She filed for divorce.”
   I was stunned in the room. My heart is so empty and big…
   I got married in the second year after graduating from normal school. When I got married, according to customs, my family should give me a bag of peanuts, dates, and a pair of chopsticks. However, Dad did not prepare these things. My heart is empty, how nice it would be if the stepmother was still there! She would have prepared it for me long ago!
   Suddenly, among the guests, I found a familiar figure, a stepmother! I don’t believe it. Rub your eyes and look carefully. That’s right, it’s really a stepmother. She carried a bag of peanuts and dates, holding a pair of chopsticks, and walked groaningly. I hurried forward, before shouting “Mother, you are here”, I hugged my stepmother, tears