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Lehtovaara House had a lively life on the evening of September. The crowd moved back and forth in the mansion, escaping and talking. That talk was always enough; what was what to explain and question. The crowd saw old and young, thunder and batteries, men and women, boys and girls, and children. What ever looked at the lake, so that there would still be no awaits coming out there. The two sides of the porch was kosolta crowd, which sit, which is seated; and there was still a nation in the midst of it, with a container on the back, in which it was in the hands; and others went out again.

The chicks banged heavily, hit the wrestling, snorted and claimed, and kept the bad life. When they were furiously shouting, someone suddenly shouted: “Shut up, boys!

But before they settled down, Lehtovaara’s master came to their dirt and exclaimed, “Let’s take a little less, boys!

But the boys were sensitizing, but some of them brought them to the master: “Of course, then you must be quiet when you look at them, but they’re not hearing it yet.”

The layman looked down the hillside and the path that descended to the lake along the field.

“Don’t start showing them,” said a man sending me.

“Not to be seen. Well, that’s the way we go. Maybe they had to leave too early: After all, there might have been a lot of people and even the delivery at the last gift shop.

“I’m just coming from the kitchen. There was a pan there with fire.”

“Saispa go there to say he’s gonna fuck it.”

“Yes, I guess it must be when it comes.”

“No harm to either of us.”

So, Lehtolainen stepped into the kitchen.

A big white there burns a warped oven. On top of the cradle, half of the hole in the pot was immersed in a coffee pot, which, due to the gift of the gift box, was dug to a very bright background. Piika Liisa hesitated the cups and then placed them on a sticker, which soon was also put up with a sugar and cream container. On the cradle, Mari stood in a burning fire, in her second hand a fine-ground coffee in a bucket of pan into a pan; on the other, he just shrugged the pan lid.

“Do it! Boil the lizard now!” he said and threw the cups in the pan in boiling water.

“Well what do the girls here deliver?” said Lehtinen. “Isn’t the coffee already ready?”

“It’ll come from Tuos’s,” said Mari.

“Ka, ka, whoops it.”

“Don’t worry,” said Mari and confused the wooden stick with spices and blown into the pan to prevent its contents from swelling over the edges.

So the black liquid of your liris boils there and Lehtolainen looked up to see if it was good now. He then asked if it knew Mari, what kind of good coffee it should be.

“When I Dont Know!” Mari answered. “Here before Eerikki pastor went with the donuters, then my mother was then cooking the coffee. I was a little girl evil, but I saw my mother cook;

But now I ran into a young boy urgently and cried to
Leah, “Come on, come already!”
The leafy kidnapped the law, rolled nicely in the staircase and from there to the mansion. Just pastor pasted into the mansion, his umbrella in his hands, followed by a locksmith carrying a hanging box, and then the runners carrying the wine bag and church books in the containers.

The polecat waved several times, going against the open fire, and put a hand on them.

“Good evening,” he said. “Welcome.”

“God,” the pastor replied.

“Please,” said the locksmith.

In the porch, the fire was still shaken by Lehtola’s wife and other people living in the house, and then with the host they stepped into the guesthouse and the lady after the asteli.

There was a room cleaned in all directions, the walls carved into white, the roof planed smooth and white, and the floor was cleaned, and fresh spruce bits sprinkled on it.

The pastor put his umbrella trapped and sat down on a few chairs next to the window. The locksmith threw his cape on the floor next to the door and sat on the chair beside the bed. The layman and her wife stayed near the door.

“Does it matter?” asked Lehtolainen.

“Not special. What would you hear here?”

“Well, not – – -”

“The good now is the air.”

“That’s absolutely a good side this autumn air. Well, does it become difficult walking to the pastor?”

“Not so lucky, but warm there.” “Could it be drinking?”

Immediately there was a mistress left, but she came back and brought a whiff of fresh water mixed with a drink that the pastor and the locksmith wanted to drink.

“It’s not that strange that it was warm,” said Lehtolainen and now sat on a chair near the locksmith. “After all, it has been quite a walk.”

“Even well. Doesn’t it have to be nine quarters for the rest!” added the hostess.

“For those in some places you might be able to do it.

“Weren’t bad,” the lockman thought.

The hostess left her again. Piika Mari opened the door and through it came the Liisa with the coffee set and then Mari. Both of them shuddered nicely, and Liisa now served hot and black coffee to the pastor and the captain in steamy, full-bodied cups. Meanwhile, the locksmith wanted to continue the speech and asked Lehtonen, “Well, wasn’t there anything new to this side?”

“Well … – – – Yeah, well, there’s a forest here.”

“Has the king of the forest already happened. Did you hurt too much?”

“Let’s do that cow from that neighbor, and have killed several sheep, too.

“Yes, that bear was bold. It still doesn’t belong in the village.”

“Bold to get started,” said Lehtolainen. “Yes, it is a tried-and-tested shoot, but it didn’t happen. There was a couple of men watching over two nights, but nothing was seen. On the third night they had seen the king of the forest and shot it, but without success. but afterwards it went back to the next, when no one was watching, and ate half the waste. ”

“Well, what kind of men were those shooters,” the pastor said, “when you didn’t know?”

“Make them afraid to bother,” the locksmith thought, “like before the host of Kuusivaara. When he was once on the watch, he saw the mound coming, not daring to shoot, but trembled to make the pants a lot.”

“Well, maybe they’ve been,” said the host. “Whether it’s a man in Mäntylä’s Juss and it’s not Aappo’s worst. They’re not emergency boys yes;

When the hearings were discussed, the pastor and the locksmith had drunk their spirits. Coming back to Liisa and offering more, first to the pastor. “You’ve got more,” he said.

“No, thank you,” said the pastor, “not this time”.

Then Liisa took the locksmith and said:

“Ottoottenhan you!”

The locksmith copied his barrel, put it in his strap, and said, “Oh, I can’t do any more now.”

“Well, take it, but!”

“Ka, either that you like, the house will please!” And so he took it when he took it, poured it out of the cup and started running to his coffee. Liisa stood near the door, leaping.

“Are you baptized here?” asked the pastor.

“Well, you should have some of them,” said Lehtolainen.

“How many?”

“I guess they’re half ten at least.”

“Let the parents or agents go inside!”

Leaf went.

Meanwhile, the locksmith had been drinking his coffee. Liisa, having taken a cup, whispered to her ear: “Was it bad, did the pastor drink?”

“It was good, a little bit strong, but only when you boil, do less spices!”

“Ka, the best I guess it has been tried, but it’s not always guessing how to put it in. – But where should I put the food in?”

“Well, let’s get back to it when the first baptismal delivery is over. But cook the porridge! They are good at this time and the pastor likes to eat them.”

“They can be cooked, but they are like rustic food.”

The journalist returned and with him a crowd to write the names of many children.

It was already dusky and darkened on the hillside of Lehtovaarank, because the time of the bright summer days was already a page, and when the autumn summer comes, the days are just as short as in the spring of the northern Finland. – The room was lit with two theatrical candles brought from the shopkeeper, and the pastor began to write the names of the baptized children and their parents and gums. After getting that job, he ordered the baptismal water and ordered to bring the children in. When his commandment was filled and the crowd began to flood, the baptismal service began. The ranks of the children were standing in front of the front wall, the children treading in their arms, and the ghosts on both sides, and the pastor with a strong lady in his hand opposite them. The viewers had the room almost full. There was a children crying but the voice of the pastor was still louder, which the hearts of the shoulder listened to, which openly and eyes always stared at the pastor, standing serious and amazed, as if the strangest case of the world had been there now. Even in the stairs, there were men, women who tried to overcome their heads in front of them, and stood up, to see better. What was something to watch and wonder in pastor’s costume, dress and reading. Rarely did the priest in these areas be seen, and therefore many people wanted to see and hear him when such an opportunity happened. Even in the stairs, there were men, women who tried to overcome their heads in front of them, and stood up, to see better. What was something to watch and wonder in pastor’s costume, dress and reading. Rarely did the priest in these areas be seen, and therefore many people wanted to see and hear him when such an opportunity happened. Even in the stairs, there were men, women who tried to overcome their heads in front of them, and stood up, to see better. What was something to watch and wonder in pastor’s costume, dress and reading. Rarely did the priest in these areas be seen, and therefore many people wanted to see and hear him when such an opportunity happened.

At the end of the delivery, the people gradually stepped out, the parents first, the younger ones, who did not end up as some curious chicks. They also went out of their way when Levi was calling them; and so the pastor and the locksmith stayed for a moment in between.

The locksmith sat with satisfaction and pulled the smoke out of his short shaft, and the pastor sat for a moment to rest, filled his chimney with a coat of arms, and after igniting it began to look at the room, how it looked comfortable and new, and so he told his lord’s thoughts: “That’s like a new room . ”

“Yes, now here to avoid staying,” the locksmith said, “when there is an ax on the walls and a planer roof bleached. ”

But even a hostess and maids came to cover the table. On the table, they put a white cloth on top of it, and they put many food containers on it, walked through the door many times, went and again came and carried the dishes on the table after each other. Then the mistress said to the pastor and the locksmith: “You should go for food.”

Lehtolainen was again in the room, holding a bottle placed on the table, and screaming in the ear of the locksmith, that there would be furry at the beginning of the food.

“Well, yes – -” muttered the locksmith.

Shortly thereafter, the pastor and the locksmith sat at the table, and the people left the house after seeing their food.

The locksmith now got to the bottle, poured it out of the pizzeria and said to the pastor, “Ka, here would be that hardening.” Then he swallowed his own cheeks and thought, “That’s what’s going on”.

So – now we started to eat groceries in a distant remote village, where in common areas often the fox was allowed to rest on the bread. But now it seemed that there was no food in the house. There was a supply of pure rye bread, a piece of dill, a piece of art, and it couldn’t be bad. The puncture of each pint was milk. There were plates on the table, with the sparrow, the whitefish, the trout as a salted fish, with the cut meat slices, with the cheese chips. In one of the wooden cups there were steaming pike-perched, one with a bird’s-eye and a melted butter cup in half. Kiviva had a raspberry porridge. It wasn’t overcooked, but now, to celebrate the celebration, it was all set up and rumors were produced from the shopkeeper of the village. So they were the worst of the molds, and all this was the product of benevolence.

“That’s what it is,” said the pastor, kicking the shells.

“Good looking,” said the locksmith, chewing the hoe. Did he take the peeling, then put his cheek and said, “good ones”.

“How did they think they put them? They don’t get them often without want.”

“That’s what they get when the locksmith knows his job.”

“Oh, well, either the locksmith has been whispering again! I guess they’ve got the references here;

“Oftentimes, a person is not able to put enough value on the good that is close by, but he thinks that everything is better in big villages and towns than in a remote home district. this is how juicy and greasy it is, so the chefs of Helsinki would never be so tasty to put on, “and the pastor was very pleased to eat fatty birds and good pancakes.

“That’s right here,” said the locksmith, putting his cheeks kicking each other, and in the meantime, a well-skinned bird’s fist. “Here’s an emergency! Probably here we are as good as the Israeli children before the ancient Egyptian meat bats.”

“Yeah, yeah. Well, you can see that the morsel was going to bother you. And God’s thanks for living this kind of benevolent people!”

“There’s not much to worry about at this time,” the locksmith continued, holding two hooks on the hook, which he saw as naked as he did. “The lake gives fishes, forest birds, cows milk, because the living ones are still working well outdoors. And the fodder feeds will end, so the cows will no longer be drunk. The grain will be at the end of the end. And then it will only help to use the pine shell and eat the deceiver with salted muesli. ”

“Yeah, yes. That’s the way God sends the afflictions – – -”

“But we are still happy with it, but it is leaking, but the summer’s income, which many people are missing.”

“But – well – what about this trash! That’s what it should be eaten yet. Let’s get tired of this when it’s almost put in a gift shop.”

“Let’s say that even some ‘gentlemen’s food’ would be a supply. Have you not yet invented it in place,” and the locksmith ate again as a calm appetite for the same amount of rice.

But when both had finally eaten their stomachs, they rose from the table, happy. The pastor filled his long-haired red-haired chimney with a coat of beaded garment, lit his pipe and walked back and forth along the floor for a short while, and good spirits. The locksmith copied his small pipe against the furnace, filled it with a leather purse worn on chipped Russian leaves and sat on a chair to smoke.

Even the hostess once again expressed the need to repair the dishes, and of course thanked them.

“Do those tastes of this house?” she thought the mistress, after seeing that the pastor’s porridge was very little worn.

“Yes – yes I could eat and good,” the pastor testified.

“There was no other reproach than that too much was eaten when all the food tasted so good,” the locksmith thought.

The mistress, with her tongue out of the table, removed her from the room again to return, and immediately after hitting the door, she peeked into many curious viewers who wanted to see the pastor and the locksmith. At the same time, Lehtolainen came in and pulled the door behind her, so that no one else would penetrate the room. He came to hear if the pastor might have something to say.

“What do you think the people are going to gain?” asked the pastor.

“That’s what it appears to be,” replied Lehtolainen. “There is already a good deal of people now and much more to come in the morning.”

“Are they not, but mighty to keep the bang?”

“You wouldn’t think. There’s a people here in general, and the wine is not in motion anymore, at least not in a larger amount. I haven’t been intoxicated yet to see.”

“That’s good, so get the peace of the night.”

“Catch yes; and maybe I’ll still have them go silently to be.”

Once again, the mistress came with her teddy-bearers who started laying the beds, made a bed for the pastor, the only one in the room, and the locksmith on the floor.

The people of the house then started to leave the room, but at the door, they asked Liisa, “Yokohai’s thief’s coffee in the morning?”

“That’s around,” the pastor replied.

Then after all the people had left the house, after a good night, and the pastor and the locksmith were left alone, the pastor, after a moment of silence, said, “Are all the people so quiet that you have no fear of disturbing the night peace?”

“Maybe for a better security, you still have to watch,” said the locksmith, putting the law on his head and rolling out.

There was still a crowd of people in the quagmire, as well as in the mansion, where there was a silent conversation, but nothing. Around the corner of the main building, he talked very enthusiastically, but whispered almost, a couple of men. One always pulled out a bottle, offered to his partner, and said, “Please take that! That’s a good thing.” Other words the locksmith did not separate; he went seriously forward without turning his head and was not even noticed by the men when they took the gulp.

He now turned back, pirtti’s side facing where the dusk had come to the gift shop. He didn’t notice any noise here either. Against a young man came, boys and girls, hugging each other. “The locksmith comes,” said another, and tried to ease his hand around his girl.

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