U.S. Ends Sanctions Exemption for Iranian Civil Nuclear Project

On the 27th local time, the United States announced the end of sanctions exemptions for Iran ’s civilian nuclear projects. Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Kamavandi responded on the 28th that the end of the sanctions exemption has no impact on Iran ’s civilian nuclear activities. The United States ’move is only a response to the rapid development of the Iranian nuclear industry and the country ’s delivery of petroleum products to Venezuela to disperse public opinion Concern about “the United States lost to Iran several times”.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” report on the 28th, US Secretary of State Pompeo said in a statement on the 27th that because Tehran “continues to implement its nuclear edge policy by expanding sensitive activities such as nuclear proliferation,” the United States will no longer allow foreign companies to Iran ’s civilian nuclear activities are facilitated. Pompeo also announced sanctions against two officials of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization on the grounds that they were engaged in or attempted to engage in activities that could lead to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Pompeo said in a statement, “I announce the termination of sanctions exemptions for all remaining Iranian nuclear projects triggered by the Iranian nuclear agreement. These projects include the transformation of the Arak reactor, the supply of enriched uranium for Tehran research reactors and export to Iran for use And spent reactor fuel. “However, for safety reasons, the United States will extend the sanctions exemption period for the Bushehr nuclear power plant by 90 days, but this exemption may also change based on Iran’s actions.

The Wall Street Journal said that the promotion of Iran ’s civil nuclear activities from sanctions is a core clause of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. US officials believe that the termination of the above exemption is further pressure from the US government on Iran, while Iran ’s economic crisis can Prevent the situation from escalating further. The US State Department Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation Affairs, Ford, said at a briefing on the 27th that the US government ’s assessment was that restoring the Arak reactor to its previous design would require “several years and considerable money”, while the Iranian government did not . He also questioned whether the country had the expertise necessary to complete such work. However, Ford admitted that some activities in Iran so far have been modest even if they violated the nuclear agreement, because Tehran hopes to maintain the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Some people believe that the Trump administration’s move is to throw a stone and hit their feet. “Washington Post” said on the 28th, the United States Arms Control Association Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy Office Director Davenport said on Twitter that further nuclear extortion will only bring more pressure on Iran. He said that ending the exemption for allowing Iran to import fuel for nuclear reactors provided a reason for Iran to restore 20% of its enriched uranium level. Although 20% is lower than the weapons level, it has a greater risk of proliferation than Iran ’s current enriched uranium level. Analysts worry that Iran may change the purpose of the Arak reactor. Interfax news agency quoted the first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee Jabarov as saying that the US decision to end sanctions waivers will only stimulate Tehran to develop nuclear weapons, but Russia will continue to cooperate with Iran.

“The death of 100,000 patients with new coronary pneumonia records the tragedy of the United States.” The emotion of “USA Today” represents the sad and helpless collective emotions of the American public opinion field on the 28th. According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of 7 a.m. Eastern Time on the 28th, the United States reported a total of 1699933 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 100442 deaths. This marks the number of deaths in the United States has officially exceeded 100,000 in more than 4 months since the first new coronary pneumonia patient was diagnosed on January 21. This “unimaginable number a few months ago” exceeded the sum of the deaths of the United States in all military operations after the end of World War II and was the worst public health crisis facing the United States since the 1918 pandemic.

“A sad milestone”

“100,000 is a sad milestone,” according to the United States’ “Wall Street Journal” reported on the 27th, this is only six weeks after the United States surpassed Italy as the world’s most deadly country due to infection with the new coronavirus. During this period, the number of deaths predicted by President Trump ranged from 60,000 to 100,000. But it is almost certain that the official death statistics in the United States are underestimated. The New York Times said that experts including Anthony Fudge, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the death toll may be much higher than 100,000, because many Americans die at home and nursing homes. No new coronavirus testing. Statistics from researchers at the Yale School of Public Health show that from March 1 to April 4, the number of deaths in the United States was about 15,400 more than usual, far greater than the 8,128 people who died of new coronary pneumonia during the same period.

Although the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has been rampant in the United States for about 4 months, the situation is still optimistic. Judging by the standards of other countries in the world, the current increasing number of deaths in the United States still appears somewhat “terrorist.” Agence France-Presse said on the 28th that after three days of backtracking, the number of new deaths in the United States increased to 1,401 in the past 24 hours. “The New York Times” said that although the number of deaths across the United States has declined in recent days, and the number of new cases in the northeastern states with the worst outbreaks has also decreased, but many cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles, still have a large number of cases , Arkansas, North Carolina and Wisconsin are also continuing to increase. According to the US VOX News website, the United States has one of the highest mortality rates per million people, second only to the countries most affected by the epidemic in Europe.

“Trump has no sympathy”

“I want to express my most sincere sympathy and love to those who have lost loved ones and friends.” On the morning of the 28th, Trump expressed his “sad milestone” on Twitter, but the Washington Post said that the new crown epidemic During the crisis, Trump bragged about the figures that had political interests for him, while questioning the prediction models and statistics because it was inconsistent with the “American transition to greatness” he advertised. A senior government official revealed to The Washington Post that at present, the White House does not plan to hold any events to commemorate the loss of 100,000 lives. However, when the epidemic crisis passes, the White House may hold a large commemorative event with a “sorrowful and joyous tone”. Former US President Barack Obama ’s former senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said: “Any normal person sees 100,000 deaths in a country he manages, and there will be some sympathy, but in my opinion Trump does not . ”

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said on the 28th that one of Trump’s first moves after taking control of the White House was to put the bust of former British Prime Minister Churchill in a prominent position in the president’s office. In this battle with the new crown virus, Trump did claim to be a “wartime leader”, ready to command the troops to complete the mission. However, he ignored a series of warnings at the beginning of the epidemic, which looked more like Chamberlain than Churchill.

The unsolved mystery in the US epidemic

The US epidemic has reached the point where it is today, and the Trump administration’s response has been questioned by all parties. On the 27th, Biden, the former vice president expected to be nominated by the Democratic presidential candidate, released a video expressing his grief. He said, “This is a number that the United States should not have reached,” and accused the Trump administration of not promulgating a social isolation policy earlier. Trump himself flew to Florida on the 27th, intending to watch the launch of the United States to send astronauts into space for the first time in nearly a decade, but the bad weather caused the launch to be delayed until the 30th. Earlier in the day, Trump pointed his muzzle on Twitter to those who questioned his response. He wrote that the radical left-wing media and their partner “Idle Democrats” are trying to spread a new claim that the Trump epidemic has been slow to respond. “Wrong, I responded quickly, and even imposed a travel ban on China before anyone thought it necessary!”

However, with the deepening of research, unsolved mysteries in the US epidemic have also increased. The New York Times said that analysis of hundreds of viral genomes showed that the first confirmed cases found in Europe and the United States in January had nothing to do with the outbreak a few weeks later. If you detect and track contacts in advance, you can save More life. A research model from Columbia University shows that if the United States adopts social isolation measures earlier, the death toll will be reduced by about 36,000.

And now, the United States is comprehensively promoting the restart plan. “The Wall Street Journal” said that the mayor of Washington, DC, Bowser said that the city will lift the family order on the 29th. Prior to this, all 50 states in the United States have begun to restart in stages. New York City, which was once the epidemic center of the United States, may restart its economic activities in the first or second week of June.

Health experts warn that the epidemic may come back as the blockade is lifted. Republicans and Democrats plan to hold separate national congresses in August, and Fuch urges caution. Foch said on the 27th that officials should make a judgment after fully understanding whether the number of new cases and the number of hospitalizations have dropped significantly. He said that if the states follow government guidelines, they will be able to avoid a rebound in the epidemic in the second half of this year.

As the United States accused China, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed in a speech in Berlin on the 27th that maintaining cooperation with China has “significant strategic interests” for the EU.

“We Europeans need to recognize China’s determination to fight for leadership in the current international structure.” According to Agence France-Presse, Merkel said in a speech at the Berlin’s Ardenne Foundation that the new crown epidemic has turned the world upside down. Recognizing that cooperation with the United States is “more difficult than imagined”, and pointed out the differences between the EU and the Trump administration on trade, climate change and WHO. Merkel also said that in the current “difficult” moment of relations with the United States, the EU should assume more global responsibilities in the new crown epidemic crisis.

The British Ambassador to North Korea Guo Kelin said on Twitter on the 28th that the British Embassy in North Korea was temporarily closed from the 27th, and all the staff had left.

The British Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that due to the strict anti-epidemic restrictions imposed by North Korea, the United Kingdom could not send diplomatic personnel to enter the North Korean rotation, which affected the daily operation of the embassy, ​​so it decided to withdraw temporarily. The statement also stated that the UK still maintains diplomatic relations with North Korea and will seek to resume embassy business in North Korea as soon as possible.

Since March this year, countries have successively closed embassies in North Korea and evacuated diplomats, including Germany and France. At present, North Korea has not confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection.

“Today is a big day for social media and fairness!” US President Trump issued the ultimate warning on social media that dissatisfied him on Twitter on the 28th. All this stems from a Twitter tweet that marked the first time on a tweet with false content. Trump immediately denounced Twitter for “completely stifling freedom of speech” and threatened to “block social media platforms.” According to the “New York Times” reported on the 28th, Rump will sign an executive order later that day to strengthen supervision of social media content.

According to current US laws, social media such as Twitter is not responsible for content posted by users on the Internet. But Reuters reported on the 28th that according to the currently exposed draft executive order, Trump will order the Federal Communications Commission to review a long-term protection for Twitter, Facebook and Google, and check whether the social media platform is used. Deceptive policies to conduct content review. At the same time, the White House Digital Strategy Office will re-enable a tool to collect reports of people reviewing online content and then report directly to the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

“The New York Times” said that the draft will limit the so-called “selective content review” behavior of social media, and social media may be responsible for deleting and changing posts. In response, Twitter CEO Dorsey said that Twitter would insist on inaccurate or controversial election information.

Trump’s collision with social media platforms also triggered the statement of Zuckerberg, the CEO of another social media giant Facebook. In an interview with Fox, Zuckerberg said: “I strongly believe that Facebook should not be an arbiter of whether people express their opinions online. Private companies, especially platform companies, should not do this.” The impact of the increased supervision of social media platforms.

Kronick, an expert on network speech and content management at St. John ’s University, said that from the perspective of US legal practice, the court usually supports social media platforms without being responsible for the content posted by users. Judgment precedents over the years have been difficult, and after this administrative order was issued, it was “unlikely to receive court support”.