Why do smart people do stupid things

  Socrates believes that “knowledge is virtue”: if a person is really clever and knowledgeable, he should know which behaviors are beneficial to himself and which behaviors are harmful to himself, so that he can make the right choices and avoid harm. But the reality is that smart people make bad choices for themselves.
  British science journalist David Robson wrote a book called The Intellectual Trap: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things. In his opinion, smart people who do stupid things include Jobs, Einstein, Conan Doyle and Some Nobel Prize winners. Jobs refused surgery after he fell ill, and instead believed in some health scams and popular recipes. In his later years, Einstein spent his time on the unified theory that his colleagues had rejected. Conan Doyle believed in fairies and psychics, and the two girls lied to him with fake photos of fairy dancing. It’s actually common for smart people to do stupid things.
  Some psychologists divide stupid behavior into three types, the most stupid of which is overestimating their abilities, such as being drunk and thinking they can drive. The second kind of stupid behavior is that you can’t control your behavior because of addiction or addiction, such as cancelling a date with a friend because you are addicted to playing games. The third is because of carelessness and sloppyness, such as inflating the tires too much, and then burst the tires on the road.
  One of the reasons smart people do stupid things is that they are lazy, unwilling to endure hard work, unwilling to work hard, and hard work is regarded as a sign of stupidity. In psychological terms, it underestimates the role of persistence. Smart people can feel difficulties long ago, but the more important they are, the more they will persevere and cultivate. When smart people do things, they will be praised for a little achievement. They enjoy this feeling and will avoid doing things that they won’t do right away.
  Robson said that smart people are more likely to believe in fake news and conspiracy theories, because they are more capable of thinking, but instead they will make them more reasonable in their incorrect beliefs and defend their instincts more. The smarter and more knowledgeable a person is, the more convincing their arguments are when defending themselves.
  Can intelligence and education keep people from saying wrong? It depends on one’s thinking style. Some people regret their cognitive abilities. They may be willing to use their brains during the exam, but usually rely on intuition and instinct to deal with problems.
  Intellect is like the engine of a car. The more horsepower you have, the faster you get. But with the right direction and route, you can reach the end faster. Similarly, a smart brain may help you process information faster and find solutions, but if the direction of reasoning is affected by your prejudice, the speed of thinking will only make you worse.
  Professional knowledge can make a person more stubborn, thinking that he has the right to be closed-minded and reject views that are contrary to himself. For example, it will cause “Nobel disease”. Nobel Laureates often put forward some strange theories in the later period, and the identity of Nobel Laureates will cause them to deny the most basic evidence contrary to their opinions.
  Sometimes smart people do stupid things because of the culture around them, such as in the workplace. When one or two overzealous people in a g