Postoperative care of thyroid patients

In recent years, thyroid diseases have occurred frequently, and thyroid surgery has become more and more widely used, such as thyroid cancer and malignant thyroid nodules. Many people are resistant to surgical treatment. Not only are they worried about the risks of surgery, but they are also afraid that scars will affect the appearance after surgery. However, in the face of thyroid diseases that can only be treated by surgery, we should actively accept and cooperate, and at the same time, we must do a good job in postoperative care. If the patient does not perform well in postoperative care, it is very likely that the condition will relapse or the patient His body recovers slowly.

So, how should thyroid patients take care of them correctly after surgery?

1. Reasonable rest
Thyroid patients should pay special attention to their body’s rest after surgery. Only by getting enough rest time can you have tenacious energy to take good care of your body, which is beneficial to the improvement of the condition.

Many patients are still overworked when they are in a weak state after the operation, which adds to the burden on the body, which may further affect their health and is not conducive to the patient’s speedy recovery. It is generally recommended that patients have enough sleep and regular work and rest after the operation to keep the body in a stable state. Otherwise, continuous overwork and insufficient rest time will reduce the patient’s resistance, which is likely to aggravate the condition.

2. A healthy diet
In the early stage after thyroid surgery, the patient’s digestive ability is weak. At this time, you should try to choose some light or liquid foods to obtain nutrients, while avoiding some indigestible and irritating foods.

In principle, postoperative patients should be given a nutritious diet with high protein, high calories and high vitamins, such as lean pork, chicken, fish, eggs, and soy products. During this period, the food should be nutritionally balanced. The above should not be used alone. The more important thing is that the supplement of iodine must be reasonable. For example, eating kelp, seaweed and other supplements of iodine, but not too much or too little. So as not to cause changes in the condition. You can also eat more antioxidant foods to improve the body’s immunity and achieve the effect of curing and preventing diseases.

In addition to the above dietary recommendations, patients should also consciously keep a distance from the following foods: greasy foods (such as male chicken, goose, pork head, beef and mutton, carp, shrimp, crab, etc.), spicy foods (such as green onions, ginger) , Raw garlic, chili, etc.), fried foods, etc. These foods are all irritating foods, which are not conducive to the recovery of patients.

3. Good attitude
If the patient has a good state of mind after thyroid surgery, the endocrine system will naturally be well regulated and the body will naturally recover faster. However, in reality, many patients have negative emotions after thyroid surgery. Long-term negative emotions may have a certain impact on the body. As part of the endocrine organs, the thyroid organ is easily affected by negative emotions and hormone levels appear. The fluctuating situation at this time caused a serious obstacle to recovery.

Patients need to have this understanding-thyroid cancer is relatively friendly compared to other cancers, not as terrible as imagined, its cure rate is very high, patients should not worry too much at all. Therefore, in order to avoid fluctuations in hormone levels in patients, patients should pay attention to the stable regulation of emotions while taking good care of their bodies, and always remind themselves to have an optimistic attitude and determination to win, and not to fluctuate emotions. This will surely prevent the trouble of disease. .

4. Protect the wound
Thyroid surgery is indeed easier than other operations, and the recovery effect and speed of patients after surgery are faster. However, patients should also pay attention to wound care after surgery to prevent complications. If the patient does not do a good job of nursing, then wound infection is prone to adverse consequences. For example, many people don’t care about the wound after surgery and fail to protect the wound. After a certain amount of friction and infection, the wound can only heal more slowly.

In order to prevent wound infection, patients should attach great importance to wound care after surgery. Be careful not to let the wound come into contact with water, always pay attention to whether there is fluid or bleeding on the wound, whether there is infection symptoms, etc., if there is any above, you need to go to the hospital for inspection in time, and keep the wound clean to prevent bacteria And virus infection. If the wound is properly cared for, the wound can basically heal in about 7 days.

Patients need to pay more attention to the above four aspects of care after thyroid surgery. If these four aspects are well taken care of, the patient will recover quickly. During the recovery period after the operation, the patients should follow the doctor’s advice to take the medicines on time and in the amount, and go to the hospital for review regularly to grasp the degree of recovery and current situation of the body, so as to avoid cancer recurrence.