Teenagers want to give up their studies for “e-sports”

“It’s an excuse not to read books. I just want to play games and make big money as an e-sports player…” Recently, there was a noise in the mental health clinic of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital. It turned out that a father and son were emotionally arguing. . The 15-year-old son Xiao Yuan (a pseudonym) who was accused by his father, had tears in his eyes and aggrieved. In the past six months, more than 20% of outpatients in mental health clinics are school-age adolescents, and the reasons for going to the clinic are mostly related to playing games and being tired of studying. Among them, Xiao Yuan is one of those people who dream of becoming an “e-sports player” who is almost into the limelight.

Give up school in order to realize the dream of gaming
Xiao Yuan was in junior high school. He was originally well-behaved and sensible, and his grades have always been above average in the class. Most of the boys like to play online games. Under the pressure of his parents, Xiao Yuan can only enjoy occasional addiction during holidays. But since e-sports was included in the Asian Games competition last year, like a withered seedling in time for rain, his suppressed dream was activated at once.

He feels that he has a talent for e-sports, as well as a sunny and handsome appearance. With perseverance and good coaching, he can become a professional e-sports player. “Can play smoothly and earn money, maybe even in the Asian Games. Will show a face…”

As a result, Xiao Yuan put a lot of energy into his “career”, and he didn’t hesitate to fight night and night. The brain always seemed to be very excited, and his dreams were often related to e-sports. Following this, he always yawned, drowsy, lost his concentration, and markedly dropped his grades when he was in class or reading books and doing problems in school during the day. At the same time, Xiao Yuan also has a deviation in the meaning of learning, thinking that even if he enters a prestigious university, his income is far less than that of an e-sports player.

The parents find that their son often “acts” in the middle of the night, and feel distressed. They are both hard and soft. On the one hand, they are polite and sensible. At the same time, once they discover that Xiao Yuan Yeban is secretly playing e-sports, they immediately shut down the Internet, and finally put away his mobile phones and computers.

As a result, the contradictions intensified. After the beginning of this semester, Xiao Yuan bluntly asked his parents to suspend school and wanted to go to the e-sports training class. His parents were shocked and could not accept Xiao Yuan’s idea of ​​giving up his studies to become an e-sports player. For this reason, Xiao Yuan and his parents often quarreled with Maimang and accused each other of being unreasonable.

Pull the child from the “dream” back to reality
In the clinic, after listening to the opinions of the father and son, Dr. Su Heng talked about his views: As a new industry, professional e-sports cannot be simply and rudely equated with ordinary video games, but the professional e-sports industry is worthy of the name. Eat “youth meal”, this age group is the stage of a person’s study and growth, usually in middle school or university, so it is very cautious to regard this as a career.

“It is true that we don’t have to regard this phenomenon as a scourge. We have to take advantage of the situation and blindly suppress and deny them. It will only have a negative effect.” Su Heng said that professional e-sports requires not only hard work, but also talent. For some For those who think they are very good online game masters and the children who don’t want to die, they can also try to get them to participate in formal professional training and testing. If it is deemed impossible after training and testing, it shall be persuaded to return in time.

Next, the doctor showed Xiao Yuan the usual excerpts of e-sports player training, testing and other related reports, and asked him to weigh himself. “The requirements are so high? Pick one from a thousand miles!” After reading carefully, Xiao Yuan slowly dropped his head like a frustrated ball. wake up!

The doctor hit the iron while it was hot and conducted psychological counseling, so that Xiao Yuan gradually returned to a normal life state. The top priority is to solve the current chaotic work and rest and sleep problems. “Sleep is a highly subjective physiological activity. Now we have polysomnography EEG monitoring and testing, which can intuitively see the sleep stage, efficiency and other indicators, and better guide the sleep regulation methods in the future.”

After being tested, Xiao Yuan found that his sleep efficiency barely exceeded 50%, and that rapid eye movement sleep accounted for less than 10%. The brain waves of the patient during sleep with his eyes closed showed that he was actually waking up frequently. Testing confirmed that his sleep quality is indeed poor. To improve his learning efficiency and motivation, targeted improvement of his sleep and anxiety is one of the things that must be done. Depending on the situation, Xiao Yuan may have to give medications and other treatments.

After the doctor listened patiently and mentored, the tense father-son relationship slowly eased.

Persistent sleep disorder requires medical attention
Professor Yu Enyan, chairman of the Sleep Disorders Committee of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medicine Association and academic leader of the Mental Health Department of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, said that from the above-mentioned long-term dispute between parents and children, they have irregular schedules and anxiety, which affect sleep Quality, which easily damages health.

More and more people suffer from sleep disorders due to their studies and careers. Insomnia can be manifested as difficulty falling asleep or waking up early, or it can be manifested as sleeplessness (waking up too much for too long) or shallow sleep (lack of deep sleep), as well as impairment of daytime functions such as inattention or memory impairment. Through sleep monitoring, objective examinations to evaluate sleep quality can provide a better basis for the next treatment.

Professor Yu Enyan reminded that, generally speaking, if the sleep disorder persists for more than 1 week and cannot be improved by rest and rest adjustment, it is recommended to go to the mental health department of the hospital and other specialists in time. The longer the delay, the more difficult it will be to rebuild the sleep cycle. The bigger it is, the more serious consequences will be caused by affecting the immunity of the body.

“During treatment, it can include various methods such as drug therapy and psychotherapy. Drugs can quickly improve anxiety symptoms, and the current drug side effects are relatively safe. At the same time, psychological intervention and physical therapy will be better, and psychological intervention will solve it. The fundamental psychological cause behind good insomnia, physical therapy has fewer side effects and higher safety.” Yu Enyan said.