May wish to make a mistake

  Yu Minhong made a video show in which he interviewed some top rich people. In the episode of the interview with Liu Yonghao, the “teaching son” episode was only two or three minutes long, but it attracted the attention of many netizens.
  Liu Yonghao’s son had not yet entered society at the time. A friend approached him and said that the shoe store he ran was very good and he was about to expand its scale. He hoped that he would participate in the investment. The son was not deeply involved in the world, so he naturally consulted his father, but Liu Yonghao let him make his own decision. After thinking twice, the son invested all his savings totaling 20,000 yuan. In the first and second months, dividends were very good. Liu Yonghao reminded his son that maybe there will be ups and downs in business next. Sure enough, in the third month, the shoe store encountered difficulties and needed to raise funds again. The son borrowed money from Liu Yonghao, and at the same time worried that he would lose his money. Liu Yonghao still didn’t make up his mind for his son, but told him that risks and opportunities coexist, and he asked him to think about it. The son finally took a risk and added a little more investment. As a result, the shoe shop owner ran away…
  Liu Yonghao had long anticipated that his son would be deceived. He can prevent his son from being fooled. The sentence “I have eaten more salt than you have eaten” can be used as an argument. However, he was only analyzing and reminding, not making decisions for his son. Although, as Liu Yonghao expected, his son lost a little money, but the lessons learned are far from the usual preaching. Take a small loss and avoid a big loss in the future.
  Excellent parents in the world often have certain commonalities. In the French animated film “I grew up in Iran”, the heroine met a young man, fell in love, got married, and left after a year. Her father said, I have long seen that you are not suitable, and you will definitely not be happy together. She asked her father: Why didn’t it stop it in the first place? Father said that there are some things in life that you need to experience by yourself. Most fathers probably won’t do this. Through strong intervention, they may be able to prevent their daughter from marrying a scumbag, but the daughter will probably never believe that this is a scumbag for the rest of his life, and it is likely that he will meet another scumbag in the future.
  Parents who are not competent in the world tend to have certain commonalities. They carefully managed all aspects of their children until they succeeded in cultivating them into giant babies.
  Not long ago, a key middle school in Wuhan conducted an investigation. Many students complain that their parents are too over-controlling and too deadly. They know that their parents are afraid that they will make mistakes, but they want to “make one mistake and one mistake.” Because you don’t make mistakes, you don’t know how to correct them. In that survey, more than half of the parents complained that their children were disobedient.
  It is impossible for a person to make mistakes all his life, and making mistakes will inevitably bring about loss and pressure. It is very important for one’s life to learn to take care of things and learn to correct oneself as soon as possible. Some people have ups and downs throughout their lives, and become more courageous as they become more frustrated; some people choose to commit suicide in the face of minor setbacks. This huge difference is often foreshadowed in adolescence and even childhood. Parents should learn from Liu Yonghao. Under the premise of controllable losses, let the children make mistakes.