Those clumsy paternal love

  I saw on the Internet that a Mr. Cheng returned to his hometown because he helped a friend get out of the wedding car. Mr. Cheng’s old father wanted to help his son wash the car, and tried many methods to no avail, so he scrubbed with steel wool. Cheng’s father thought he saved his son 50 yuan in car wash fees, but he didn’t know that the steel wire ball damaged the paint of the car. It might cost 20,000 to 30,000 to touch up the paint. Mr. Cheng was afraid of his father’s guilt and didn’t tell him the truth, and he was not going to repair it. He wanted to preserve this “heavy and heart-warming” paternal love.
   This incident makes people feel funny and moving. Perhaps, each of us has such a father, he is not good at speech, a little clumsy, but always tenderly loves you.
   I think of my father. I went to boarding high school that year and went home once a week. Every time I returned to school, I had to bring a bunch of steamed buns from home. In the past, my mother steamed the steamed buns and filled me with a can of fish and pickles, so that I could be full for a week. When I went home that time, I caught up with my mother and went back to her family. Father said, “Don’t worry, I will steam the steamed buns this time, and I promise to steam them well.” Although his father can cook, he is not good at cooking and can handle noodles. He has never tried a “big project” such as steaming steamed buns. But my father said confidently: “I often beat her when your mother is steaming buns, so I know how to steam it.” My
   father has been busy for most of the day, and his hands are covered with flour, and even his face is covered with flour. It looks so funny. Asking my father to make it difficult for me to steam the buns, I was very moved and said, “Dad, you have worked hard.” My father didn’t say anything, and smiled at me.
   My father’s steamed buns were finally put on the pot and steamed. He smiled and said: “The steaming big white steamed buns will be out of the pot in a while.” What my father and I did not expect was that when we lifted the lid, there was no steaming big white steamed buns. Steamed buns, a full pot of steamed buns are yellow, and when you press them with your hands, they are hard and not at all superficial. My father was a little ashamed and said, “It should be because I put too much soda noodles.” I took a bite, and the steamed buns were not unpalatable, as if there was a special fragrance inside. I said to my father, “Dad, I like to eat buns with too much alkaline noodles. They are delicious.”
   When I took the steamed buns to school that time, my classmates laughed at how ugly my yellow steamed buns were. Some classmates thought that my mother steamed it, and they believed that my mother must be a dumb housewife. I smiled and said, “This steamed bun is made by my dad.” Everyone said nothing. That week, I slowly and carefully chewed the steamed buns that my father had steamed for me, just like the taste of my father’s love.
   Over the years, my father and I often talked about it. My father’s clumsy and gentle love has moved me for a long time. In fact, similar things have happened many times. I remember that for a year, my head was always dizzy, and it didn’t work if I went to many hospitals. When my father knew about it, he always paid special attention to the news of the treatment of dizziness. Once, a medicine seller came from the village, and my father bought a lot for me as soon as he heard the medicine cures his dizziness. But the medicine didn’t work at all, and my father was fooled. Another time, I said that I love cherries, and I can also use cherries to decorate dishes when cooking. My father vaguely heard what I said and thought I was talking about peaches, so he bought a lot of peaches. During the meal, he also asked: “Didn’t you say that you use peaches to decorate the dishes? Why didn’t you make them?” I laughed. After clarifying the situation, his father also followed and laughed.
   There are countless similar things. Father is not good at expressing love, he just loves his children blindly, even if he is self-defeating sometimes. Their love for their children has never been less than that of their mothers. That kind of clumsy and gentle fatherly love often reminds us of wanting to laugh and cry.