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“If you want to help us,” said Waltrud, “so make sure the queen gets a warm blanket, a better bed and better food.”

“I try to do what I can,” said the man. “The captain does not look bad or heartless, but he is afraid of Berengar. He lets me walk through walls and courtyards. and don’t say anything to me. They will be happy to talk to them. ”

“Why are you imprisoned? It’s hard for me to believe that you have done some mischief,” said the Queen.

The monk smiled. “I was a friend and companion of Luitprand, who lived long in King Hugo’s court and then went to Berengar.

“I heard about it through my spouse.

“So,” continued Brother Martti, “then he loudly proclaimed you and King Lothar’s praise. Shortly afterwards, he got caught up with Berengar.

“Where is Luitprand now staying?”

Brother Martti shrugged. “Maybe in Germany; where else would he be safe from Berengar’s anger? I haven’t heard anything about him since then.”

“You suffer innocently as we do,” said the queen. “But I hope the great Lord of heaven can deliver us from our captivity.”

“You’re talking the true queen,” said the monk. “I also firmly trust him and believe he will save us. Do not lose your courage and faith, tomorrow I will come back.”

He came again, and the captives greet him with joy. As he spoke, he explored the prison prison. At last he pulled a measuring line from his pocket and began to measure the height and width of the prison. Amazingly, the women looked at it. When he had finished his job, he again measured his pocket and said, “Wait until tomorrow. If my actions here surprise you, do not ask anything today.

Then he left, and both women missed each other and wondered what this all meant. She had brought the quilt to the queen, and that was where Waltrud rejoiced, because the nights were very cold in this damp vault.

They didn’t know where it was because their heart was so full of hope today. They would never have believed in experiencing such joy within these prison walls. But in their loneliness, there was a reason for joy when they could see a friendly face and hear the words that they know. Both thanked the Lord, who, in the night and in the darkness, gave a friendly star to shine upon them.

Full of curiosity they waited for the monk to come the next day. He stepped in kindly, and when he had comforted his fellow prisoners with pious and understanding words, he continued, “And now work. Look at this weapon.” It was a crowbar that he had picked up from his pocket, a sturdy, well-polished weapon. They looked at him inquiringly, and he continued:

“One of the royal chiefs got this for me. The man was grateful to me for the medicine I gave him for a malignant wound.

His voice fell to a quiet whisper as he continued:

“I want to release you. Yes, the walls are thick and strong, but I hope I will succeed, even if it takes time.”

Waltrud had jumped up and listened tensely; now he said, “You are going to penetrate the wall if I understand you. But say what we’ve won if we get to the yard? Strong walls surround the castle and the courtyards.”

“Everything I have thought about and weighed. Of course, does not help us much, if we can get through this wall,” said Martin, “if I dig the underground corridor, which extends beyond the ramparts. It is only if the exhaust is possible.”

The Queen breathed heavily. “You’re thinking about the impossibility! What could you do to get it done, you alone with that gun?”

“The hammer with me tomorrow and maybe the hoe. Guido’s lord is faithfully attached to me.”

“And I’ll help you,” said Waltrud firmly. “Encourage your mind, Queen! Difficult to do, but the great Lord of heaven will not leave us alone. I firmly trust that He will help us.”

“You’re talking about a true girl,” Brother Martti assured. “Let us trust in him who saved Daniel from the pit of the lion and let the three men live from the fiery head. He is also helping us out of this prison. Let us pray for him before we begin our work!”

They knelt on a damp floor, and the monk proclaimed a prayer of faith, asking God to give him strength, wisdom, and mercy to save those unfortunates from their captivity.

Work started. In a dark corner where no light flicker could be pushed from the top of the narrow window window, an iron weapon was invaded at ground level. Most accurately, Martti had measured the depth of the vault and made his calculations. When the wall change was once finished, the underground passage had to be digged straight towards the east. Also in the open-air ramps he had provided measurements and, with his meticulous metrics of metrics, carefully planned the road to the only place they could reach without risking the daylight.

As they had predicted, there was hard work for the monk and Waltrud. A few weeks passed, but that thick wall wasn’t broken. The basalt stone was extremely hard, and the monks’ workstations were weak. Nor did he dare to work for a long time because he was afraid he would be noticed. I had to work very carefully. Often, Adelheid struggled when the hammer strikes in the vault. Couldn’t they belong to the guard’s ears, too, to express the whole company? Then they would be lost! They eagerly prayed to the Savior Jesus Christ that he would protect them and make their hard work a success.

And that day came when Martti could say, “The great stone is loose! Now there is only a small left, and then there is a wall hole free!” Oh, how the queen’s heart beats thanksgiving and cheerful hopes! Until now, God’s protection was all successful. Nobody had any idea what these three had dared to try out there in the dark vault. The prisoner’s eyes had been blind.

The hardest thing was left. The hole in the wall was just so big that one person at a time could get out of it. It was now an underground passage to dig. Boldly, Martti began his work. Waltrud spread the loose soil on the prison floor and pushed it firmly on his feet. – The work was long and arduous. It took months until Martti announced that she had undoubtedly reached her level now. At the extreme end of the corridor, he already heard a wave of splashes against the shore. The measurements were equal to his bills. The corridor ended a few feet below the ground. The last change had to be made just before the escape, otherwise the whole project could have come out.

Spring had moved from the summer. Then the work had been completed and the day off. In the heart of the beating heart, Adelheid and Waltrud waited for the monks. It was the evening. The moment the prison guard brought food to them had gone by. In the castle all rested; only the guards in the corridors and ramparts leaned there on the walls or went back and forth to resist their sleepiness. Martti was in a cop, whose door was always kept unlocked. He listened – in the corridors was silent. Then he quietly snapped out. Under the guise of darkness, he reached the queen of the queen’s prison, which was closed only by a heavy iron arm. No one saw him as he pushed off the latch and stepped into the closet.

Here the women were ready to go. Then Martti put his hands across and prayed briefly. The women followed her example. Then he said in a low voice, “In the name of God, let us dare to try, noble lady! It is hard to conquer through the corridor, for it is cramped and dark; ”

The monk crawled into the hallway, and both women followed him in the way he had ordered.

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How troublesome they were, they couldn’t imagine it in advance. It was so cumbersome to go through that time-consuming job. The friction of the walls left the mold, once in such a large amount that not only the women were frightened, but the monk was afraid that they would be buried alive. Without lack, they barely could breathe. Without lacquering, they cried out from the Lord for help, even though their voice was not heard.

How long they had been in this dark corridor, they didn’t know, but it seemed to them for a long time. The queen was lost in all her consciousness and thought she was lying there lying down. Then, suddenly, the fresh air gulp against him. The monk had broken the last piece of land that separated these rubble from free air. There were still a few rushes of iron and access was free.

Martti was already standing on the ground. He gently grabbed the queen and pulled him first, then Waltrud.

They had reached the tongue of the earth, which was not covered with water only in the hot season, and thus now formed a kind of peninsula. There they stood, those two women, breathing deeply in the fresh air that gently slipped from the lake and refreshed their faces refreshingly. Okay, how long they had needed air! Never before have they realized how great it is.

But the monk excited them to rush. Silently and cautiously, they crouched along the narrow path to the side of the wall, because now there was a black night and a cheap exercise time for them, even though it was also dangerous, because the only mistake would have been to throw them into those dark, unknown waves that quietly shattered against the rocks. Martti walked forward and the women trembled and prayed silently, along the exterior of the valleys, barely on the foot-wide path.

Now they are down, the lake, which is just a few feet wide, separates them from freedom, and here’s a hard jump. For Mart, it has already been successful. Now he is standing there, reaching out to his hand, to receive the queen. Adelheid leaves his soul in God’s possession and jumps – he’s saved! But still he can’t rejoice because Waltrud is on the other beach. Again the monk stands as a guard and reaches his arm toward him, quietly calling him. Waltrud jumps, and in the next blink of an eye, he gets tired beside Adelheid. Then their hearts with joyful thanksgiving will turn to the Lord, who has saved them from a miserable prison and once again brought them to a wonderful freedom.

Silent and abandoned stood the Colombier Castle, where the Queen had spent her happy days in her childhood. The royal prince now ruled the farm belonging to the castle, keeping the surrounding areas in order. But the castle was deserted, because more than a year had passed since the queen with her hut had moved to Lausanne on the shores of Lake Genève. Here we meet him faithfully in the royal castle, fulfilling his duties, as before in Colombier and its surroundings.

Mrs Bertha was out of date. Her hair had become greyish, and her gentle face showed the features of a silent grief that had never been seen before. His concern also spoke of his gaze when he was sitting there, waving his hands so hard on his knees and looking at the distance far away. She thought of Adelheid and was restless for her daughter because she hadn’t heard of him for a long time.

The adjoining chamber was the voice of a child, and now the mother of Bertha’s mother was affectionate. The door was opened, and with the old nurse leaning in, he tumbled in with a little girl, still in a bit uncertain, with submissive steps. It was a little Emma, ​​a granddaughter of Bertha. He gently took the child to his knees, and he leaned safely against his grandmother’s chest.

“The child wrecked,” he said, stroking his soft dark hair. “Very early, you must have been a fatherless, maybe even a motherless! It is only known by the great Lord of heaven.”

The tear went to his cheek. He immediately dried his eyes, because the child could not see the sad face. A year ago, her granddaughter was brought to her, and at the same time greetings from her daughter and Lothar were brought. In prayerful words, Adelheid had asked her mother to take the child to care and shut her heart. There was a worrying message about Turin, where Lothar lay ill. As soon as she just healed, they would hurry to her mother.

Mother waited day by day, and over and over again she hoped to close them in her arms; but his hope was in vain. At last came a brother from Italy. He had sad news; Bertha saw it before the man made a spell, and his heart struck. Then the messenger told about the early death of Lothar, the sorrow of the young widow and the disgust of the people, when he was fond of the deceased with great love and was also loyal to the queen. He also told the queen returning to Pavia, and how she kindly started working for the people in the old way.

“What about Berengar?” asked Bertha.

“He is in Verona. It is rumored that he lusts the royal value, but most Italians are against him, so it’s unlikely his efforts will succeed.”

This is what the messenger spoke about; but Bertha was uneasy because he knew that Berengar would not map out any kind of mischief if he only had access to his main goal. Bertha didn’t trust the Italians. Also, the disease of Lothar, which the brother was telling, gave him a lot of thought, and his heart became heavier. He thought his daughter was in great danger. Why did he stay among those cunning people? Why didn’t he rush to his mother’s hem?

That’s how she died and prayed Queen Bertha day and night. Today she was in a very funny mood. Then Dietrich stepped inside.

“The ruler, outside the man who asks for the queen to speak to the queen, stands out. She looks tired and tired, as she would have walked for many days and weeks. She asks to speak to you with you.”

Bertha was shocked. “Messenger from Italy!” he exclaimed. “Give him food, and as soon as he has enjoyed a little refreshment, put him down as he is!”

Dietrich rushed out, and Bertha left his little Emma to his caretaker. Then he waited for the messenger with a heartbreaking heart.

Soon he came. The clothes and shoes were broken and she was so exhausted and tired that the queen told her to sit down.

“You bring me information about my daughter!” said Bertha.

“Yes, Mrs. Queen. May God please have better messages to declare! But you need to know things, even if they are sad. The Queen of Italy is in the hands of Berengar!”

Bertha got a scream of pain. “In the power of Berengar! What do you mean by it? Are you imprisoned?”

The man nodded sadly. “As a prisoner, so I saw how his bid grabbed them and took them with them, – the Queen, the girl, and they shall ride saattomiehensä, as well as horse I was the only one who barely escaped I traveled on foot over the mountains, knowing the roads and trails…; otherwise I would have been here for a while now. ”

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“Ah, why did he stay there in the land of cunning? Why didn’t he rush to his mother?” complained the queen.

“He was already on his way to the queen, Queen. At night, with his loyal men, he fled from Pavia. I rode above his wagons. the other men were tied and taken prisoners back, and I have traveled night and day, you will win you this message. ”

“Thank you for your loyalty, thank you for coming. Tell me all you know now.”

And the man talked about the crowning of Berengar and Willa in Pavia, both of the disobedience and selfishness of both, and how they constantly urged the queen to take their son to their spouse, and how the queen then escaped at night.

As accelerated, Bertha was listening to the queen. But while he was sure about his daughter’s fate, he was also awakened by his former desire for action and power to a new life.

“I thank you,” he said. “Now, the chaplain must make sure you get clean clothes up and down to rest your exhausted members, because you’re in the mood.”

The man’s powers were indeed at the end. The servant had to get him out.

Then Bertha had a long negotiation with Dietrich and Bishop Lausanne. When Adelheid had been taken away, the messenger did not know, but it was likely that the borderline had taken him to Verona. Bertha alone could not do anything against Berengar. There was still his Konrad son in the court of King Oto, and Bertha was therefore responsible for the government of the country. But who would lead the army against malice?

“Only the King of Otto can help, he, the greatest Lord of all Christianity,” said the bishop. “But he has a lot to do and be held in the broad realm. However, I think that he kind of villain work acquit. Our young king Konrad has achieved his great popularity, we know. Send word to your son, oh queen, she is yours, and in his own name praying a great prince in this matter to help. ”

This advice seemed good to the queen, and she decided to send a bunch of horsemen to the king of Germany. Before they left, a new messenger from Italy arrived. It had become a rider from Verona who had lived in Pavia before and had a lot of goodness from King Lothar and his spouse. With the help of his friends in financial terms, he had secretly escaped the journey along well-known roads across the mountains to Lausanne.

“The Queen,” he said, eagerly listening to Bertha, “I saw your daughter. The drivers behind the limestone had reached him on his way out and brought him in the trolley to Verona’s boundary castle. There was an evening, but I knew him. you know who. He looked around, saw and knew me and struck me. So others couldn’t hear, he whispered to me, “We are in danger; hurry to Bertha’s lady.” His eyes looked at me so painfully pray that it touched my heart. I am passing merchant. I provided my cause in Verona and I returned to Pavia. All of Pavia inhabitants of love and honor the queen, but there is a lot of Berengaria spies, which they fear. However, I got the gathered money in order to I can do this long distance. ”

“I thank you,” Bertha said, “you, the messenger of faithful Waltrud.”

“I have more to tell,” the man continued. “Is Queen still in Verona, I don’t know. Willa spoke of terrible threats of imprisonment and shackles. It was whispered in the last weeks I was in Verona. , but this I had to tell you so you didn’t send your help in ignorance. ”

“Gardalinna! You think that godless man has sent him there?” exclaimed the Queen with horror.

“It is not impossible. And I want to announce that we are the inhabitants of the city of Pavia tired of his rule, for he is a hurricane man and a monster, and we are asking for the right king, the widow of King Lothar, if you can help us, help!”

Sadly, Bertha shook his head.

“I can’t, the bigger one has to do it, but yes I try to get the word for that more magnificent. Already equipped for a trip, and you and the horse from Italy must leave.”

The next day, the ambassadors began their journey. Bertha had ordered them to fly. And while they were on their way forward, Bertha ceaselessly prayed that Heavenly Father would lead his child away from prison.

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On the shores of Lake Garda, we resigned from Adelheid and his companions when, when they arrived from their dark prison in the darkness of the night, they knelt to thank the Lord for their salvation. But now there was no time to delay, and then the monk urged him to rush.

“We are not safe yet, noble lady. There is no forest here. Now we go under the blinds of darkness, but before the dusk we have to go to the forest of Mincion. is going through the night and we must not rest until we are protected by the forest. ”

Along the cleared road, they ran forward, Martti above and behind Adelheid Waltrud. The busy was their passage, because they still did not feel fatigue, and the fear that they would be achieved inspired them to rush ahead. Refugees did not speak a word among themselves. The slightest blemish they scared. Gradually, the progression of women began to slow down. Adelheid only knew now how he had been weakened by his mandatory refusals and the stubborn prison world. Waltrud, supported by him, urged him to endure. “When the day comes, we are in the woods and then you can rest!” he comforted.

When Martin realized that the two women went to the steps more slowly, he came to the other side to support the queens. So they carried it, almost carrying him, but rushed to them, however, had to. Without lacquering, they cried in their hearts, “Strengthen our steps, the great Lord of heaven!”

Finally, the day began to dawn. They were now at the end of the road slowly and almost by flapping. Far away, they saw something dark in the dark; It was probably a forest. So, indeed, they were not mistaken. After the fourth hour they stood in a secluded area by the forest. In the east, the sun blew the sky, clipping meadows and tree tops to purple. No people appeared. There was life and joy inside the forest. The squirrel crouched up the tree and looked at the height of those three guests. Wicked beings happily greet the golden morning, and the liberated human children were ready to join their hearts of praise and praise. However, they are still striving deeper into the woods, and only when they had been able to look safe, look for Martti under a bushy litter. They made it for Adelheid’s soft moss, and as a tired child, he soon fell asleep into sleep. But Martti and Waltrud alternately supervised, loyally, the guard’s army.

In the meantime, there was tough acceleration in Gardalinn. When the prisoner stepped into the queen’s prison in the morning, the door was unlocked and the closet empty. He was staring at the walls as a mute of fear, then he lit every corner with fire – and he saw a hole in the wall. Now he found out which way the prisoners had escaped. But they were still hiding inside a castle wall.

It was immediately reported to the castle bastards, who was terribly scared. Berengarhan had put him in charge of the queen! All places were examined and searched. The gap at the end of the underground passage was discovered, and the footholds at the point where they had made their dangerous jumps were also found; but then the night wind had leveled the sand, so that no trace could follow. However, the castle gunner believed that they had not opted for an unpaved beach road leading north, but directed their steps toward Mincio. The message was immediately reported to Berengar, and there was no amount for him and Willan’s rage. A large army of troops set off, mainly Berengar himself. They rode a good pace to Lake Garda; from there, they were supposed to disperse to different branches better to find refugees. And then it happened that Berengar, after giving up the revelations of his forgotten fortune-telling, left his armed flock mainly to ride on the same road that the refugee flies last night. These had been ahead of them, because the day was already at least half past, before the rear runners moved. But, of course, it is easy for horsemen to reach pedestrians. They rode past the forest where the refugees in the morning were looking for protection, but they didn’t see any trace. They were still there the same night. In the current environment, they carefully searched for every place and asked the boaters and the fishermen whether someone had traveled from there to the opposite beach. But the fishermen hadn’t seen anyone. So, over Mincion, they had not yet arrived. This information reassured the boundaries, and he returned home late in the evening, starting his search again the next day.

All this had been guessed by the wise monk, and according to that he made his plan. As passionately as the Queen hoped to get out of this region, Martti did not agree to go ahead before the night. During the day they had to stay somewhere where the flat was just offering them a hiding place. When they first rested the morning after their escape, they fed themselves with the bread that the monk had saved and taken with them, walking slowly and gently forward in the woods, still toward the south. Before the night, they rested, but when the darkness came, the monk took them to a well-cleared path to which he did not expect the runners to hit the night.

In this way, many days were used until the bread ended and hunger began to strain. They had reached through the forest, which these days had protected them. As they walked overnight, they saw in the morning a wide plain full of prodigious grain wagons, but no trees or shrubs. The courage of women was paralyzed. “Where can we hide now? Let’s go back to the woods!” asked the queen.

“We’re not doing that,” replied the monk. “To get back we will not get. In that western direction a little southwest running Mincio. We have to go there and get to the other side so that the runners lose our traces. The Lord may have thought of us as he raised them to be high. ”

The words of the old monk belonged to the comforters. But as he was restless, he saw how Adelheid was hungry for hunger, lack and trouble walking. Waltrud was also uneasy. He gently held his hand around the tired Adelheid and said:

“Come on, statue, let’s hide in the vice. Perhaps there are ripe grains in the cone that we can quench our hunger.”

But they were disappointed because the grain was not ripe, and they negotiated both monks.

However, this came up with advice.

“Let’s go straight through this Vision. I’ll bend the stairs to the side so that the messed-up places don’t show what we’ve been going through. Then we go all the way to the stream. its people know it, and it does not wake up. Brother Martti is unknown to them.

As a gratitude, the queen looked at her, and then she dared to travel with others through the grain. The ears were so high that they were well over them. When they came to a shallow or empty place, the monk stared around first. Once they dared to crawl along the bare field until they reached the high grain shelter. But their fear was so painful that they didn’t want to try again. Therefore they decided to stay in their field until the evening.