“No money” life

  Can you live without money? Almost all people will give a negative answer. Indeed, at the moment when you have to pay for the toilet, it is almost impossible to move without money, so what about life? However, a young couple in Australia really lived a life of “no money”-they came to a strange place and lived for a whole year without spending any money in a year. money.
  The Australian couple, the male is Liam, 26 years old, is a doctor; the female is Rachel, 24 years old, is a nurse. In life, both Liam and Rachel are out-and-out “Moonlight Races”. Although they both have a good salary, they always feel that they are not earning enough money-renting a house requires Spending money, gathering with friends cost money, buying clothes cost money… On
  this day, Liam and Rachel spent a lot of money on their monthly salary after attending a friend’s birthday party. Liam couldn’t help but said anxiously: “We have all spent our money ahead of time. How can we live the rest of our lives? How good would it be to live without spending money!” Rachel listened. Si, said: “Liam, why don’t we experience the’no money’ life?” Liam echoed: “Okay, okay, let’s see if we can live without money! The term is limited.” The
  next day, Liam and Rachel each took a one-year vacation, and then they only carried two suitcases full of daily necessities to a village called West Gipps in rural Victoria. Lan’s village. When I first arrived in a place where I was not familiar with life, I didn’t have a penny in my pocket. You can imagine the situation Liam and Rachel faced. First of all, they want to build a house that can accommodate themselves, a home that can shelter from wind and rain. Liam found the village chief and applied for a piece of vacant land beside the village. Without building materials, they went to the village wood factory to pick up discarded wood and discarded iron nails, and borrowed tools such as saws and hammers from the villagers. The two people worked together to build a simple wooden house less than six square meters.
  The housing problem has been solved, and the eating problem will be solved next. Although there are many idle wastelands in the village, these wastelands are too barren to grow food and vegetables. How to do? Rachel glanced at the small river by the village and said: “You can’t grow food and vegetables, so let’s do farming. The river is full of water and grass, and there are small fish and shrimps in the river. It is suitable to raise ducks, and then use ducks and duck eggs. Exchange food and vegetables with farmers.” Without money to buy ducklings, Liam went to help farmers grow vegetables or pick berries, in exchange for 50 ducklings and daily food such as milk and bread.
  Although the two major problems of food and accommodation have been solved, Liam and Rachel have to face some detailed problems in their lives. For example, bathing, washing, going to the toilet, etc. But this is also difficult for them-Liam collects rainwater from the roof for bathing; goes to the public toilet in the village to go to the toilet; there is no electrical appliance in the house, and Rachel washes clothes in the sink. There are also times when you have to spend money. For example, Liam has a toothache and has to go to the dentist in the city. This is how Liam resolved it—that day, Liam and Rachel hitchhiked the farmers to sell vegetables in the city. After arriving at the dental clinic, the dentist disagreed with Liam’s request to “substitute labor for consultation fees” and had to cash in cash. Finally, Rachel promised to be a nurse in the clinic for a day, and the dentist showed Liam the dental disease.
  During this year, even though Liam and Rachel didn’t have a penny on them, they passed this unforgettable time smoothly after hard work. Every day, Liam and Rachel go to the river to put the ducks together. The ducks either eat grass on the shore or go down to the river to play and eat shrimp. Liam and Rachel either lay on the grass and watched the blue sky and white clouds, or sang to the distant mountains. The little ducks grow into big ducks and lay a lot of duck eggs every day. They exchange the duck eggs with farmers for food and daily necessities, and the rest are taken at the market to exchange clothes and shoes.
  ”We all enjoy this self-sufficient life without money,” Rachel told Australia “Live a Wonderful Life!” “The reporter of the magazine said, “We don’t have to worry about the rent, air tickets, food or Chinese clothes. The most important thing is that our lives are very free now. We can arrange our time and life completely independently.”