Why our Tony teacher is getting more and more expensive

A week ago, Xiao Zhao went to cut his hair and found that the price had increased when he checked out.

The hair that was worth 380 yuan last time rose to 500 yuan instantly. Faced with the increase in her hair, she was not surprised, but was astonished, “Huh? The price has increased?” Before chewing carefully why her head became more and more expensive, her teacher Tony immediately came out and hugged her. She held her shoulders, “I have risen a little bit this year.” Xiao Zhao had no other reaction, just replied, “Congratulations, congratulations.”

Hair cutting is becoming more and more expensive and has become a problem for some people. The Tony teacher you saw today may not be the same tomorrow. Because Tony has increased the price.

There are such a group of people who have a refined pursuit of hairstyles. Hair is a presentation of their attitude towards life, and it is also a kind of decent. They will keep the frequency of hair cutting at once every two months, or even once a month. Most of them are women with short hair, and there are also men. Unlike the old uncle who sorts his hair for 10 yuan in the supermarket, or the 35-yuan crowd around the fruit stand in the community, almost all of them have their own “Tony Teacher.”

They will follow their own Tony, to and fro in every corner of the city. From this chain store to another salon, from this online celebrity store to his studio. Of course, Tony’s teachers also firmly grasped the hairdressing needs and psychological trends of these customers, and made them completely trust Tony, understand Tony, rely on Tony, even if Tony is expensive, they still have to choose Tony.

Xiao Chen, a practitioner in the media industry, is a follower of Tony. She has been following the Tony teacher for almost two years, and the job has changed, but Tony hasn’t changed yet.

A few days ago, Xiao Chen, who has always been loyal to Tony, was going to cut her hair again. She called me to try to make me, a girl like me who does hair at most twice a year, feel Tony’s charm on the ground.

This store is located in the most prosperous commercial area in Beijing, near a shopping mall that had a store celebration a while ago and had a single-day sales of over 1 billion. The hydrangea in the store bloomed very well, and the sunlight fell through the floor-to-ceiling windows and fell on the solid wood table and pure leather sofa.

A full set of Paris Cassie shampoo equipment, shampoo and massage for more than 20 minutes, during which I thought Xiao Chen had already cut her hair, but she was still enjoying it on the recliner.

Start cutting hair. Tony really knew Xiao Chen very well, so he used his scissors without much communication. His scissors are expensive and they were brought back from Japan to serve his fans.

Hair salons are probably the most titled industry in the world. Design consultants, design supervisors, design masters, senior designers, design directors, creative design, and advanced design are indistinguishable.

If you want to know why Tonys are becoming more and more expensive, you must first analyze some of the confusing behaviors they have done. In the hairstyling industry, there is a mysterious sign of price increase called advanced training. Studying in Japan and Korea has become a trend in the hairdressing industry. Even after going there for only 5 days, none of the necessary processes will be lost: posting to Moments, taking photos with the master, checking in the local Internet celebrity hair salon, and coming back to increase the price.

The Xiao Zhao at the beginning of the article suddenly realized when I was reminded that her Tony had been to Korea some time ago. Xiao Zhang, who goes to the hair salon to do hair every month, also recalled that her Tony would increase the price by 30 yuan every other time, and the point was one week after he returned from training. As the price increase was relatively small, Xiao Zhang also silently accepted it. When she reacted, her haircut fee had changed from 210 yuan to 330 yuan.

Among all packaging techniques, advanced studies are the least expensive and effortless, and also the least draining. If you want to attract more followers, Dianping is a good thing. Jumping out of the chain store, Xiao Li, who opened his studio, used to open a page through Dianping. At that time, many people found him through this page and the traffic was very good.

After short video platforms such as Douyin became popular, another way of packaging and draining traffic emerged-the transformation technique. You will always see such a video, a particularly sloppy and ordinary girl, under the creation of a hair stylist, instantly becomes a fashionable and exquisite girl. This makes many people have an unrealistic fantasy: Okay, so can I.

In fact, according to some senior hair stylists, the transformed girls in these live webcasts or short videos are all specialized hair models, carefully selected seed contestants for hair stylist drainage. When many people follow the link in the video to find a hair stylist, they are very different from what they imagined and are disappointed. Don’t be sad, they are good-looking, they are made for hairdressing.

To make the hair salon look different, there are some more weird operations. When Xiao Chen went to the hair salon, he used to hide the hair stylist so that no one would find it. Tony explained that this prevents customers from discovering that there are many hairstylists in the store that are on standby and idle. Some shops simply let the hair stylist dress up as a customer and sit in front of the mirror, and colleagues cut each other’s hair, creating a prosperous whole shop.

The most sincere reason is that the business is so good. These Tony teachers can only screen some customers through price increases. The price increase may lose some customers, but the old customers who remain are enough to pay for him. The overall income is higher, but the work pressure is reduced. This situation mostly happens to hair stylists who are quite confident in their cutting techniques and works, such as Xiao Li. When he raised the price by 60 yuan, almost all his old customers stayed and did not leave him.

Xiao Fei, a girl with short hair, is an extremely rational consumer. Although she has her own Tony, Tony raises the price to a certain extent, she will leave him resolutely.

The last Tony she decided to leave was a female hair stylist. When Tony was found for the first time, the price was still 140 yuan. A year later, she increased the price twice, 200 yuan and 260 yuan. Xiao Fei felt a little unacceptable, so she decided to switch to Tony.

I want to see what magic is in this female Tony, the price increase three times in a year? In order to find the answer, I took a colleague to find her to cut her hair. When my colleague was going to wash her hair, female Tony approached me and told me with a very sincere look that your hair color is pretty good, but I think your short hair looks better, and I will cut it for you if I have a chance. The words were so soft that you couldn’t refuse, and then she began to analyze the cheekbones and shoulder width from my forehead. At a certain moment, I almost forgot my purpose.

Tonys can grasp the psychology of customers very accurately, so that you are convinced to spend money without regret. Even a small bang can make you completely surrender. Xiao Li feels that this is because the hair stylist has captured the tastes of customers and their unwillingness to pay the cost of failure. I would rather pay an extra one or two hundred yuan as Tonys increase their prices, rather than exchange for a Tony who is uncertain and has no expectations.

Even after several price increases, Xiao Chen never thought of leaving her Tony. Changing Tony may change everything, it will lose your mood, affect your work, and then affect your money. Maintaining the status quo is the best choice.

This time Tony once again carefully put on Xiao Chen’s Paris Cassie hair mask worth 720 yuan, blowing her into an exquisite and fashionable female anchor fan. She will also face a choice, and her Tony will go up again. This time she can still enjoy 300 yuan of service, next time she may need 388 yuan.

Xiao Chen calculated it carefully. If he cut his hair once a month, he would go out for four to five thousand yuan a year, not including styling, ironing and dyeing. She felt aggrieved and told Teacher Tony that she could not afford to cut her hair. Unexpectedly, Mr. Tony was even more aggrieved, claiming that a young young man who had just entered the profession would cost nearly 400 yuan to cut a hair, and he had done it for 20 years for only 300 yuan. The price is “too cheap.”

Tony also regarded his price increase as an improvement in his career, and finally did not forget to encourage Xiao Chen, who was still frustrated by cutting his hair and becoming expensive, “I am improving, and you have to come on.”