The law of happiness

Contentment makes people happy

I asked an old man with longevity, what is the secret of his longevity? The old man said that his longevity comes from his happiness. Where does happiness come from? I continue to ask.

But the old man answered the wrong question. He talked to me about the water and the ripples of the water. He said: “Ripples are the smile of water, the happiness of water. The happiness of water comes from the pool and from the lake. When the breeze blows, it will make small ripples, and the water will make a beautiful smile and light happiness. Happiness comes from a shallow and contented heart.”

Simplicity makes people happy

When I was young, happiness was a very simple thing. Wherever there are children, there are laughter; wherever children go, they bring happiness to wherever they go. How easy it is for a child to be happy!

A child is happy, that is, the child’s heart is simple and simple.

When I grow up, simplicity is a very happy thing. As we grow older, we have less laughter and less happiness. The reason is that our hearts are no longer simple, no longer simple, and complicated. How can we be happy? So, if we can make it easy once in a while, that would be a very happy thing.

Happiness is like this. If you are simple, happiness is simple, and happiness is easy to get; if you are complicated, happiness is also complicated, and happiness is hard to find.

To make happiness a simple thing, the key is to keep our hearts simple.

Forgetfulness makes people happy

The word “happiness” is very interesting to explain literally. What is “happiness”? That is, “fast” is “happiness”, that is to say, when a person feels that time passes quickly, happiness also comes.

Under what circumstances do people feel that time passes quickly? We all have this kind of experience. When a person has nothing to do, it is the most difficult, and it feels like living through the years, but when I get busy, I feel that time passes quickly, and it passes all of a sudden. There is also that when people are focusing on one thing, they have no distractions and reach a state of selflessness, and time passes without knowing it. Furthermore, when a person is doing something he is interested in, his heart is full of love, and he feels that time flies quickly.

Busy people, dedicated people, people who are full of love, they are all selfless people. Selfless people are the ones who feel that time flies quickly, the ones who feel that time is not enough, the ones who know how to cherish time, and the happiest ones at the same time.