Quietly “secretly” fall in love with you

  Everyone knows that when women enter menopause, they will have many uncomfortable symptoms, such as irritability, insomnia, dreams, decreased energy and physical strength, memory loss, and osteoporosis. But do you know? Men also have menopause.
  Men not only have menopause, but they also face no fewer problems than women during this period. Traditionally, the age of “visiting” men during menopause is usually after the age of 50. However, recessive menopause comes quietly at a time when men are not aware of it.
  Early menopause, people are more accustomed to call it recessive menopause, referred to as “hidden menopause.” In recessive menopause, the common symptoms are not as obvious as the symptoms of menopause. For example, some people in their 30s have depression, irritability, chattering, lack of energy, lack of concentration and other symptoms similar to menopausal syndrome. This is the manifestation of recessive menopause. Preventive measures include the following aspects:
  Regulate emotions and maintain a good mood. When people are relaxed and happy, the pulse, blood pressure, metabolism and other indicators are in a balanced state, the body secretes more immune active substances, and has strong disease resistance. On the contrary, bad emotions will “call” the menopause to speed up its approach to you. Therefore, we must realize that busy work and career pressure are inevitable things for every modern person, and we must be good at self-comforting. In fact, the situation you encounter is the same as others. Don’t feel that you have to break free from this status quo and work too hard. This is just a process. After the experience passes, everything will be better.
  Good friends can confide their pressure and depression to their friends in their spare time, so that there is no depression in their hearts and do not suppress their emotions, so that not only your friends will understand you, but you can also relax and relieve.
  Let go of your heart, and many times when happiness comes, people are often anxious and restless because of the troubles and losses of things in the future. In fact, the most important thing is to do the things at hand well, and don’t take things that you can’t control. When you put it down, you will find that not only a lot of unnecessary troubles are reduced, but a lot of happiness may also be gained.
  Sleep well until dawn and adequate sleep can prevent premature aging. Long-term lack of sleep will not only accelerate aging, but also increase the incidence of age-related diseases.
  Finding the causes of stress, taking measures to self-regulate, you must correctly evaluate yourself, set goals reasonably, do what you can, learn to relax, and cherish yourself in order to win the lasting life.
  Exercising in the sun guarantees two hours of outdoor exercise every day, which can effectively release negative emotions, activate the body’s cell activity, and promote metabolism. At the same time, sunlight can promote the synthesis and utilization of human nutrients, enhance physical fitness, and maintain vigor.
  Eliminate “concealment” in the budding state Once you find that you have symptoms of recessive menopause, you should not be careless, and you should go to the hospital to find out the cause in time. If the organ function is prematurely aging, androgen replacement therapy must be adopted, which can timely and effectively regulate the male endocrine and improve the symptoms of discomfort.
  Reasonable intake of nutrients and appropriate amount of carbohydrates, supplement vitamin-containing foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. Eat foods rich in amino acids. Among the more than 20 kinds of amino acids, 8 are not synthesized by the human body and need to be obtained from food, especially from dairy products, eggs, lean meat, fish and soybeans. Such foods can effectively relieve menopausal discomfort. Don’t eclipse, match the thickness. Eat some coarse grains in moderation, such as millet, buckwheat, oats, and coix seed. Try to eat less carbohydrates and animal fats. Excessive intake of these foods will make the body overweight, increase the burden on the heart and cause atherosclerosis. In addition, eat on time and avoid overeating.
  Say “goodbye” to bad habits. Do not drink alcohol, drink less tea and coffee, low salt, and eat less or no foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, such as shrimp skins, fresh crab yolks, songhua eggs, salted duck eggs, egg yolks, etc. Cholesterol content in every 100 grams of food is more than 300 milligrams.