Spring, think of a friend

  He held my hand tightly and told me again and again that in that winter, snow flew in the sky of his distant and close memory, making him burst into tears.
  Suddenly thinking of this friend, it seems that there is no reason.
   The most common one of us is still in the middle school years. At the age of Fang Gang, he became our eldest brother at some unknown age: maybe he took a knife and drove away the gangster who bullied the female classmate, maybe he took us to climb. After the wall escapes the ticket to watch a movie and grilled skewers for a midnight snack, or he suddenly stood on a stool one day to tell the time and the elegant thin gold characters fascinated a group of friends… That was more than 20 years ago. , I can even remember. He even remembered that he turned his head and asked me for pastel, the detail of the willow tree brushing his black hair. Or because many memories that have emerged are mostly frozen in spring.
   There are not many memories of his winter, just one shot after thinking about it. At that time he was in love with a girl named Xue, but his loyalty made Xue scared, and Xue was finally leaving him. There was heavy goose feather snow that night, he looked at Xue’s distant back, knelt on the snowy ground and wept loudly, hitting his angular face with a fist. At that time I already had a hazy affection, but I did not dare to expect love. His tragic and strong, let me have an unforgettable shadow on love ever since.
   When Brother Yong left school, I don’t have much impression. It seemed that it was the next semester of high school, and maybe when he was preparing for the college entrance examination in his third year, he suddenly disappeared. That’s how people are. They can get used to the wind and rain when a person exists, and they can also be used to disappearing after they leave. A group of brothers gradually forgot him in the horn of the college entrance examination. Only occasionally talked about him when chatting together, and then quickly changed the subject lightly. He is like a small dust, lightly across our Fanghua memories.
   It’s been twenty years since I contacted him again, and one day I suddenly received a call from Yunnan. I hung up time and time again, and the call stubbornly dialed in again and again, and I was ready to fight the scammers. Connected, said over there: brother, don’t remember me.
   The memory of spring turned, Yang Liu Yiyi, the heroic face was reflected in the mist.
  Brother Yong! I shouted.
  The interrupted thread is connected again, just like a kite that you thought had already flown out of the sky. In fact, there is always a thread wrapped around your memory finger. Pull it gently, and the kite will reappear in the sky.
   It turned out that after leaving school, Brother Yong has been in the building materials business, and he has also been involved in the ups and downs. Finally, he has a successful career and is also the boss of the rich side. I asked many people to find your number, brother, his voice is still strong, but a little more calm. Be sure to notify me of anything at home. He repeatedly urged.
  On the day of my mother’s 80th birthday, he really came, with a driver, and said he wanted to throw off his arms and have a toast with me. Many of my high school classmates came that day, and most of them were brought by him. Everyone simply put the square tables together and held a happy classmate meeting on the basis of my mother’s birthday. Classmate Yong drank a little high, he held my hand tightly, and told me repeatedly that in that winter, snowflakes flew in the sky of his distant and close memory, making him burst into tears. In the end, he gave me a long hug before being picked up by his classmates.
   In spring, whether it is catkins or poplars fluttering all over the sky, one after another, snowflakes generally fascinate people’s eyes. Hui Sui received a call from him shortly afterwards, saying that he was coming to Guangzhou from Sanya to see me, and then transferred back to my hometown to discuss a project. Unfortunately, I was on a business trip and missed this meeting.
   I hurriedly left many promises and encounters, and soon I was so busy that I almost forgot about him.
  In the late spring, one day among the old classmates, he suddenly saw the news of his death. I was shocked and hurriedly dialed his phone, and it was his wife who answered the phone. I explained my identity, and Sister Yong said: I know, he keeps your book next to his pillow…
   After speaking , he let out a sorrowful voice. I put down the phone. The world is silent.
   Brother Yong is gone, he dived into the vast spring like the sea, never wanting to come back. All his youthful memories have become purple trumpet flowers blooming quietly on the grave when the spring flowers bloom, overlooking the vicissitudes of life in the world.