Respect friends from all walks,
Welcome to Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Web site. Your visit gives us the opportunity to know each other and sets up a bridge for our future cooperation. May the friendship bridge gives you a new perspective and better services. I , on behalf of the Jiheng Pharmaceutical staff, give my most sincere thanks for your care and support.
“We manufacture quality medicines, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always quality medicines” this is the principle of the company.
Our APIs products including Acetaminophen, Analgin, Aminopyrine, Antipyrine, Aspirin, Folic Acid. The company is nationally biggest Acetaminophen manufacturer, and second biggest Analgin,Antipyrine,Aminopyrine Manufacturer.
With the setup, as per cGMP guidelines, we have an entire range of tablet machinery, with a total production capacity of 5 billion Tablets per annum.
Hebei Jiheng have a strong Quality Assurance and Control section with ultramodern analytical instruments which has a number of dedicating members, of various disciplines, working for the Quality Assurance and Control section, At Hebei Jiheng, quality Assurance plays an integral part in monitoring all critical process mandated by GMP.
All the APIs products have registered in EU, INDIA, RUSSIA and now proceeding the USFDA registration. Hebei Jiheng have obtained the ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates. The Folic Acid has certificates of KOSHER, HALAL, FAMI-QS ISO22000.
The tomorrow of the world belongs to the proactive and creative mind. Based on curent products we are developing more new products, new markets, new technologies, to ensure the sustainable development.
With all walks of friends,we wish to create the hundred-year Jiheng and to build bright future for all of us.