German triplets staged a realistic version of “Prison Break”

“Prison Break” actor Mike’s brother went to jail because he was framed. In order to save his brother, Mike personally went to prison to plan one and another escape incident. Since Mike is a construction engineer, he knows the structure of the prison well. With his precise calculations, he finally managed to escape. In real life, there is a more bizarre escape plan than Mike, and that is the “stand-in plan” of the German triplets. When their plan was exposed, it caused heated debate among the Germans: Can brotherhood share the punishment?

Brotherhood is deep, but my brother is in jail

In 1970, a wealthy family in Bavaria, Germany ushered in a great happy event. The heroine gave birth to triplets, and all three were sons. The host was so happy that he shed tears on the spot. The couple named the triplets: the eldest son is Lin Le, the second child is Heller, and the third child is Gule. Before that, this family had always been a virgin daughter, and suddenly the three little princes arrived, and the whole family was extremely excited!

The three brothers are healthy and happy, and they are very cute! Not only that, they are just as smart and clever! They look exactly the same, and outsiders can’t tell who is the boss, who is the second, and who is the third. Since both parents are bankers, they love these three children very much. When they buy clothes and other items for the three brothers, they are often exactly the same, for fear that the three of them say their parents are partial. So they often wear the same clothes and do the same actions, just like copied by a computer. No matter where they are, they can always cause some small commotion, after all, such strange triplets are simply too rare!

Once, the youngest Güler accidentally hit a driver who was resting in a car while playing football outside. He was worried that the driver of the car would trouble him, so he ran home and hid. At this time, the boss Lin Le was coming back from the outside and was accidentally caught by a middle-aged man and was about to beat him. Lin Le was ignorant, explaining that he was not playing football, and the driver insisted that he saw Lin Le’s appearance. Fortunately, Lin Le’s parents arrived in time and remembered the situation where Güler was hiding at home just now. They already understood that it was not Lin Le who made a mistake, but it was Gü Le. It was their children who made a mistake. They quickly apologized to the driver. apologize.

There are countless examples of being misunderstood by others. The three brothers look exactly the same, and only their parents can recognize them. Change to other people, the more I look, the more confused.

Due to the wealth of the family, the three brothers lived a life of worry-free food and clothing since they were young, and received the best education. The three brothers perfectly inherited the excellent genes of their parents and possess super-high IQs.

They seem to have talents in mathematics and electronic science in particular, and sometimes the three of them are very good at playing math games. The three of them were very smart throughout the entire reading period, and their grades were among the best, and they were finally admitted to top universities in Germany. The three brothers walking side by side in this college are not only eye-catching, but can always arouse the cheers of the hot girls.

Smart people can get along well no matter what field they are in. After graduating from college, the three brothers embarked on a different path. The eldest brother Linle believes that the computer industry will inevitably have a huge development in the future. For this reason, after graduation, he entered the computer industry and started his own business. He used his expertise in computer software to start a network company of his own.

The second child Heller and the third child Güle did not have the intention of starting a business. They went home and inherited the mantle of their father and found a career in the bank. After the three brothers worked, they soon brought more income to the whole family. Every time people around them saw the triplets, they were full of praise, and the two parents were even more happy. They think that their three sons are all people with high IQs. If they develop well and continue to follow this path, they will surely become the leaders in their fields in the future.

However, Gule, the third oldest, is a person who is not worrying. Although he earns more, he spends more. There is no restraint in the consumption of life, and there is no financial plan. Not long after Güler worked, his life became very demanding, and he was even struggling to make ends meet. His father and mother often taught him: “Gule, you have to know how to spend money like your other two brothers, and you can’t be so unrestrained.” Guller heard this, but he didn’t take it seriously, when his life became more and more difficult. With his clever mind and proficiency in banking financial knowledge and network technology, he came up with a bold idea: to invade the banking system and steal money for himself.

He thought of it and started to act. In 1998, Gülle used his position to secretly enter the bank’s computer system, copy a large number of customer information, and use the names of two of the customers to open two credit cards, and then secretly transfer the money from other customers’ accounts to this place. 2 cards. In this way, Gull “easily” got a large sum of money to support his unrestrained life. Since this incident has never been discovered, Güller has become more and more courageous, and it took only one month to cause a customer to lose 20 million marks. However, the matter was quickly discovered by the customer and the bank. Such a huge sum of money certainly attracted the attention of the customer and the bank. The customer had issued an extra credit card for no reason, and even carried such a huge debt, he immediately called the police.

The police acted quickly. Based on the information provided by the customer and the credit card flow, the police easily targeted the suspected target: the third Gule. The evidence was conclusive. Soon Güll went to jail. Not only did he have to pay tens of millions of marks in compensation, he was also sentenced to 7 years in prison.

The brothers work together to start the “Stand-in Program”

After entering the prison, Güle only realized that he had not listened to the advice of his family before, and he had taken a wrong path because of evil thoughts. At this time, no matter how sorry he was, it was no longer useful. He had to stay in prison for 7 years. After his parents learned of the incident, their hearts were extremely painful, but the incident has reached this point, and they can’t change much. They only hope that their son will repent as soon as possible and fight for a commutation of his sentence.

This originally highly acclaimed family was also stained by Güller’s imprisonment. People who had praised their family before all pointed them behind their backs, which made their parents faceless in the local area. After Geller heard about it, he regretted it in his heart and made up his mind to change his past mistakes in prison and be a good man.

However, the 7-year prison life is so long, how long should the family wait to cleanse this layer of dirt? The parents were very sad about this, but they also felt very powerless. They often stayed at home and sighed. Basically, they didn’t participate in the entertainment when they went out.

The eldest brother Lin Le and the second child Heller looked at their parents’ haggard appearance, and they were very sad. They also wanted to share their worries for their parents. But what can they do? All they can think of is to visit Gule more in prison and warn him to make good changes and try to get out as soon as possible.

Therefore, Güller is in prison, and Linle and Heller often visit him. Once, Linle went to the prison to visit Gülle. Gülle told him about the various unaccustomed life in the prison. After speaking, he cried with a headache. He said, “Big brother, I really regret it. I only know now. The outside world is really good. I’m living inside now like years.” Lin Le could not help feeling sad when she saw that Güler was so sad, and she had the idea of ​​helping the younger brother Güler in her heart.

After returning from prison, his parents asked Lin Le: “How is the third Gule in the prison? Is he full?” Lin Le looked at his parents’ caring eyes and did not dare to tell the truth with him, only smiling and comforting his father. Everything is fine in Güller, he said: “Parents don’t worry, Güller is so smart, he will take care of himself.” His father sighed and said, “I don’t know if he can get out of prison in 7 years. Can’t adapt to life outside?” After speaking, he left silently. Lin Le watched his father go away, with mixed feelings in his heart.

A week later, the second child Heller also went to visit Gule. When he came back, facing Linle, his mood was also very complicated. Heller said: “Güler is not used to living inside, what can I do?” Linle saw Heller open the topic, he said: “Dad is worried, I am also worried. Seven years later, Güler will change from He may not be able to keep up with the pace of society when he comes out of prison. When he is out of touch with society, it will be troublesome.” Heller nodded after listening. Lin Le went on to say: “I have an idea, I can help Gu Le, I don’t know if you will or not?” Heller listened, and asked if he had any ideas.

Heller believes that they are brothers who grew up together, and both value each other’s friendship very seriously. Gulle suffers in prison, how can the two of them who are brothers live comfortably and happily outside? Thinking of Güller’s increasingly thin appearance, he felt very distressed. Heller said: “Brother, as long as I can help Gülle, I will listen to him.”

Lin Le heard Heller say this, and said his own idea, that is-to go to jail instead of his brother Güle. He said: “The three of us look so alike, and outsiders can’t recognize it if they don’t look carefully.” Then he explained his plan to Heller in detail, and Heller listened to it and said it was good.

As a result, they began to prepare for the action. Linle prepared wireless jamming equipment to allow Heller, who is proficient in computers, to remotely control the prison’s network system. Through visits to the prison, Heller kept asking about the situation of Gule prison, what room he lives in, how he usually moves, and the situation of prison inmates. Gull looked at Heller, who had twinkling eyes, and had already understood eight to nine points.

After some preparations, in October 1999, the boss Lin Le and the second Heller started their own actions. On October 26, Heller came to the prison to “visit” with a video jammer. This prison is very loosely managed. Heller chatted with his brother Güle, hinting at Güle with his eyes from time to time. At this time, the eldest brother Linle, who is good at computers, is responsible for hacking the prison computer system.

At about 9:30 that morning, Linle successfully interfered with the prison fire signal, and the jammer on Heller also successfully interfered with the monitor in the visiting room. At this time, the prison fire bell rang.

As soon as the alarm sounded, the whole prison became a mess. Taking advantage of the chaos in the prison, the second child Heller quickly changed clothes with his younger brother Gu Le. When the prison guard returned, the two brothers sat “in their original position” and continued to chat about the housework, as if nothing happened. At this time, where did the prison guard know that the two brothers had already successfully exchanged identities.

When the “visiting” was over, Güller, who walked out of the prison gate, finally got a breath of fresh air. After he was released from prison, he got rid of his previous bad ailments and began to replace Heller’s position in the bank while following his eldest brother Linle to study the Internet. technology.

Three brothers take turns in jail for scam

Some time later, the eldest brother Linle and the younger brother Güle used the same method to replace the second child Heller from the prison. This time, it was Linle’s turn to enter the prison instead of the younger brother Güle. At this time, Güller replaced the eldest brother Linle to manage the company. Güler is also very smart, understands quickly, and manages the company in an orderly manner.

In this way, outside the prison, under the hard work of the second brother Heller and the younger brother Güler, Linle’s company was prosperous, and the company’s brand image became well-known and quickly became the giants of German Internet companies.

Güller not only managed the company very well, but also successfully transformed the company into a computer network company. The market share once occupied a quarter of Germany’s, and he turned his eldest brother Linle into an excellent business upstart. Their family, and therefore the reputation of the family that was corrupted by Güler, is back.

After another period of time, they repeated their tricks and replaced Lin Le from the prison, and Heller went in again and went to jail. Time flies quickly. “Gule” has been in jail for 5 years. Linle and Heller took turns in jail for him, but they were never seen through. In these five years, no police came to ask them trouble at all. The brothers also feel at ease that they will be able to serve all the seven-year sentence in just another two years. At that time, the three brothers will be free, and they will no longer have to be so frightened. But a sudden accident shattered their illusions and allowed their “stand-in plan” to be seen through.

One day in 2004, Güller was working at a bank. Suddenly, a few masked men broke into the lobby. There is no doubt that someone came to rob the bank. Several robbers were carrying guns, and they were about to stab the bank staff with knives. When it was too late, it was fast, and Gu Le quickly rushed forward, immediately punched the robber, turned around and kicked again. Gull had practiced martial arts, and he was quick to respond. The robber did not show weakness, and fought with Gule. But with his bravery and boxing skills, Güll finally successfully subdued the robbers. But in the process of fighting with the robber, he was accidentally scratched by the robber’s knife.

After the incident, the police station wanted to commend the good citizen Güle, who was brave and righteous, but when it was commending, a very bad news suddenly came out. The police not only cancelled the commendation on the spot, but also detained Güle. Gull originally didn’t want to come to participate in the awards, but he was very kind, thinking that there would be no problem, so he came boldly. Who knows, the police said, “Your name is Gu Le, shouldn’t you be serving your sentence in prison?” Gu Le was shocked. It turns out that during the fight with the robber, Güll accidentally touched the robber’s gun, and his fingerprints were also left on the robber’s gun. When the police station detected the murder weapon of the robbers, they discovered the DNA of two people. After comparison, it was found that one of the DNA was from the robber and the other was from Güle.

The police were very surprised by the appearance of Gule, who was supposed to be serving his sentence in prison, outside the prison. Because there was also news from the prison, “Gule” is now just basking in the prison. This makes the police very puzzled. The police became vigilant and quickly organized police to investigate. After some investigations, they finally discovered the secret that the three Güler brothers took turns in jail.

With this discovery, the three brothers were all summoned, and they felt that there was no way to cover up the matter. So he happily admitted what he had done. After being exposed by the media, this matter immediately aroused extensive discussion among the German people.

The Germans believe that the friendship between the three brothers is really touching. Although the law is ruthless, the three brothers are still serving their sentences in prison, and they have not escaped. In addition, after the third is released There have been deeds of fighting gangsters, and the law should forgive them.

Everything had to be handled by the corresponding department, and the crimes of the three brothers were finally handed over to the court. Under the public opinion, the German judges, with an iron-faced spirit, did not hold accountable for the crimes committed by the three brothers.

However, Gule must serve the rest of his sentence in prison this time, and Linle Keller can no longer help him. This is also a happy ending. The three brothers have contributed much to German society since then, and they are also very enthusiastic about charity, spending a large part of their wealth on charity.