Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate [7758-11-4]

Product Name Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate
Synonyms Potassium phosphate dibasic
Molecular Formula K2HPO4
Molecular Weight 174.17
CAS Registry Number 7758-11-4
EINECS 231-834-5

Melting point 340 ºC
Water solubility 1600 g/L (20 ºC)

Colourless or white granular powder, crystals or masses; deliquescent substance, hygroscopic

Dipotassium phosphate is used in imitation dairy creamers, dry powder beverages, mineral supplements, and starter cultures as an additive. It is used in non-dairy creamers to prevent coagulation. Dipotassium phosphate is also used to make buffer solutions and it is used in the production of trypticase soy agar which is used to make agar plates for culturing bacteria.

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