CP marketing, have you hit it?

The popularity of “Shanhe Ling” has made many fans lament that the male protagonists played by Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan in the drama are full of “CP sense” and gave them the CP name “Langlang Nail”. As of May, the number of topic discussions on “Langlang Ding” Weibo has exceeded 7 billion, and the number of topic readings has exceeded 1.3 billion. Wherever there is traffic, there are business opportunities. While Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan, the CP pair, have increased the popularity of TV dramas, they have also created a large number of topics and traffic, attracting many brands that smell marketing opportunities. Consumers are getting more and more Two people were seen in commercial advertisements.

As the TV series hit, the two officially announced their brand endorsements one after another. In recent days, the two have posted large posters for TOM FORD lipstick on Weibo. Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan are invited to promote the same product together. Obviously, they are playing the CP marketing combination boxing. The sales volume proves that the brand’s choice is successful. When TOM FORD’s commercial was uploaded on the Internet, the lipstick of the same color number was lost in seconds.

The Wahaha Nutrition Express is another two-person endorsement marketing path. The officials announced the different tastes of Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun. Is there a marketing nickname that this is for battle sales? Facing the hot CP, different brands have their own unique tricks, but TOM FORD chose two people to endorse the same color number, not to compete for sales, and the same advertising photos are not biased, avoiding malicious competition among fans to bring brand reputation. The loss of CP also provides a new idea for CP marketing.

In addition to the “Langlang Nail” CP of “Long Song Xing”, the “Song Falcon” CP who was complained about without any CP feeling in “Long Song Xing”, “After-sales” is very powerful to keep the audience smashing sugar “Sto” CP… …Various types of CP are emerging in an endless stream. It is not difficult to see from the various phenomena that the popularity of CP marketing continues to rise, and the brand can’t help but sigh “true fragrance. Where is it “scented”? What are the advantages?

Why brands are keen on CP marketing
Aggregate fans, multiple exposures amplify brand voice

As the saying goes, “Many people are powerful”, this sentence is also applicable to CP marketing. Compared with single-person endorsements, two-person endorsements have more advantages in aggregating fans. Whether it’s a partner or a couple’s endorsement, both CP have Wei Fan and CP Fan. Choosing CP as the spokesperson, the brand can gather fans between the two stars through CP topics and activities, and collect CP fans and Weifans together to achieve the effect of 1+1>2, broaden the audience, and help the product. Sales are rising rapidly. At the same time, the second creation of brand content by CP fans has also boosted the spread of the brand on a larger scale.

Create topics and use the opportunity to expand the scope of brand influence

A survey of the ages of fans of “Langlang Ding” found that “post-90s”, “post-95s” and “post-00s” accounted for nearly 75% of the mainstream “knock CP” groups, and these people use social media more frequently. It is also an audience group favored by industries such as catering, clothing, cosmetics, and FMCG. Therefore, choosing CP endorsements, combined with hot topics, can bring more attention and topic volume to the brand. Through the people-friendly new media operation, it is easy to embed brand topics into the daily topics of the CP fan circle, and realize brand promotion without knowing it. In addition, if you can deeply understand the concerns of fans, and promote and publicize in accordance with the needs of the audience, it will be easier for the brand to occupy the minds of consumers and seize more of the market share. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Establish associations, spokespersons help promote the brand image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Prior to this, the “Cloud Power” CP endorsement of Benassson Coffee used this method to complete a very successful CP marketing. They found the connection point between the “cloud power” CP and the brand-the master. In the advertising scene, Ayunga and Zheng Yunlong are incarnations of elegant princes and discuss together what a master is. As a leader in musicals, “Shuangyun” has achieved countless achievements in the professional field with its unremitting efforts and unswerving dreams. From talking to singing, both of them reveal the elegance of a musical actor. The elegance and unwavering quality of both parties complement the brand concept of “Masterpieces”. Therefore, the advertisement of Benassson Coffee uses the “Cloud Power” CP, which strengthens the public’s recognition of the “taste” of Benassson Coffee and deepens the brand identity of the “master temperament”.

Through CP marketing, the temperament of two spokespersons who have both common and individual characteristics are related to the brand image, and the illusory and difficult-to-express brand image is fully displayed by using the charm of the characters with the halo in the play, making it easier to reach consumption By.

The key to good CP marketing
Grasp the momentum and strike while the iron is hot

Any film and television drama will end, CP residual heat will gradually dissipate as the episode ends, and the effect of brand borrowing will gradually decrease. Coupled with the endless emergence of the same type of drama, the CP created by each film and television drama is even more numerous. In this general environment, the popularity of various CPs has changed on the Weibo Super Talking List. For brands, grasping the heat is very important.

Brands with iron hits, CPs with flowing water, choose suitable CPs for marketing at different stages, especially in the face of the current drama broadcast CP heat has a strong timeliness situation, the brand should evaluate CP marketing before the show is broadcast. Take action during the broadcast. This will allow sufficient time to demonstrate the feasibility and fully discuss possible problems in the emergency plan, so that the entire plan can be effectively disseminated. Since the development of CP marketing to the present, there has been a relatively complete industrial chain, and the drama series producers, sales companies, platforms and actors themselves are actively “business”, so after this type of TV series is popular, there will be “after-sales”, that is, follow-up Concerts, combined variety shows, peripherals, etc., have increased the length and breadth of brand participation, which is an obvious benefit.

CP business, take advantage of the opportunity to promote

Brands using CP marketing should not just create CP scenes in the same frame and stay at the visual level of communication, but also explore the various stalks between CPs and the highlight content in the play to continue the trend of the plot, thereby deriving more interesting Topics provide opportunities and platforms for the two stars to interact, give fans space to play, and further expand the brand’s influence.

For example, the “crash landing” CP known as the strongest after-sales service—Hyun Bin and Son Yezhen reunited on Valentine’s Day this year to shoot a commercial for the Philippine communications company Smart Communications. Not only did there appear many wonderful clips of “Crash Landing of Love” in the film, but in the advertisement, Hyun Bin used the communication software to find the plot of Son Yezhen. It made CP fans once again relive the “Crash Landing” in the play. The touch of meeting again. Therefore, making good use of the relationship between CPs not only maintains the sense of CP on the screen, but also lays down CP stalks about the plot, adds more attention to the advertisements, and cleverly establishes the connection between CP, brand and film and television drama. , While increasing the popularity, the interactive attributes are further strengthened.

Fan circle marketing, bold and careful

Managing the relationship between CP stars and fans is equally important to the brand. CP marketing utilizes the power of the fan economy. Only by continuously creating so-called “knocking sugar” resources for fans and giving them a real opportunity to participate can they satisfy their “knocking CP” demands. The question of how to build a good relationship between celebrity CP and fans has turned into a question of how to strengthen fan participation.

At this time, the online + offline process is ready to go. For example, the brand takes the lead in hosting CP integrated interview live broadcasts, fan meetings, Weibo interactions, etc.; brand activities can also be bundled with fan benefits, making good use of the brand’s first sale or related event days, and cooperating with CP fan support activities. Fans seek welfare-Participate in the event and give away signed posters, movie tickets, brand and CP surroundings, etc., so as to drive brand communication and product sales. Through these methods, it can not only increase the brand’s second exposure, but also give back to CP fans by face-to-face with celebrities or around the brand, so that fans can reap the satisfaction of being a CP fan and also feel the sincerity from the brand.

Although CP marketing is a popular marketing method at the moment, it is necessary to grasp the marketing scale. In the process of CP marketing, you must not deviate from the drama work, CP’s own personality characteristics and tonality, respect advertising ethics, respect public order and good customs, so as not to make the audience feel inconsistent. At the same time, CP marketing should not be carried out blindly, and the brand and CP should be bound forcibly, otherwise it will not be able to resonate with CP fans. In severe cases, CP fans will be disgusted and the brand image will be damaged.