Happy program

  On Saturday morning, the little girl from the sixth grade was sent to the dance class. The spring was strong, and the breeze gently swept from the face, instantly cleaning up the sleepiness in the morning, and feeling better for granted. Talking to the little girl without words: girl, enjoy your childhood. What a worry-free childhood, childhood is the happiest. Just like this spring, like this early morning.
  While speaking, he was still immersed in the happiness created by these words. The little girl is quite awesome, nodding her head in time to give approval, and she smiled. Suddenly, I had another idea: what was said just now is so one-sided.
  Then immediately corrected it to the girl: it was not right. Of course there is pure and carefree happiness in childhood, but growing up has the joy of growing up. You see, there is a high spirit of becoming a college student. When you are an adult, you can fall in love in an open and honest manner. What a happy thing to fall in love. The heart is moved, and the two love each other. People throughout the ages have written so many beautiful poems and chapters.
  Then, a happy love is of course a natural marriage. Lively and festive, accepting the blessings of all relatives and friends, and forming a family with people in love, so of course, marriage is happy.
  The little girl was also interested, her small eyes filled with single eyelids filled with smiles, and she followed up: after getting married, she will become moms and dads, and she will have her own cute dolls with pink powder, so cute when you think about it. Of course it is also a happy thing-the little girl is a very warm child, the ideal that was publicly declared in kindergarten is to grow up to be a mother.
  Following the words of the little girl, I naturally remembered that when I first became a mother, I was holding the big girl who was not long before birth in my arms, and when I called my mother far away in Anhui every other way, I couldn’t finish talking. Joy and happiness.
  The time spent with children growing up is busy and long, so the happiness of being a parent lasts the longest. Those happiness comes from every novel first time that pink baby grows up: the first time to call out mother or father, the first time to stagger, the first time to hold chopsticks, and the first time to put it on his back. The schoolbag leaves a cheerful back…
  With the joy of growing up in my eyes, my middle age is approaching unconsciously. Regarding middle-aged people, there is a very popular saying: the most exhausted middle-aged people. I saw Bai Yansong’s “Bai Shuo” before. Even if it was as successful as him, the phrase “Middle-aged is a place where no shop is in front of the village”, I am afraid that it also pokes the pain points of many middle-aged people. What I think is not the close relatives around me: the old is old, the young is still young. However, think about it from another angle: the upper level can raise my old, and the lower level can nurture my young. Being busy also has the meaning and happiness of being busy.
  It wasn’t until the children went to college to grow up and went to society, and then they got married and had children, and the days suddenly quieted down. At this time, you have to adjust your mood and learn to enjoy a leisurely and quiet life, or go in groups to climb unclimbed mountains and swim unswimmed water.
  In the end, it was the day when I was really old and could not move, enjoying the happiness of being “successful to support my old age” by the younger generations of my children, and I grew old peacefully.
  It turns out that in every stage of life, happiness is a long-established program, so what are the entanglements and terrible things about the occasional dissatisfaction and turmoil in life during growth?