New Zealand magnet weight loss device such as “medieval torture device”

New Zealanders have invented a weight loss device that uses magnets to attract patients’ teeth. Although some critics compare it to a medieval torture device, researchers still praise it as a new tool to fight obesity.

According to the report, the principle of the magnet slimming device is to prevent people from opening their mouths to eat food through magnets. According to the New Zealand Herald, this “world’s first” weight loss device is equipped with magnets and fixing bolts on the upper and lower teeth, allowing the patient’s lower jaw to open only two millimeters. Although only some liquid food can be eaten, the wearer can speak and breathe freely, and can take it off at any time in case of emergency.

Researchers have found through experiments that the subjects will initially have some discomfort, but it is generally “acceptable.” However, the magnet weight loss device has sparked intense controversy on social media. One critic called this practice “distasteful and inhumane”, while others said it could lead to more entrenched unhealthy eating habits. Many people accused the invention of humiliating obese people and questioned the ethical standards of the experiment.