Please allow me not to love the kitchen

  I have lived in the house for more than ten years, and I decided to redecorate it this spring.
  According to my wishes, the designer gave a reasonable decoration plan, but in the kitchen, I told the other party that the simpler the better, it is enough to have a stove that can cook noodles. The young designer was a little surprised and told me unabashedly that I was the first female customer who had no requirements for kitchen decoration since she started her career. Because, for a family, the kitchen represents life, and one meal and one meal is life with fireworks.
  Countless words and pictures express the same concept: women who love the kitchen are more gentle and virtuous, understand life and love life more. And a kitchen that can only cook noodles, no matter from which angle it is embedded in the topic of life, it seems too thin and deserted. Therefore, after I clearly expressed my thoughts, she repeatedly confirmed with me: really?
  I remember that when I was in middle school, there were female classmates who could cook simple meals, and some powerful girls could already steam buns by themselves. And I seem to be born lacking in this aspect. In my family, my mother’s cooking skills are first-rate, and all kinds of noodles are made delicious. My father is not bad, and his cooking skills are not inferior to those of cooks in restaurants outside. Later, my brother became a master and loves to study food and methods.
  However, I have never been curious or interested in how to turn raw materials into various delicacies. My mother later said that when she made dumplings, she wanted to coax me to help, but when I saw the flour, I hid away. She also tried to teach me to cook simple meals, such as scrambled eggs with tomatoes… But she could hardly pull me into the kitchen. Later, she stopped paying attention to me, thinking that when I became an adult, she would go with the flow and become attached to the kitchen.
  After I became an adult, I bought the house and decorated the kitchen in a decent manner, prepared kitchen utensils, and bought books on cooking.
  But in the end I gave up-because I didn’t like it, so I didn’t want to use my heart, and I didn’t want to spend time. Every time you have to bear a lot of temper to wash a handful of green vegetables, and in the end, it will be either salty, light, or old.
  Needless to say, you must clean the oil on the stove after cooking, and clean the dishes and chopsticks after the meal…All of these, a dish of the simplest vegetables, from buying, cooking, to eating and tidying up. It takes a lot of time. And the taste is so much worse than that made by my family and restaurants, so that once I cook a meal, I damage my love for a certain meal.
  This makes me feel that cooking is a waste. With this time, it’s better to write an article, listen to a favorite song, read a novel, watch a movie, or take a walk to see a scene… Cooking is much happier and more pleasant.
  My interest is always in other things.
  Gradually, I finally realized that I didn’t like cooking because of my bones. For those who truly love, happiness begins from the moment they enter the vegetable market.
  One of my colleagues is a veritable gourmet. He will choose every ingredient like a lover, a small handful of spinach or a radish, a piece of fat or thin pork belly or a fish… will make his eyes shine.
  I have never felt this kind of love, but I deeply understand that it is the same as my love for a song, a play, a novel with a heart, and a moving landscape… It’s just that the things we love are different. So please allow me not to love the kitchen, I prefer to leave time to other things. I who don’t love the kitchen, I love life as much.