Limits and Ends

  Many years ago, a teacher said to me: People must learn to face limits and limits. People have limits and learning is endless. They are not static. The limit seems to be a person’s ceiling, but in fact it is a mirror reflecting life; the end seems to be the end and the end, but in fact it is also the starting point and limitation. Learning is endless, but life has an end. Life has a length and a width. The world beyond length and width is boundless, and it is the height that breaks through the limit and the limit.
  As the teacher said, the limit of the eyesight of a mortal is a vast expanse, and the end of life is also a vast expanse. However, there are still different distinctions.
  People live in the world, always searching and looking with extreme eyesight, and those who are too far away will turn into a vast expanse. However, although this vastness is the limit of vision and the limit of physical, it is not the limit of spirit.
  Human mental power is a springboard to break the limit. When distant and strange things are shrouded in thought, there will always be a trace of understanding. Those mental collisions and frictions often produce lightning-like sparks, which are short and stunning, deep and timeless.
  After many years, I, who had gained more experience, finally understood what the teacher said back then.
  It turns out that the limit is changed according to the heart and the intention. Those indestructible and high ceilings will not be broken by courage and brute force, but will be penetrated by wisdom and perseverance. A person who keeps breaking through the limits of his eyesight will turn the unknown in the vastness into a touch of poetry or even a hint of romance. After all, this process of constantly breaking through the limit is an immortal legend for a person.
  When you see the boundlessness, you will realize your own insignificance; when you step into the boundlessness, you will be able to know where you are; incarnate in the boundlessness, a person can finally break the limitations that imprison him.
  The limit is not an end, but another starting point. An end cannot be a measure of the limit, but a station leading to infinity. When a person moves forward at the limit and looks at the end, one will find that those distant vastness have become a little bit clearer.
  When the limit becomes infinity, when the end becomes a comma, a person’s life will be broader and farther, and this is the value of life