Summer morning is really comfortable. The air is very cool, there is still dew hanging on the grass, write a big letter, read an ancient Chinese.
  Most flowers have five petals, but gardenias have six petals. The folk song said: “Gardenia has six petals.” The gardenia is white in color, slightly green near the pedicle, and extremely fragrant. The aroma is almost unbearable. People from my hometown said it was “smell to touch the nose.” The gardenias are thick and thick, and the fragrance is so fragrant that they can’t be brushed off, so they are not taken by the elegant people, thinking that they are not high in character. Gardenia said: “I want to smell this way, the fragrance is so sweet, can you manage it!”
  People often compare gardenias with white orchids. A girl from Suzhou sells flowers on the street, screaming: “Gardenia! White orchid!” The white orchid flowers are half-open, delicate and tender, ivory white, and the fragrance is quiet, but a bit sweet and vulgar. “I’m pleased, because I heard that the white orchid will not fragrant until it is on the pillow at night. I think the flower on the pillow of the red “women” is not as stimulating as the flower on the side of the boat girl.
  The most secluded among summer flowers is Zhulan.
  Morning glory is short-lived. It only opens in the morning when it is exposed to dew, but it has faded by noon.
  The okra is also fateful. The petals are pale yellow, white heart, and purple halo outside the heart. The wind blows thin petals, so pitiful.
  Impatiens have single petals and double petals. Double petals are like small peony, impatiens stalks are thick and fat, and Hunanese use them to pickle “smelly pickles”, which is unprecedented in my hometown.
  Purslane, dog’s tail grass, motherwort, all grow very vigorously.
  The pale bamboo leaves have small light blue flowers, such as small butterflies, which are very beautiful. The leaves are slightly softer than bamboo leaves.
  ”Wan Ba ​​Hook” means cocklebur. Because there are many small hooks on the small fruits, they will hang on the clothes when they touch them, so you have to be careful to remove them. So the children call it “Wan Ba ​​Hook”.
  There is a kind of “Bagengrass” in our place. It sticks to the ground and sees cracks and roots. When a grass spreads, it will grow many roots, horizontal, vertical, and large. And very tenacious, constantly pulling. Very young children can sing:
  Bagen grass,
  sing a song,
  listen to the dog.
  The most annoying is “Smelly Sesame”. When picking out crickets and catching golden bells, they often touch their trouser legs. The smell is so terrible that it is difficult to remove.
  The watermelon is suspended in the well with a rope. It is eaten in the afternoon, and when it is cut down, it clicks and makes a sound, and the air is overflowing, even the eyes are cold.
  ”Black seeds and red flesh” are all important in the world, and my town is uniquely expensive with the “three whites”: white skin, white flesh, and white seeds. “Three Whites” are best produced in the east.
  Cantaloupe has: croissant crisp, like horns, melon skin is light green, peeled, the flesh of the melon is thick green, the seeds are red, the taste is strong and the meat is crisp, also in Beijing, it is called “croissant honey”; toad crisp, not much Sweet and crunchy, it has the fragrance of cucumber when chewed; pear melon is as big as a punch, white skin, white flesh, raw and crisp with pear fragrance; there is a larger, skin color like toad, not very sweet, but very “noodles”, the children said It’s called “grandma hum”, saying that grandma “hums” while eating.
  Grasshopper, in my hometown is called “Squad”. There are two kinds of scorpions. One kind is called “a scorpion”. That’s really “you”, like a donkey, it’s very noisy to call “Humhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Feed it a little pepper to make it noisier. One is called “Autumn called scorpion”, the whole body is green like glass, small and exquisite, and the sound is soft and soft.
  Don’t make a noise, where is Jin Lingzi crawling in the small glass box! It stopped and took two bites-Yali sliced ​​into small dice pieces. So it called “Ding Ling Ling Ling”… to
  enjoy the cold. I moved a big bamboo bed and placed it in the patio, lying horizontally and vertically, refreshing my body and eliminating the heat. Look at Yuehua. The five colors of Yuehua are shining, changeable, and very beautiful. If there is a big fuzzy circle around the moon, it is called a “wind circle”, it will be windy in recent days. “The black pig has crossed the river”-black clouds are over the Tianhe, and it is going to rain heavily.
  It was not until the dew came down that the railings of the bamboo bed were wet, and then I went back. At this time, I was very sleepy, so I touched the rattan pillow and fell asleep.
  The chicken head rice is old, the new walnuts are coming down, and the summer is about to pass.

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