Is the erection not strong? Is it impotence?

  When many men reach a certain age, they are unable to get erections or have weak erections during intercourse, and begin to worry about whether it is impotence (erectile dysfunction). Let me give you a brief analysis, whether it is erection or impotence. Some young people have slow erections due to functional impotence, that is, mental and emotional effects of the cerebral cortex on sexual excitement are strengthened, the excitability of the spinal cord erection center is reduced, and the organs have not been affected. Generally, when the spirit is relaxed, the mental quality is good, and it is possible that functional impotence will be cured without treatment. After the age of 40, men’s body functions become weaker, and their sexual functions also decline. When getting older and older, no matter what kind of sexual stimulation is used, it will take longer and longer for the penis to achieve a full erection. Therefore, it is important to strengthen physical exercise and pay attention to lifestyle habits.
  There is no self-impotence, take a look at these typical symptoms
  early symptoms of impotence: the future is sexually stimulated, penile erection can be independent. But during intercourse, the penis erection time is relatively short, but the basic sex life can still be completed, that is, the frequency of sex life is significantly reduced.
  Symptoms of mid-term impotence: After the penis is sexually stimulated, the sex drive is not strong, and it cannot be erected immediately. It requires masturbation to make the penis barely erect. Sometimes the sex life cannot be completed smoothly.
  Symptoms of late impotence: No matter what kind of sexual stimulation, the penis cannot be erected, and the patient has no sexual desire.
  Therefore, impotence cannot be diagnosed only based on men’s occasional erectile dysfunction. In many cases, psychological factors and external environment can also cause men’s sexual function problems. Once impotence occurs, don’t take medicine blindly, and don’t be ashamed to express it. First, you should find out the cause, find out the condition, and then formulate an effective treatment plan. It is found that the initial symptoms of impotence should be treated as soon as possible. The initial dysfunction is easy to cure. After the development of impotence to the middle and late stages, the treatment is more difficult with the addition of psychological factors. It is recommended that patients with impotence be found and treated early.

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