Not every kind of flying points far away

  Everyone has the desire to fly. Flying means a greater height, a wider field of vision, a better future, and a more memorable life landscape. However, different people often choose different ways of flying. A person is like a wild goose. Every soaring to the sky is a new distance. The more you soar, the greater the brilliance you have; a kind of person seems to be flying like a fallen leaf, but lacks the virtue or ability to move forward. It is a destiny.
  The “winner takes all” created by power is a kind of falling leaves. Some people don’t read any books and have no achievements, but their vanity is stronger than anyone else. They have a little power in their hands. They immediately stretch their dirty hands to other people’s jobs, hoping to win over writers, artists, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Eye-catching title. Zhang Moushan, former deputy director of the Agricultural Commission of Liaoning Province, Fang Moucheng, former director of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Jinhua City, Zhejiang, etc. were once members of the National Association of Writers. These people have a common characteristic: morality and talent are not worthy of their position. When they are on duty, they are accompanied by others and some are greeted. They seem to be flying in the sky. As long as they are investigated and punished, they will immediately be exposed. Their “flying” follows a downward curve. .

  In this world, everyone is inseparable from money. Without a certain amount of money, basic survival cannot be guaranteed. No matter how lofty the goal is, it is difficult to achieve it. But if we rely on money to obtain things we shouldn’t have, we hope Feihuang Tengda will eventually become a joke. Two or three years ago, the media disclosed a typical case of “flying” on money. Lu Mouguang, a former member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Justice and former director of the Political Department, was the boss of a private enterprise and made a lot of money. He was promoted to the deputy ministerial level, and was later expelled from the party, public office, and sentenced to twelve years in prison by the court. “Flying” supported by money is also deciduous.
  Moving unimpeded against the background is also a kind of deciduous flight. Aixinjueluo Zaizhen has no virtue and talent, and can do anything about eating, drinking, prostitution, and gambling. However, because his father is the Qing prince Yikui, he was named the king of the town and the son of the town. The department was so smoggy that it was impeached by Yu Shi Zhao Qilin. Has this kind of person been famous? The answer is yes, but do you have a good impression in the hearts of the people? That is absolutely nothing.
  Some people know that deciduous flight is not too far away, but they are still keen on it. First of all, it stems from a speculative mentality. Real flying requires a combination of virtue and talent. Only with virtue can we meet people, and only with talent can we get to the forefront. Those who like falling-leaf flying are generally unscrupulous. They don’t have the confidence to compete with good people on a platform, so they want to take shortcuts. They feel that when they become an official, others will give themselves face and get involved in other industries, and they will pay far less blood and sweat than ordinary people. With money, they can convey benefits and allow a small number of people who are faint and dizzy to do things for themselves. With an extraordinary background, others will do things for themselves If you can’t reach it after thousands of steps, you can get it by yourself in a small step. Naturally, you have to “seize the opportunity” immediately. In other words: these people may not have lower IQs than others, and they may not want to “fly” to the end, but the mentality of “overtaking” prevents them from calming down and doing what they should do.
  Society needs a mechanism: use iron means to stop unruly flying, so that a person can get any position with whatever virtues and talents he has, and cannot easily jump in the queue. As individuals, we must protect our inner vigilance at all times, and understand the truth: true flying must pursue self-interest while pursuing others, otherwise, society will have no reason to stand for you.