don’t have sex, still get vaginitis

  Meeting with my girlfriends on weekends and talking about recent life, my girlfriends looked helpless and said that they had committed vaginitis again. One thing she must do every day is to look at her underwear after going to the toilet. She is upset every day because of inflammation in her private parts, which affects her work. Up. Finally, she sighed and said: “Since we got married and had sex, it seems to have opened a Pandora’s box, and all kinds of inflammations frequently come to the door, all to blame for the family.”

  I listened to her and corrected her and said: “Even if you are not married and have no sex, you may still get vaginitis. Vaginitis is not all caused by your partner.”
  As a obstetrician and gynecologist, there is no clinical experience. There are also many patients with vaginitis due to sex. Before, there was a 16-year-old middle school student who came to see vaginitis. He secretly came to him and told me, “You can’t tell mom and dad about this.” It can be seen that many parents don’t pay much attention to their children’s reproductive health. , And there is always a sense of shame, and lack of education of relevant knowledge for their children. When a young girl has symptoms of vaginitis, she is embarrassed to tell her family, because the first reaction of the parents after knowing it is, did they have something like that with boys? Even indiscriminately turn the child’s privacy upside down, increasing the child’s psychological burden. Some girls are reluctant to go to the gynecological clinic, which can easily cause delays in treatment opportunities and aggravate the condition of vaginitis.
  In the normal female reproductive system, the labia and labia are naturally closed, and the weak acid environment in the vagina can inhibit the overgrowth of other bacteria. The closed cervix and the mucus in the cervix can resist the invasion of pathogens; and the lymphocytes of the immune system also have an anti-infection effect. These factors constitute the natural barrier of the female reproductive system, which can prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.
  Regardless of whether there is sex, there are bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi and other microorganisms in the vagina of normal women. Under normal circumstances, they maintain a normal flora and will not cause inflammation. However, when these protective barriers are broken and certain pathogenic pathogens overgrowth, inflammation can be triggered.
  The factors that destroy these barriers are not only sexual life, but also decreased resistance, hormone abnormalities caused by certain diseases, and poor hygiene habits, etc., which may cause inflammation.
  Underpants are not changed or cleaned in time, basic personal hygiene is not done well; swimming, playing in water, underpants are not completely dried, etc. may cause vaginitis; or always staying up late and working overtime, stress is high, immunity is reduced, or unnecessary For vaginal douche, or because of toothache, tonsil infection, take a lot of antibiotics, etc. These may lead to the disorder of the vaginal flora, the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, and cause vaginitis.

  Suffering from vaginitis is not a shameful thing. Vaginitis is not a disease that only married women get. It is a gynecological inflammation that can occur from infants and young children in a few months to grandmothers in their 70s and 80s. Therefore, girls should not be ashamed to speak out, but actively go to the doctor and treatment. The hospital will have different examination methods for different women, so don’t worry too much.
What should be paid attention to in life to prevent vaginitis

  ● Personal hygiene
  female prevent vaginitis, must pay attention to personal hygiene. The private parts should be cleaned every night, just rinse with clean water, do not abuse the gynecological lotion, so as not to cause the imbalance of the flora; change the underwear every day, the underwear should be cleaned immediately, it is best to wash by hand instead of machine washing; After washing the underwear, it is best to expose it to the sun, and it is best to use a dryer to dry it in humid weather.

  ● Do not stay up
  late at night most harm the female body, can cause endocrine disorders, reduced resistance to women, the body vulnerable to bacteria invasion. To prevent vaginitis, it is also necessary to have a good lifestyle, and regular work and rest will make women healthier.
  ● regular exercise
  to develop regular exercise habits will improve women’s physical fitness, improve women’s resistance to germs it is not easy swoop.
  ● relax
  now lives and works great pressure, but we have to learn self-regulation, self-relaxation, because he was nervous anxiety prone to endocrine disorders, hormone abnormalities, disrupt the normal vaginal flora, causing vaginitis. A good mood and a steady state of mind help us resist vaginitis.
  There is no direct and necessary connection between vaginitis and sex. Regardless of whether there is sex or not, women should prevent vaginitis in their daily lives and seek medical treatment if there is any problem.