Animal city ark

  On January 26, 2021, an article quietly swept the circle of friends. The protagonist of the article is Shen Zhijun, the director of Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo.
  ”At the most difficult time, the Hongshan Forest Zoo only had more than 500,000 yuan left on the account. Shen Zhijun considered it for a long time, and finally deducted the performance of the employees for half a year, and wanted to ensure the supply of animal feed first.” You may be hard to imagine. , This well-known domestic zoo, which covers an area of ​​0.68 square kilometers, will have such a difficult life in 2020. But this is true. The difficulty lies in the nature of the unit and each link requires a large amount of capital investment.
  It is understood that Hongshan Forest Zoo is the only self-supporting public institution zoo in the country. More than 80% of its income comes from tickets. It will lose more than 30 million yuan in 2020, accounting for 40% of previous years’ income. And all this stems from the pursuit of a modern zoo.
  Shen Zhijun, director of the Hongshan Forest Zoo, was the first nationwide to promote the cancellation of animal performances and feeding. In order to make animals live decently, he constantly transforms and improves the living environment of animals, and is committed to the pursuit of showing the nature of animals.
  For example, the Red Mountain Forest Zoo encourages animals to fall in love, give elephants pedicures, and make fake joints for chickens; for example, they set up an owl school to evaluate each owl, and graduate and fly if they meet the requirements. Using 3D printing technology, a monkey with missing front teeth was fitted with big golden teeth. A red-crowned crane broke its mouth during a fight, and they put a fake beak on it. This can improve the quality of life of animals and make them more confident in the face of their kind. The zoo even spent three years formulating various plans and trying various methods to send a stray baby orangutan back to its mother.
  During the Chinese New Year in a few years, the Red Mountain Forest Zoo will also launch a very festive animal blessing emoticon pack, playing various animal-related homophonic stalks, very loving. And these have also allowed them to win the evaluation of “the most “respect for animals” zoo in China”. In a book called “Going to the Zoo is a Serious Business”, the popular science writers and zoo enthusiasts spent 4 months traveling to 41 cities in China, visiting 56 zoos, and finally rated the Hongshan Forest Zoo as East China. Even the best public zoo in the country. Huazha commented: “The animals in the Hongshan Forest Zoo have the right not to be seen. Ocelots are timid by nature. The Ocelot Pavilion at the Hongshan Forest Zoo has set up a lot of hiding places for it. Tourists are in the crevices of bushes. In order to find those big glowing eyes. Hongshan Forest Zoo has its own ecology. In addition to being the home of animals, it also has many aborigines. For example, there is a bush next to Bear Valley, and there are particularly many wild fireflies in summer nights. Flying, and sometimes you can even witness wild raccoon dogs and dog badgers walking out. “After
  reading, I think this zoo is an ideal country, a perfect model for the coexistence of man, animals, and nature. It must be able to respect and protect the nature of animals like the European Endangered Species Project, and in the future will be able to feed back to the wild and achieve ultimate value.
  In order to verify the authenticity of these rumors, I learned about the situation from a few friends who had been to the Hongshan Forest Zoo. Ye Wanjun, a student at Nanjing Normal University, said: “This place is the Garden of Eden for people who love animals. When I went there, I saw the leopards’Yueyue’ and’Han Han’, and the lynx didn’t know if it was not going to work or was all hiding and sleeping. I didn’t see any of them. Later, the staff said that the lynx was less courageous, and the color of the lynx’s hair and the color of the land were “snap-to-shirt”, and you need to be very careful to find it.”
  Librarian Yan Ling told me: “The deity also owns .” I am a member of the National Treasure. Ten years ago, when I was going to school in Nanjing, I adopted a giant panda. At that time, the ticket price of the Hongshan Forest Zoo was 40 yuan. It is a conscience that a penny has not risen for so many years. I am willing. Repeated consumption.”
  At the same time, I once again remembered the words of the director Shen Zhijun in his speech: “When the animals come towards me, full of confidence, clean and beautiful, we can feel that this is what the zoo should give. The public sees it.”
  There is too much respect in my heart. The preciousness of life is the sacred law. After seeing too many animal tragedies, I vowed not to take my family to the zoo. But such a warm zoo represents a kind of hope, which makes people particularly moving. I am willing to bring my family here because I will meet happy animals.
  Finally, I hope that friends nearby can take time to see for themselves the daily changes in the Hongshan Forest Zoo. If you can’t travel during a special period and you can’t come and contribute tickets in person, then I’m here to give you a trick: First, you can buy zoo products; second, you can spend 500 yuan to adopt small animals in the park. Receive a certificate of love in the park, an unlimited access card for one year, and the opportunity to get close contact with small animals you like twice a year.
  Huazha once said: “Public attention is the only driving force for the zoo’s progress.” I believe that with everyone’s efforts, visitors will not be absent. Hongshan Forest Zoo, a place where people can feel the warmth of life with the hard work of Hongshan people, continues to be an ark for animals to survive in the city, bringing us more loving pictures.
  I also hope that more people can truly think from the perspective of animals and let cute animals blend into the embrace of nature. After all, to treat them well is to treat human beings well, which is the best courtesy to life!