Cat’s repaying

  I have two cats. The male cat called Bia chirp, and the female cat called Papa. When Bia was young, he was weak and sick, but when he grew up he became a majestic man with a round face. At first, Pada was strong and physically strong, but unfortunately later suffered a cat’s abdomen. After more than a hundred injections were given in a row to get his life back. Because of the many stitches on the back, it is hard as iron, and it is also called the “ironback princess”. It is also because I held her to get the needle every time. The pain caused by this original family caused her to grow up and the relationship between me and her was indifferent.
  In daily family life, Bia Haw is one of my little dogs. Wherever I go, I say “Go” and he ran over and held his tail high beside me. Although a round face and a pair of golden eyes looked very serious and majestic, but Bia often walked to me and lay down, turning out his belly and insisting on letting me touch it.
  It doesn’t work well, she basically doesn’t pay much attention to me. Although the parent-child relationship is so indifferent, I am not discouraged. Regarding the injection, I explained to her many times, and even explained the principles in the thesis to her, but there was no improvement. However, the house is so big, and I will still find her when I go home from get off work every day. Rub your head, rub your chin, and smooth the whole body’s hair several times. Every day when I go to work, I fold the quilt into a cave. Sometimes in the afternoon when the sun is too strong, she will run to sleep in the quilt hole, showing only a small tail tip. At night I lie in bed and read a book, and she will pass by my nose. At this time, I grabbed her, held her in my hands and wiped her face. I think she should like to wipe her face, because after I let go and she ran away, she would come over and pass by accidentally after a while.
  In the early hours of this morning, I was lying on my back, entering a half-dream and half-awake state. Suddenly, when I felt the bed board move, it snapped up. She didn’t stay for a long time, but walked all the way to my right bun, and across the quilt, she began to step on the milk with two small front paws (step on) repeatedly.
  Stepping on milk is a technical term, which means that when a cat is a child, he uses his front paws to step on his mother’s abdomen to promote milk secretion. The mainstream opinion of experts and scholars is that the action of a cat stepping on milk represents a sufficient sense of security and trust, so the same action is used to express similar emotions after adulthood.
  I lay there without daring to move, feeling her two small claws moving up and down, one left and the other right, and it massaged me for about a quarter of an hour. There were two voices in my mind talking, one voice said: Don’t get excited, Pada is just the quilt that you get used to sleeping during the day, so come to make your bed at night; the other voice retorted: Why do I think this is a father’s kindness Xiao, how about the cat’s repayment? Pata knew that I had to walk 10 kilometers every day, and my muscles must be tight, so she came over to give me a massage to relax. If not, why doesn’t she press my head or hand?
  Just thinking about it, Patter stopped suddenly, jumped lightly, and jumped out of bed. Soon the sound of chewing cat food sounded in the room. It is estimated that I need to add some supper when I am tired. In any case, I think this night is worth it. Tomorrow, we must add a can, chicken breast, and a salmon sashimi. Thinking about what cat food to buy, I went to sleep again in a daze.
  Unexpectedly, just before I slid into my dreamland, the quilt quivered slightly and snapped her back. It was still my big right paw, still in its original position, and the kid began to stretch out two small front paws, one up and down, one left and one right, and gently pressed up. I resisted the urge to reach out and touch the kitten’s head, took a deep breath, and completely relaxed and lay flat. Only then did I realize that in the bedroom where you can’t see your fingers in the early morning, a person can fall asleep with a silent smile on his face. I decided, this matter is the cat’s repayment.