Height-the hidden pain of boys

  Some people say that if a boy is more than 1.8 meters tall and you ask him for his height, he has only one last breath before he dies, and he has to get up and return to you in seconds. Netizens personally verified this legend. A man with a height of 1.8 meters, even if he is too tired to chat with him, will not miss the first time to recover his height.
  Probably because from ancient times to the present, “tall” has been firmly linked to the appearance, prestige, and strength of men. Today, when the average height of adult men in the country is 169 cm, the height of 1.8 meters is undoubtedly a symbol of excellence and excellence.
  Some netizens have carefully taught how to see the height of a man: just ask his shoe size. Generally, the height of wearing shoes of size 43 and 44 will be 180 cm, and the basic height of wearing shoes of size 41 is less than 1.8 meters. But the sober blogger said that it doesn’t have to be so complicated at all: Any boy with a height of 1.8 meters will try to tell you his height.
  As long as you cross the 1.8-meter threshold, it is impossible to want to be quiet. Some people say they don’t care about their height, and they remember clearly even two digits after the decimal point.
  The height of 1.8 meters does not show up, it is like walking at night in Jinyi.
  There is no place in the world where they cannot show their height. Even if you can’t see the real face while surfing the Internet, and you can’t post pictures in the comments, they can still use some “ingenious” tricks to show their height.
  According to incomplete statistics, all the male compatriots named “183 Little Brother” on the Internet add up to about ten times the total number of “jiu fermented”, “taro mud” and “three-point sugar”. It’s hard to understand why some people’s height appears in their screen names, just as you can’t understand why these people have to put a 188 tag on a small video of their own pets.
  It’s one meter eight, three words with a lot of stringiness, the tip of the tongue is divided into three steps, and it falls gently on the teeth from the palate. It is 1.8 meters tall, and his height has since become a ticket to the “Senior Man”, with a good back and back.
  As we all know, just like the high math teacher never scores 59 points, there is no concept of 1.79 meters in the world of men. As long as it exceeds 175 cm, after rounding up, you can run into the 1.8-meter line.

  I have a friend who is actually barely 1.8 meters tall. When others ask him how tall he is, he will always say that he is 1.84 meters tall, because: “180 is too much like a whole number, generally 178 centimeters. Put it this way.”
  Perhaps more broadly speaking, there is no height under 1.75 meters in the world: even if it is one meter and seven feet, combing a moxi dry head can be 1.75 meters, and the height of the shoes can be 1.75 meters. 8. At this time, pat his chest again and say “I am a meter and eight”, it becomes reasonable and reasonable.
  However, strong support is risky, and false reports need to be cautious. Although it is said that it can be rounded up, when it is really “not accepted and touched”, it will still show timidity. After all, in the age of height expansion, a number can be an absolute value or a comparative value.
  In a blind date show, the young man said that he was one meter and eight meters tall, but the woman next to him did not believe him, so the young man took out a tape measure, and the number on his head was obviously “180” written on it.
  The host is puzzled: There is such an insignificant human in the world? I borrowed a tape measure to see-the ruler was cut 10 centimeters shorter.
  There is also a female netizen of 1.73 meters shared her own experience: once went on a blind date, the man claimed to be 1.8 meters, and the two chatted for a long time. When they finally bid farewell and got up, they found out that she was half his head taller in high heels. .
  The boy asked her how tall she was. After thinking about it for a long time, she could only bite the bullet and say: I am also 1.8 meters tall.
  The height problem is like the most secret pain of Chinese men. I can’t say it clearly, I can only swallow tears silently in the middle of the night. According to Suning’s “818 Straight Men Consumption Big Data” inventory, the number of times men searched for the increase pad exceeded 10,000 times.
  But what’s interesting is that it’s not good to be short, and it’s not good to be too tall.
  In Hupu’s post on “Which one is better at 1.7 meters or two meters”, “1.7 meters” still surpassed two meters by a slight advantage. After all, 1.7 meters has exceeded the average height, and two meters is too alien.
  Not only emphasizes the doctrine of the mean, but also stands out from the crowd, must be alert to Mu Xiuyulin, and must be able to pull out the general from the dwarf-height is really too difficult to handle.
  In fact, the infinite emphasis and extreme pursuit of height superiority actually project the height anxiety of the entire male group in society. Just like Chinese women are always humiliated by weight, Chinese men are bothered by height. Although there are detailed statistics, Chinese men are not short.
  In the final analysis, height can become some people’s demons because we give it too much unnecessary extra value.

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