Clever use of “highway effect”

  If you are driving on a highway, you will lose the feeling that the speed is much higher than that of a normal highway. At this time, the speed of 120km/h is just like the speed of 80km/h on an ordinary road to you. When you get used to the speed of the highway, once you enter the ordinary highway, you will feel a lot slower, even if the speed of 80km/h, to you, it is the same as 50km/h. This is the “highway effect” of the brain.
  The creation of the highway effect is the result of the illusion. Illusion is also called false perception, which is the distortion of the perception of objective things produced under certain conditions. There are many reasons for the illusion, both objective and subjective factors; there are both physiological and psychological reasons. As far as the highway effect is concerned, the illusion is caused by the inertia of the human brain and sense organs after a period of high-speed driving, which invisibly raises the standard for judging speed.
  According to this principle, individuals may wish to use this effect in the process of pursuing their goals to sound the alarm for themselves from time to time, avoid entering the comfort zone, and enhance their fighting spirit.
  Faced with fierce competition, individuals need to grow up to cope with the changing outside world and finally achieve their goals in life. However, the realization of the goal requires a process of continuous effort. In this process, the individual will inevitably experience fatigue, especially after achieving a goal, the individual may enter the psychological comfort zone due to the release of successful happiness and stress. , Subconsciously set limits on oneself and fall into a state of “looks busy”, thus hindering personal development.
  This is because once the individual tries to move forward at this time, he must consider the setbacks that may be encountered on the road ahead based on previous experience, and encounter instinctive obstacles. This instinctive response is determined by the physiological structure of the human body. When the external situation changes, the human brain will immediately respond to prevent sudden changes from endangering life. To overcome this instinctive reaction, individuals can use the highway effect to appropriately reduce the forward speed. For example, give yourself a short holiday and put your body and mind in an environment that is significantly slower than the previous work speed. Therefore, the change from high speed to low speed will make the individual feel uncomfortable, and feel that the current pace of life is too slow, and the heart will have a desire for change. This desire will in turn stimulate the individual’s strong fighting spirit, thereby bursting out a huge forward force.
  Of course, this process needs to adapt, and it also requires individuals to do a good job of psychological adjustment. Under the premise of clear big goals, break them down into small goals one by one, so that they can be motivated by the big goals and step by step towards success. .
  It should be noted that in order to make better use of the highway effect, we must pay attention to the establishment of self-awareness. It determines any behavior, emotion, and behavior of the individual. Once an individual is psychologically resistant to the realization of the goal, and fears the setbacks that may occur in the process of goal realization, he will become cringe, not only will he not get miraculous changes, nor will he welcome expectations. success.
  Therefore, once you have a dream in your heart and look for your goal, you must strengthen the confidence and determination to move forward, and internalize this strong desire into your self-consciousness, and let your potential with the help of the highway effect. Get discovered, let your abilities continue to improve, and you will eventually embark on the road to success in self-development.