Fate of life

   I don’t know who said that in the process of life, the fate between people is like a circle, and there will always be fate after a circle or will meet again. Many friends who occasionally think of friends who have not seen each other for a long time suddenly appeared again in a period of time, as if God deliberately allowed each other to witness each other. Time is only a tool for testing people, and emotions are true, whether it is affectionate. Shallow or dependent origin and death.
   Regarding my fate with her, I will start talking about it in 1998. At that time, when Taiwan’s recording industry was booming, I was working for the leading international record company. A musician becomes a manager, and his steadily rising performance is in exchange for strategy rather than creation. But there are still some things that make me happy, such as finding new people who love music. That year, I cooperated with MTV Music Station in a newcomer selection event. Because of the inconvenience to intervene in the judgment of the judging, I was always on the sidelines not to express opinions, and I had my own score in my heart. The champion of the first year was Jolin Tsai, but I signed Jiang Meiqi; the second year I signed Wu Kequn, he was eighth. Many good players left because I didn’t sign, but I didn’t expect to meet her again, Guo Xiaowen, more than ten years later. Guo Xiaowen was fourth at the time. Because she was not signed by a record company, she continued to complete her studies and enter her life. And I have gone through the process of the ups and downs of the recording industry, and gradually started to work in music management, living on both sides of the strait, and selectively doing things that I am interested in.
   Three years ago, I supported the work of an animated film because of an opportunity. The other party agreed that he would not play 3D because of the trend, or make special effects because of show off. I would like to make an animated film based on a solid story. I cooperated and became more and more involved. , From the original music to the script and so on. This is a story of a pair of lovers living apart from Taichung and Beijing. Twenty-four letters in two years are linked together. It is more or less a reflection of my feelings about living on both sides of the strait in recent years. There is another place I want to work hard on in this movie, which is to bring music back to the hand-crafted era. This is also where I have experienced record work for more than 20 years. I have seen the abyss of computer digital omnipotence, and found that music still needs to be thorough. The extraordinary body is the most moving, just like in “Love in the Wind” directed by Hou Xiaoxian, the guitar performance of Teacher Chen Mingzhang can move with the wind and mountains in the screen. The movie “Starlight on Toes” also uses guitar to run through the whole play. The difference is that for the Beijing screen, I ask musicians in Beijing to watch the screen play, while in Taiwan, I ask musicians from Taiwan to write and play music. The music is the same as everything else. The creation is the same, it must be close to the earth and the air to be alive. In the end, what worries me most is the singing of the theme song. I wanted a singer with an aboriginal voice that is open and close to the soul. I couldn’t find it at the time. I asked my staff to look around for someone to try to sing constantly. When I almost gave up my persistence, I was at home in Beijing one night and in the audition file sent by the staff, I finally heard what I wanted. The voice is Elin!
   I didn’t know who she was at the time. I called my colleagues in Taipei on the spot that she didn’t need to find someone to try it out, and the recording could be started immediately. But my colleague told me very tactfully that this girl may have some difficulties in cooperation now, because she is undergoing long-term chemotherapy, and after each treatment, she has to wait for her body to recover before recording. I was surprised after hearing this! But I still decided to wait for her. After about another month, I finally finished the recording. I listened to this song almost every night, thanking her for her cooperation, and also thank God for giving me this beautiful singing voice to finish writing this story and writing this song. The mood of pursuing dreams to be described at the time.
   Later, Elin told me through the staff that she was the contestant Guo Xiaowen, whom I had not signed for more than ten years ago, and I also heard touching stories about her. When she was pregnant, she was diagnosed with rectal cancer. She insisted on giving birth to a child. She chose to let the child grow up with the tumor without taking medicine or chemotherapy. Faced with the danger of bleeding and abdominal cramps, after the birth of a daughter, he started to enter the chemotherapy phase, but fortunately, it was controlled. Unexpectedly, when her daughter was one and a half years old, cancer cells spread to her abdomen and lungs, and she was sentenced to cancer for the second time. The process of receiving treatment again was arduous and long. Fortunately, there was the company of husband and daughter, and the support of the family’s firm beliefs. At this time, she knew the news of my missing person audition and was determined to give it a try, so she had missed the collaboration for more than a decade, so she was connected to the line and had a work that both sides were proud of.
   I met her that day. It can be said that it was the first time we met more than ten years later. I was looking forward to it and worried, but it was relieved by the cheerful smiles of her and her husband Wang Zongmin. Only when I watched the test video, I heard her daughter’s cameo role with no lines in her laughter. This daughter had her own life in exchange for her life, so she had to dedicate it to the Lord, named “Le Xuan”, and happily proclaim the Lord’s name. I saw hope, about the power inherent in life, but whether you face it and use it.