Exquisite business inventory

   Recently, looking at the financial reports of listed companies on the New OTC Market, I found that many unexpected businesses can be done very big.
   In 1999, the Queen of Popcorn, 30-year-old Afang went to Kunming alone. She found that the Kunming World Expo Park had a lot of people, so she started to open a store. At that time, the snacks sold at domestic attractions were drinks, ice cream, and ham. If they were sold the same, they would be homogenized.
   She remembered the popcorn she saw when she went to the United States for a group tour the year before. At that time, domestic popcorn was not very common, so she found an agent and decisively bought a popcorn machine and several bags of corn for popcorn. I rented a stall in the Kunming World Expo Park and sold it now. Unexpectedly, the effect was surprisingly good, and Fang earned her first pot of gold in her life.
   In 2002, China’s first five-star cinema, Beijing Huaxing UME Cinemas, opened. A Fang decisively went northward and reached a cooperation with the cinema to provide them with popcorn machines and corn. Since then, it has been out of control, and A Fang has signed a movie theater contract after another. .
   In 2008, A Fang took the opportunity of the Beijing Olympics to become a supplier of popcorn equipment and raw materials for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the same year, more than 200 movie theater partners were added. In less than 10 years, A Fang made popcorn. Expansion of the business to the whole country, becoming a true “popcorn queen”.
   Xiaolei, the king of game coins, was born in 1983 and was a top student of Tongji University in Shanghai, but he became obsessed with playing games when others were studying hard. In 2009, he and Xiao Ming, who played games with him, jointly established a company. Xiao Lei invested 450,000 yuan and Xiao Ming invested 50,000 yuan. After 8 years of development, this company has grown from 5 to 127 employees, and was listed on the New OTC in 2016. Looking at the 2017 financial report, the company’s main business is to purchase game coins, props and accounts of popular games around the world, and then sell them to foreign players to earn the difference. After the platform traffic increased, it also began to involve C2C business, allowing players to trade on their own and then charge transaction fees.
   In 2017, the operating income reached 160 million yuan and the net profit was 20 million yuan. Game coins and props accounted for 98% of revenue.
   The king of body odor medicine In 1966, Amei graduated from the Department of Physics of South China Normal University and was assigned to the Endemic Disease Prevention and Treatment Center of the Henan Provincial Department of Health. There she met A Bin, who was also from Meizhou, Guangdong, and the two came together.
   Because there were relatives in Hong Kong, the two went to work in Hong Kong. A few years later, they tried to do business. A Bin was engaged in drug research, and his wife A Mei was in charge of sales. They found that some people were troubled by body odor, so they focused on the development of anti-body odor drugs.
   After their drugs were put on the market, they became very popular, not only selling in Hong Kong, but also getting overseas orders. News of the couple’s achievements spread to Nanyang, Henan. In 1985, the Nanyang district invited them back to Nanyang for development. After 30 years of development, their company has become the king of domestic body odor sales. In 2016, 75-year-old Ami and 83-year-old Abin stood on the bell ring of the New Third Board. Open the company’s financial report for 2020, the turnover reached 52 million yuan, and the gross profit rate was as high as 85.86%. Among them, body odor medicine accounted for 93% of the turnover.
   After reading so many financial reports, I feel that the market is really big. Any small demand can grow into a big business. This is also the reason why this market is full of vitality. A single spark can really start a prairie fire.