“Thumb” life

  Some people regard cell phone text messages as a kind of harassment, but this view is rather one-sided. Text messages are like people, but there are also differences between good and bad. I love to read text messages, go to Zhu Cunliang. From the good text messages, I read out interesting, witty, witty and enlightening. This is a kind of “folk wisdom”, even if professional writers scratch their heads, they can only be self-defeating.
  SMS creates a “thumb culture”, which is fast and convenient. It makes shaking a quill pen into classical writing, and makes Hongyan’s biography a beautiful past. There is no need to wait for the information and greetings that need to be delivered. The thumbs of both sides pressed once, all the needs, only to lower the eyebrows, but to the heart. Read it, knowingly smile.
  During the holidays, text messages not only bring hundreds of millions of profits to the telecommunications sector, but also add indispensable surprises and touches to the ordinary lives of ordinary people. It seems to be a kind of agreement. If you can’t hear the familiar SMS prompts at a certain moment, you will feel that life is lacking, or joy lacks bright smearing. In a festival, if a person cannot receive text messages, it means that the person is not well-socialized, few people care about it, or the radius of life is very short. Mood and day, relatives and friends need to use blessing text messages to highlight the moon.
  Many text messages are extreme and seem to be purely for fun. But after laughing, I think about it seriously, and the truth it contains extends to life, and it seems that it is not without guidance. I once received a text message that I don’t know who sent it: I stab my brother in the ribs, and stab my friend twice in the beauty. I don’t think so. How can a man value sex and despise friends?
  Later, my nephew was about to fall in love. He told me that the girl he liked also liked the other brother in the dormitory, which made him very embarrassed. First of all, make sure that my nephew is a high-achieving student from a well-known university and a good young man who is studious and motivated. He will not do stupid things. Then, I forwarded the text message to him. After he received the text message, he put aside his worries and rushed to catch up, and it got his wish.