Most of the teams don’t leave during the day and go to the night. As the sky darkened, the company of No. 100, carrying sorghum flowers and carrying some “old sleeves” “made in Hanyang”, resolutely implemented the orders of the two heads of Liu and Deng, and marched in a hurry every day.
  The soldiers were eagerly looking forward to having a pair of good shoes. When it was still in the rear, the army shoes made in the base area were often not enough to bring in a large car. There are so many soldiers squatting down like a crop, standing up like a forest.
  Lu Shoukun, who had just joined the People’s Liberation Army, didn’t understand. Everyone was marching day and night, how could they still be full of energy all day long. Lu Shoukun hurriedly did not dare to stop along the way. Just dozing off, with one eye closed, the foot board still walks straight. With this effort, the whole person is like a part of the team. Back to the camp, the soldiers snored at random. The squad leader had to boil water for everyone to scald their feet and pick up foot soaks one by one.
  His squad leader raised his hand from there last year and joined the party in more than a year. He also said that when he first came over, he cried several times, and once he cried, he became sober once. Here it is called “the root of sarcasm, pour bitterness”.
  Of course Lu Shoukun doesn’t understand these.
  In 1946, a full-scale civil war broke out. Liu and Deng’s army was out of sight, looking for fighters in striding forward and backward, making the Kuomintang army extremely exhausted and embarrassed.
  It was another night, the sky was still dark like ink, the fragments of winter rain were sore on the face, the chest and back were already sweaty, and the clothes on the outside were frozen like a layer of armor, with meat inside. The little coat was chilling on his chest. The team was still advancing quietly, Lu Shoukun was a little tired, and he was covered in yellow mud all the way, and it was too much shoes to walk. The black cloth shoes sent from the base are well-dressed. They don’t grind their feet and seldom foam them. They walk like wind without making a sound, but they don’t fit well. When I did it, I didn’t have a size. They were all made of one layer of water, thick and thick. It seemed that when the village chiefs were mobilizing from house to house, the whole courtyard was full of villages. The folk songs pulled by a piece of twine. The village was moved up one village after another, and the chariot was pushed up and down like this. People lined up and saw people squeeze a pair. They had to change the ones that weren’t big enough to deal with them.
  Lu Shoukun was a little embarrassed when he first arrived, and finally picked up a pair of small ones. He simply used a bayonet to pick open the upper of the shoe. The other day was okay, and after two days, the yellow mud all the way down, the shoe mouth was loose and a little soft. No, as soon as the thin muddy ground sticks, the shoes fall off. Heigulongdong was not easy to touch, and he made a hand of mud. As soon as he bent down, let the team swish past, the squad leader followed and said in a low voice: Don’t move, I’ll come.
  The squad leader is the squad leader. Lu Shoukun stretched out a set of feet, the one that was just dropped, and the warm residual temperature in the shoes was still there.
  The soles of the feet are getting warmer and the night is getting thinner. Lu Shoukun saw that the steps of the squad leader in front of him were vaguely jerky. The squad leader has good feet. He always likes to carry guns for others when marching. Soldiers won with him, but he would not let go. He also said: I have the strength. If you don’t believe that any of you has the ability to capture a mountain cannon from Lao Jiang, I will carry it again. Let me show you.
  Squad leader’s foot? That’s also for finding shoes for myself. Lu Shoukun felt frustrated. Squad leader, squad leader, don’t you make me uncomfortable?
  The advancing team was like a sharp pair of scissors, plowing a gap in the shady world, and the sky gradually became clear. Lu Shoukun saw his monitor clearly. One of the squad leader’s feet was polished, with only a layer of soaked leggings. What about that shoe? Look at his feet again: Why are the two different? Are they the monitor’s shoes? Squad leader…Squad leader, you are barefoot all the way, how did you come over such a long road?
  Squad leader! Lu Shoukun’s heart was hot. He looked along the shoulders of squad leader Comrade Wang Keqin. Dongyu has died, and the East is eager to dawn. Without paying attention, the morning sun of that deep winter had already jumped on top of this team.
  Why is this spirited team so long? It’s getting longer and longer…