In the world of sound

  I still can’t forget the flute sound I heard when I was a child. On a cold winter night, the bleak north wind, a helpless flute sound, sobbing and trembling, like weeping, expressing the hardships and difficulties of life, loneliness and desolation, turning back lightly, and tears of hearing. I don’t know if this counts as my first music lesson in my life.
  I slowly learned that sound is the most wonderful thing in the world, without a trace, no solution and no existence, no volume, no weight, and no shape, but it’s touching, moving, and speaking without words. , To reach the meaning of accident, do nothing and do nothing.
  I like to listen to the rain. The sound of light rain makes me feel gentle, quiet, and peaceful, and it is endlessly lingering; the sound of moderate rain makes me feel lively, dancing, and moisturized, it seems that this sound can bring some new opportunities and new hopes. ; The sound of heavy rain makes me proud and fierce, and majesty and terror call for pride. And the sudden sound of the wind can make my heart tight together, the sound of wind and rain mixed together, can make me immersed in melancholy and eager to try.
  I learn to sing, and all the moving songs seem to be a little bit sentimental. Even if it is a harmonious march, when this song is learned by you and installed in your mind, when everything changes, won’t the march in memory become more and more gentle with the passage of time? Even the most exciting and cheerful song, isn’t it a bit lonely to sing alone?
  Could it be that art belongs to the weak and the losers?
  I like to listen to the single-stringed brand song “The Wind and Rain”, it seems to spit out the block in my heart with a leisurely and somewhat rough voice. I like to listen to the plum blossom drum “Baoyu Tanqingwen”. The tone that goes around is very subtle and euphemistic. I always feel that it is the most appropriate to use such a tune as background music. The tuning and singing rules of Henan Zhuozi are full of humor. Listening to Zhuozi is like listening to the vernacular of an enthusiastic, loud-sounding, and straightforward little elder sister. The most emotional thing in the opera is the Hebei Bangzi, desolate and high-pitched, screaming and crying, making a lot of noise and drunkenness. The stimulating Hebei Bangzi, isn’t this the native “Rolling Stone Music”?
  When I was young, I started to get in touch with Western music, such as “Santa Lucia”, “My Sun”, “Volga Boatman”, “The Last Rose of Summer” and “Old Man River”. All Western songs are full of emotions and have a healthy desire. Even if this desire derives a lot of sadness and troubles, even if it is pain, it is painful so strong.
  To be honest, my music knowledge and musical standards are not very good. I don’t know how to play any musical instrument, I don’t pick up the staff sight-singing, and I don’t know the names and masterpieces of many major musicians. But I do love music, I can immerse myself in the world of sound that I can appreciate, and discover, gain, and resolve from it. Entering the world of sound, my body and mind are like a fish in water. Tchaikovsky gave me a deep, melancholic and graceful beauty; Beethoven made me breathless with his rigor, grace, broadness, and abundance; Chopin’s piano concertos are like spring tide and moon. Hua, like a flower, like a mercury drop, listening to his works, I will feel younger, smarter, and more confident. Their works all give me a kind of sacredness, a kind of clarity, a kind of unobstructed cleanliness of the soul bathing. Listening to their works is the guarantee and source of strength that I can live healthy, continue to live healthy, overcome all evil and interference, continue to work, and continue to write.
  Popular songs and popular songs also have their own charms, and they all touch me. I even imagined that if I didn’t do writing, if I learned to sing popular songs, or to learn instrumental music, or to learn composition? I believe that I will achieve something. It’s not because I can do everything, nor because my vocal cords are particularly good, but because I love music too much and want to live in the world of sound too much. And experience tells me, love, this is already the first guarantee for doing a good thing.
  Life is better because of music, harder to be tainted, and more worthwhile, isn’t it?