These constellations are suitable for a person’s life

Some people yearn for sweet love,

Some people are more accustomed to living alone.

And the following constellations,

That is a solitary animal that loves freedom.


Capricorn is the legendary “sweeper monk” who retired to the mountains,

I just want to cultivate on my own,

Anyone joining is an interruption to the TA.

It seems that I am born to fit myself alone,

I feel uncomfortable as soon as I enter a noisy place,

Want to run back to your safety point quickly.

It always feels troublesome to get along with people,

But others dislike TA as boring,

I just don’t like to communicate with people.

It is better to please yourself than to please others,

How sweet it is when you are alone,

It is more comfortable to be alone.


What? Are you afraid of Aquarius alone?

That’s impossible!

TA’s world is simply too rich!

Not talking about others,

Just the Aquarius brain,

Are bigger than the average human brain,

There are really too many things to add up to.

And the hobbies of Aquarius are also extremely wide,

No matter which field, it may arouse TA’s interest,

There is no need for one more person to share.

It’s really too short to be alone.

I also want to separate some from others,

But stop being funny!


The famous saying of Sagittarius is,

If it is free,

You can throw anything!

Look, this is a complete lone ranger,

There are so many things Sagittarians want to do.

I want to try all kinds of new things.

I always feel that I can do it all by myself,

One more person to join,

That’s the hindrance, don’t want, don’t want.

Be bound,

That’s not a real Sagittarius,

What happiness is there?

It’s best to be alone!

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