Saving money is actually fun

  The premise of the article: The quality of life does not entirely depend on how much money is spent. Relying on money to build the quality of life is not considered an attitude. The pursuit of quality of life and our habit of careful calculation can coexist. The wisdom of managing expenses and increasing balance can lead us to live a restrained and fulfilling life.
  While obtaining more active income, we must also pay attention to management expenditures to increase the balance. Increasing the balance does not have to be frugal. Various methods can be used to reduce expenditures without affecting the quality of life.
  To budget planning
  can be done at a monthly cycle budget arrangements, clear what the money is to be spent, which is to spend money not spent, which is absolutely not necessary to spend money, you must take the money in the flower The place.
  The main things that must be spent are basic living expenses such as rent, mortgages, food, transportation, water and telephone bills. This part of the expenditure is very fixed, so you can develop a lifestyle that suits you. Some people don’t have a car, and don’t want to push in the subway or bus, or are too lazy to find the route, so regardless of the rain or shine, they have to take a taxi to go out. In fact, it depends on their spending power.
  The main thing that can be spent or not is leisure and entertainment. The flexibility of this part of the expenditure is very large, and there should be some choices and moderation. For example, domestic online games rely on players to make a lot of money. Playing games with money is accepted by many people. “Renminbi players” can quickly satisfy their sense of accomplishment by spending a lot of money. No fun at all. For another example, durable goods such as clothing, shoes, and electronic products can be replaced at random by some people, but for those who cherish things, the service life is much longer.
  The completely unnecessary money includes all kinds of impulsive consumption, follow-up consumption, excessive hedonic consumption, and ostentatious consumption. For example, there is a term in the fan circle called “fanxiang” works. The so-called “fanxiang” works are specially launched for fans. Generally, reasonable consumers will not buy things, and fans are treated as leeks. In order to boost the sales and box office of their idols, some fans bought hundreds of albums and a large number of peripheral products and raised funds to set up movie theaters.
  When conditions permit, some of the money that should be spent should be planned out in the budget, such as the expenses needed for training, self-study improvement, and fitness exercises.
  Family learning skills
  some spend our lives because of lack of diligent and produce, now serving everything city life, but we can still do it yourself.
  Do-it-yourself cooking instead of ordering takeout or eating out in restaurants not only costs less, but also eats healthier. A single person who cooks by himself can easily control the daily meal cost within 50 yuan, and 50 yuan for eating out may only be enough for a simple meal. The healthy light food recommended by nutritionists, such as salads and steamed foods, is easy to make and does not require much cooking skills. If you add some small kitchen appliances, cooking will not become a difficult task. For example, an electric lunch box can be cooked and kept warm for only about 200 yuan. Buy some ingredients every day after work, wash and cut them the next day before going out, put the semi-finished ingredients in a fresh-keeping bag and bring them to the company, cook them in an electric lunch box at noon, and you can eat freshly made food. For another example, the price of freshly squeezed juice in a beverage store often reaches more than 30 yuan per cup. You can drink a fresh, clean and cheap juice by buying a wall breaker yourself, and homemade juice can better control the amount of sugar and has its own cleaning function. The broken wall machine is also very simple to take care of.
  Now O2O’s housekeeping services are very developed, and almost anything can be done by finding someone to do it. During the holiday break, you can clean up the room yourself, and simply repair the furniture and appliances by yourself, which can save you from the cost and interruption of hiring people to come to your door.
  Take advantage of promotions
  and now electronic business platform of promotion a lot, in the case of planning ahead, you can buy goods they need at lower prices in the promotional period. In addition to shopping festivals such as “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelfth”, it should become the basic rule of online shopping to get the coupon before buying it. Coupons are often hidden in places you ignore, such as the store homepage, WeChat official account, group purchase websites and other third-party platforms.
  Considering the dark side of human nature, since everyone is accustomed to online shopping discounts, businesses have played the preferential rules into their own way of survival. Many netizens have discovered that some businesses will deliberately adjust the plateau price in advance, and then use the name of discounts to attract traffic, or use rules to guide consumers to buy more. Therefore, if consumers do not use discounts and interpret discounts, they will become a reality. Take advantage of it. For items that must be bought, such as daily consumables, you can buy them in bulk during the preferential period. For things that you don’t need to buy, remind yourself not to buy them blindly just because you have more discounts, the more you buy, the more you lose, and you don’t buy some unusable defective products when you see the special price clearance.
  Using their credit cards, means of payment of preferential
  credit cards generally have promotions, after the first into the store can consult, to select the most cost-effective solution to fully enjoy the benefits. For example, China Merchants Credit Card is loved by many foodies. The China Merchants Bank Card has launched the “Wednesday Food 50% Off” campaign in many cities across the country. You can enjoy a 50% discount on the designated dishes when you hold the Merchants Card at the designated merchants. There are also discount activities and points redemption activities for signature dishes.
  Public transportation systems across the country also have their own preferential measures. The bus and subway trips cost very little each time, but for office workers, they also accumulate little. Choosing a suitable payment method can save a small amount of money conveniently. Alipay often cooperates with local public transportation management companies to offer limited discounts. Users can check on Alipay’s city service transportation travel page. For example, from September to December this year, in Foshan’s low-carbon public transportation discount activities, Alipay can scan the code and ride the bus. Enjoy an immediate discount of RMB 1.5. In some cities, social security cards can also be used to ride buses. For example, citizens of Fuzhou who hold the third-generation social security card “Transport Card” wallet can enjoy a 10% discount on buses in downtown Fuzhou.
  VIP members using the discount
  we usually always some frequented by merchants, online shopping veteran will have a common platform, often shopping at these places, you can apply for VIP card, add members to enjoy more benefits. People usually visit supermarkets or convenience stores more frequently, and membership rights can bring considerable benefits. Taking Shanghai as an example, there are currently 3 Sam’s Clubs, 2 Hema x Membership Stores, and 1 Costco. Other traditional supermarkets also have similar membership services. Consumers can choose more convenient stores to centralize their purchases. The value of fees is maximized, and shopping on a fixed platform can also reduce the trouble of choice.
  The same is true for some small shops. For trusted stores, consumers will join the regular customer group, and the store will provide special offers and services.
  Free use of resources
  when traveling, try to choose the off-season travel, not only can enjoy lower airfare, hotel prices, but also to avoid congestion crowd.
  During the journey, use more high-quality free resources, such as free museums, free attractions, etc., which can also leave good memories. Many public museums in various places are open for free, and you only need to make an appointment online in advance. Some paid attractions will also be open for free for a limited time. Take Nanjing as an example. In recent years, Jiangsu Province has encouraged various scenic spots to establish a free open day system based on their own characteristics and tourism market conditions. Tourists can check the free day in advance and make an appointment. For example, Yanziji Park will be open for free on December 13, Jinniu Lake Scenic Area will have a free day on December 20 this year, and Hongshan Forest Zoo and Dabaoen Temple Site Park will also have free days in December. In addition, when planning a tourist route, it is not necessary to focus on closed scenic spots, and you can enjoy the old buildings and natural scenery along the way.