Uninvited woman

  Little heat and great heat, steam up and down. When the solar term comes to Xiaoshu, people are sweaty when they move, wet and sticky, and people are so uncomfortable that they lose their energy and temper. Cicadas and frogs are the soulmates of midsummer. When the weather is hot, they scream happily, regardless of whether they are tall or not. Dog days are also like the sound of cicadas and frogs in this midsummer. Whether people like it or not, they always come uninvited like this.

  The phone rang suddenly, showing that the caller was Jia Furong. Jia Furong? Oh…remembered. I couldn’t help but frowned, and a word popped out in my heart: Uninvited guest.
  Jia Furong is an “acquaintance”. How familiar is it? We met twice at a conference more than ten years ago, and it was a nodding acquaintance. There is no contact at work, no intersection in life, and no greetings to each other during the holidays and festivals. At most, it is a name that “knows” lying in the phone address book. She called me once. It was that “contact” that left a deep impression on me.
  One day five years ago, I suddenly received a call from her, to the effect that she came to my unit to see the old leader, and came to see me by the way. I was busy and had no friendship with her, and she just looked at me “by the way”, so I didn’t say to pick her up. But since she called me warmly, I naturally welcomed me politely.
  After a while, we really met. It’s just that the meeting is really embarrassing: it’s not that she came to the office to look for me, but that I was “invited” by the security to meet her at the top of the stairs. At first sight of me, she was a little silly, and she became calm and calm after a little adjustment. It seemed that there was a bit of discomfort between her and the security guard. what’s the situation? The security guard was agitated and said she was a lie. It turned out that the security guards routinely inspected her and found that she was looking suspiciously in front of the leadership office, so she stepped forward to inquire. With this question, the security found something was wrong-the object she registered to visit was obviously me (it happened to be the security who received her in the guard room and registered relevant information), but slipped to the leader’s floor. The security guard felt that she had been deceived by her, and was very angry, and then thought of her “sounding against each other”, so he asked her to leave.
  Seeing her so much trouble, I suddenly realized that her so-called old leader did not want to see her, and even deliberately avoided her, so she got into the building in the name of seeing me and wanted to rush to the leadership office directly. Uninvited”. But before she had time to figure out the door number, she was “caught” by the security guard. I was a little angry because of her routine for no reason, but I couldn’t say anything if I didn’t understand the situation. After some exchanges, I finally found out her intentions. It turned out that her child graduated from university and wanted to have a reliable job, so she wanted to ask the old leader to care about it…
  Poor parents in the world! At that moment I was a little moved. A very decent mother, cheeky, came in and begged for help, and still relied on not leaving. Isn’t this all for her own children? I am embarrassed to blame her, but also gave birth to deep sympathy. I persuaded her to make an appointment with the leader to visit again, and at any rate, she finally left.
  At noon, the security told me that she hadn’t really left and kept guarding outside the gate. The leader she was waiting for was going out, and before she could get into the car after stepping out of the hall, she rushed over to block him. She laughed and said a few words, and the leader got in the car and left.

  The phone is still ringing, ringing again and again, very stubborn and persistent. To avoid disturbing others, I mute the sound. This person who has disappeared for five years is really screwed. Thinking of the embarrassment of being routine last time, I didn’t answer the phone. In fact, the moment the phone rang, I guessed her purpose-yesterday, our unit issued a recruitment notice. But I knew in my heart that I could not help her. Call it, I won’t pick it anyway.
  The morning passed in the blink of an eye. When my colleagues and I were having lunch in the cafeteria, a lady at the front desk approached me and leaned down and whispered: “There is a lady at the front desk looking for you. You didn’t answer the phone. Look?” I was a little excited: She is unfamiliar! Please tell her that I am on vacation!” (I’m afraid she will come the day after tomorrow) “She will not go!” The receptionist told me helplessly, “She asked the receptionist to allow her to come to your office to find you.”
  Let me To my surprise, when I looked up inadvertently, I saw someone in the crowd staring at me with bright eyes. It was Jia Furong. An angry and helpless lady at the front desk followed her. I closed my mouth tightly and made no sound. She came over and smiled and scolded me: “Why don’t you answer the phone?” Then she mocked me: “It’s harder to see you than the mayor! Didn’t you say that you went to a meeting? Why are you here again?” I really want to go back: “Then you go to see the mayor.” But my skin is thin, and I just said in a whisper: “I just arrived, there is something in the unit.” The colleague beside me helped said: “She just rushed back. There will be a meeting later.” I said: “If you have something, please tell me.” She said: “Wait until you finish eating.” I will not answer: “Now, I will have a meeting right away.” In fact, we all tacitly agreed. . If she tells the truth about her intentions, I can just persuade her: Why bother, the leader does not want to see you, it is useless for you to be strong; it is useless for you to pester an unrelated person to me; since the recruitment notice is released, let it be The child should prepare well and apply for the exam according to the conditions.
  She still smiled calmly, as if she had ruined me. I ate slowly, swiping my phone, thinking about how to persuade her away. I just saw a post in the WeChat Moments, to the effect: When you come out to socialize, don’t always ask “Are you there?” You have to say something first, so I can decide whether to be there! For a while, I wanted to put this sentence in front of her.

  Suddenly, I thought of a writer friend whose acting style is so different from Jia Furong. Once a well-known company highly paid invites this friend to write an industrial documentary literature. He declined and said: “I know this is a good opportunity to make money, and it is also a friend’s goodwill, but I can’t do it well. People. By middle age, I know what I can and can’t do, and I know where my border is. By guarding my border, I may be reliable.”
  I think so. Work, writing, life, and social interaction actually have boundaries. Confucius said: “Do what one wants and not overstep the rules.” Mencius said: “A gentleman does what he does and what he does not do.” As a social person, keeping the boundary is the minimum cultivation. Once the boundary is crossed, everyone will be embarrassed.
  I looked at Jia Furong, who was dignified and well-dressed. She should have been a delicate woman before. How did she become like this after middle age? Now, facing this Jia Furong, my mood is quite complicated. I think of Romain Rowland’s saying that maternal love is a huge flame; Arthurmi said that maternal love is the greatest force in the world; Zheng Zhenduo said that when successful, everyone is a friend, but only the mother is when she fails.
  My partner… I, in fact, like Baoyu, sincerely hope that after a woman under the world becomes a mother, no matter how young or middle-aged, no matter what the situation, she will be an “eternal woman”, a gentle and beautiful being. There is a clear spring in front of the elders, a beacon in the heart of the child, and a landscape in the eyes of a friend.