Who stole Khrushchev’s top secret report

  American intelligence experts were stunned: Israel, an inconspicuous intelligence agency, can actually obtain intelligence that the United States, Britain, and France cannot obtain. The news was published on the front page of the New York Times on June 5, 1956. It caused a severe political earthquake in the communist world, and thousands of people broke with the Soviet Union.
  All from a romance
  Victor is a senior editor of the Polish Press Agency, responsible for news coverage of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe area. In fact, he is Jewish and his real name is Victor Spearman.
  A few years ago, he joined the Communist Party. He admired Stalin very much and was eager to contribute to the construction of a working-class paradise.
  In 1955, Victor went to Israel to visit relatives (Victor’s parents and sister had immigrated to Israel), and he felt as if he was in another world. What he saw was Israel’s freedom, democracy, and prosperity, which was completely different from the propaganda he had heard before.
  After returning to Poland, Victor began to consider emigrating to Israel. But at this time, he is falling in love with Lucia Baranovsky (the secretary of the first secretary of the Polish Communist Party).
  One morning in April 1956, Victor went to see Lucia as usual. The people in Lucia’s office had long been accustomed to his arrival and did not pay attention to him. At this time, he saw a booklet bound with a red cover on Lucia’s desk, with a number and the words “Top Secret” printed on it.
  It is reported that at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in February that year, all foreign guests and foreign Communist Party leaders who participated in the 20th National Congress were arranged to leave at midnight on the last day of the meeting. After that, Khrushchev stepped onto the rostrum and gave a report to 1,400 Soviet representatives. It is said that the contents of the report shocked everyone present.
  What did Khrushchev say? According to an American journalist who first sent the report to the West, Khrushchev spent four hours criticizing Stalin and pointed out in detail his mistakes, claiming that he killed nearly a million people.
  It was also recalled that many delegates clamored for the report, beat their chests and feet, some people fainted, and at least two committed suicide that night.
  The Soviet media said nothing about Khrushchev’s report. It is said that Moscow only conveyed part of the spirit of the report at the top level, and the full report was protected like a state secret.
  At the same time, according to a foreign reporter in Victor’s newspaper, Western intelligence agencies are trying to get the full text of the report, and the CIA is offering a reward of $1 million for this. At that time, Communists inside and outside the Soviet Union worshiped Stalin as a god, and disclosing his crimes would undoubtedly destroy their faith. If such a report is released during the Cold War, the communist camp will undoubtedly break out a severe political earthquake and encounter an unprecedented crisis.
  Victor got the Khrushchev report
  later, Khrushchev intends to issue a number of East European communist leaders numbered copy of the report, which is on the table red booklet Lucia origin. At this time, Victor had a crazy idea. He asked Lucia to lend him the report, but Lucia actually agreed.
  Victor was shocked after reading the report, and Stalin’s myth was crushed by Khrushchev. Victor realized that what he was holding was like an explosive device, enough to completely destroy the Soviet camp. He planned to return the pamphlet to Lucia, but after thinking about it, he went to the Israeli embassy and walked into the office of the first secretary of the embassy, ​​Yakov Balmore. In fact, Balmore is a Polish agent.
  Balmore was taken aback after reading the report. He asked Victor to wait a moment, got up and left the office, and returned an hour later. Afterwards, Victor returned to Lucia’s office, and Lucia locked the report in the safe.
  Mossad and the CIA cooperation of
  Khrushchev’s report on Israel is simply a dream come true, the Mossad (Israel’s intelligence organization) can take to strengthen the relationship with the CIA. Therefore, on the evening of April 17, this report was delivered to the hands of US President Eisenhower.
  American intelligence experts were stunned: Israel, an inconspicuous intelligence agency, was able to obtain intelligence that the United States, Britain, and France could not obtain. After verifying the authenticity, the CIA disclosed the news to the New York Times. On June 5, 1956, the “New York Times” published the news on the front page, which caused a severe political earthquake in the communist world, and thousands of people broke with the Soviet Union. Many historians believe that Khrushchev’s report led to Poland and Hungary’s opposition to the Soviet Union in the fall of 1956.
  This incident led to a breakthrough in the relationship between Israel’s Mossad and the CIA. In January 1957, Victor immigrated to Israel and was in charge of Eastern European affairs in his Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later, he was hired by the Israel National Broadcasting Corporation as an editor and reporter, responsible for affairs related to Poland.
  Soon, he had a third job. Soon after he arrived in Israel, he met several Soviet diplomats at a Hebrew language school set up for immigrants. One of the Soviet diplomats had seen Victor in the lobby of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and thought it was extraordinary that a person who had just immigrated to Israel could take up this important post.
  Before long, a KGB agent “ran into” Victor on the street and chatted with him. They talked about Victor’s experience as an anti-Nazi and a Communist in Poland. Then, the KGB agent said that he wanted Victor to become a KGB agent in Israel.
  Victor promised to think about it, and then he called Mossad headquarters and asked, “What should I do?” Mossad’s people said happily after hearing this: “Great! Accept it!” They planned to change Victor. Become a dual spy, specializing in providing false information to the Soviet Union.
  From then on, Victor started a new profession-to provide the Soviets with false information carefully concocted by Mossad. For 14 years, not only did the Soviets fail to discover that Victor was a double spy, they also praised the intelligence he provided. There were even rumors in the KGB headquarters that they had an agent infiltrating the Israeli government.
  The Soviets have always trusted Victor very much and never doubted his reliability, only in 1967 he did not adopt his intelligence. Ironically, Victor provided real information this time. Nevertheless, the cooperation between Victor and the KGB reached its peak that year. The KGB agent responsible for contacting him met him in a woods in central Israel and solemnly told him that the Soviet government was very grateful for his work over the years and decided to award him the highest honor of the Soviet Union-the Lenin Medal!