Your enthusiasm is becoming a bonus for others

  An aunt in a Shanghai supermarket did one thing that was not earth-shattering, and even a little trivial-to kill mosquitoes.
  But she was destroyed for 13 years. In this age when there are big melons at every turn, it is not surprising that an ordinary person does ordinary things. After reading Pu Saihong’s work trajectory in its entirety, I was shocked. This ordinary supermarket aunt taught me the best lesson.
  Aunt Pu is engaged in a specialized job in RT-Mart Supermarket-pigger. As the name suggests, it is cleaning management in the store. And she is responsible for the prevention and control of harmful organisms, such as mosquitoes and flies. The presence of this position is extremely low. Many people may have heard of it for the first time. The recruits are all aunts who have reached a certain age, with low academic qualifications and average salary levels. But Pu Saihong didn’t perfuse his humble job. When she first started, the supermarket gave her the simplest plastic fly swatter. When others get this “primitive” tool, they can swing the racket in the store step by step, as long as they ensure that no mosquitoes gather in front of customers, everything will be fine. But Pu Saihong is not satisfied with this. Fighting mosquitoes is simple and easy, but the symptoms are not the root cause. She wants to prevent them from the source.
  She first studied mosquitoes. From early morning to late at night, Pu Saihong observes the mosquito’s movement trajectory and behavior characteristics all the time, and carefully records it. After a long time, she really summed up a set of mosquitoes’ “work and rest rules”: “6:00, garden and green belt, full of energy, difficult to fight.” “9:00, standing water, laying eggs.” “15 :00, in a cool place, take a nap.”…In different seasons, she also summarized the different habits of mosquitoes, and even the most preferred temperature and humidity ranges of mosquitoes are accurately mastered.
  After getting to know his opponent, Pu Saihong began to “sharp his weapon.” Starting from the first fly swatter, she tried no less than 50 tools, large and small, physical and chemical…they are not enough insecticide tools on the market, so she wanted to make an idea: put dishwashing liquid in the basin. And then apply honey to the mouth of the pot. Mosquitoes are attracted by the sweet smell and are quickly trapped in the thick, foamy water. She also found that mosquitoes liked bright yellow the most, so she cut the yellow sticky insect paper into fruit shapes. Mosquitoes come in search of color and throw themselves into the net. This trick is called “sexy lure.” Having mastered the law, Pu Saihong deployed a “world network” inside and outside the supermarket. In the grass outside the supermarket, she installed a fly trap and used food as bait. In the supermarket, the door curtain and the air curtain machine are two “checkpoints”. If there are “fish that slip through the net”, going forward, waiting for them are sticky insect paper, sticky mosquito ribbons, and mosquito killer lamps set by Pu Saihong. After these “six doors” guarded, almost no mosquitoes can escape.
  This is not over yet. The mosquitoes under his nose have been wiped out, and Pu Saihong is still thinking about preventing and controlling “future” pests. She studied the 4 stages of mosquito growth and found that even in winter when mosquitoes are rarely infested, there is a risk of dormancy. As a result, she took precautions and strangled the overwintering insects in the cradle as early as possible. She has to manage even the area outside the supermarket. She took the initiative to kill the trash cans of nearby hotels and properties; the green belts on the streets were all put in fly traps. Someone persuaded her: I don’t know who the insects caught outside belong to, so why do you care about so many? She said that if the outside is not cleaned, there will always be hidden dangers in the supermarket.
  Is Pu Saihong’s job ordinary? It’s too ordinary, but she has done this most trivial thing to the extreme and become an “expert”. So that the nearby residents come to ask her for experience in the summer. That “mosquito schedule” even made it into a hot search. In addition to being shocked by the professional attitude of achieving the ultimate in small things, I admire the aunt’s cleverness even more. This kind of intelligence does not mean how high she has a degree of education, but she knows how to bridge the gap between people.
  There are too many self-proclaimed smart people these days. A few years ago, when I was still in the magazine, I recruited an intern: graduating from a prestigious school, talking loudly, and seemingly capable and ambitious. But after a while, I was a little broken. He could hardly handle any of the small things I arranged. In other words, it is disdain to work hard. To write a report, I would take the copy of the online copy and submit it directly; when I collected the material, the direction was wrong at the beginning, and asked him to look for it again, but I asked me whether these can also be used; I wanted to take him to discuss the topic, but No one was found everywhere, and finally found that he was squatting in the toilet and playing games. There is really no way, I deliberately transferred him. Unexpectedly, he resigned to me first, on the grounds: “Now I am doing all kinds of miscellaneous things, and I am not satisfied with my salary…” Well, I have nothing to keep. Later, he also contacted me and said that he had skipped slots several times, but he was never appreciated. In fact, his problem is a common problem of many people: he is full of ambitions, but he does not have the patience to be down-to-earth. Therefore, complaining that the boss doesn’t value himself, complaining about promotion is not himself, complaining that the world is full of the law of 28, and then simply lie flat, be a monk and hit the clock for a day, and take fishing as the truth. But they never thought about how the 20% of the people were made?
  In this era, ordinary people can also get dividends. This bonus is the “successful bonus.” Everyone seems to be doing things, but how many of them are easy and perfunctory? As long as you take more responsibility in places where others feel unnecessary, and take a step forward in places where others have rushed, you will be able to enjoy your own meticulousness and the dividends you bring to yourself. The so-called gap between people is opened in this way.